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Chapter 292: Horned Dragon

Chapter 292: Horned Dragon

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The Giant Venomous Snake was a powerful type of snake!

With 4 additional legs, it could walk on land and swim in the water. It had limitless abilities.

But alas, its snake properties were still more than its dragon properties. It was still a beast! To become a dragon, it had to undergo a complete transformation! As well as undergo a tribulation!

Now, the scales of the Giant Venomous Snake glittered; it was evident that it had plenty of dragon properties in it. It was unbelievable.

However, this was only Fang Yuan's incarnation. In the past 10 years, it had continuously absorbed the essence of the Dragon Pearl and had grown tremendously. As it roared, its demonic energy exploded from its body and acted as a shield. As the streak of lightning struck its body, there was only a charred mark with no severe injuries.

With how things were, although there were a few more Heavenly Tribulations to come, it could survive all of them with its brute force and transform into a dragon!

"What a demon! Do you really think you can become a dragon? The Xuan Zhen Sect will never allow it to happen!"

The white-bearded old daoist gritted his teeth and whipped out a spiritual talisman which was giving off a purple glow. "I invite all the grandmasters of Xuan Zhen Sect, and together with the help of karma, to destroy this beast!"


The spiritual talisman swirled and formed a purple glow as it shot into the sky.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

A layer of dark clouds formed, filled with streaks of lightning within. They were tribulation clouds and together with the natural heavenly lightning, the intensity of the tribulation increased by folds in that instant.

With a single bolt of lightning, the Giant Venomous Snake wailed as blood spurted out. A big hole was struck on its body and around it were charred marks.

"The Magical Thunder Talisman is the treasure of the sect! There are limited numbers of them and every usage would consume a huge amount of karma and fate energy from the sect..."

Both child daoist were shocked.

"This Giant Venomous Snake is already displaying properties of a dragon. If we really allow it to transform, it will become much more powerful than it was. How can we let that happen? After all, this is a threat to our sect. We have to kill it now!"

The old daoist roared. "Both of you, quickly help!"


Both children exchanged glances. With a wave of their hands, two streaks of sword essence appeared. One was green while the other was purple. Both of them swung their sword essences at the Giant Venomous Snake.

The two children were actually reincarnations of the elders from Xuan Zhen Sect. They were equipped with the Purple Sword and Green Sword. Although these two swords were still inferior compared to the spiritual treasure of the sect, they were still powerful magical equipment and were comparable to the lightning tribulation!

The swordlight and streaks of lightning combined as they circled the Giant Venomous Snake.

It was an emergency!


"D*mn, what is this all about?"

It was a whole new experience for Fang Yuan to locate the world by himself and execute the dream-traversing technique independently.

However, that feeling completely changed as soon as he entered the Water Realm.

A huge force was felt, as though it was about to separate Fang Yuan from his incarnation and isolate him outside of the Water Realm.

The good thing was that the locating of the Water Realm was already in effect. With his incarnation in the realm as well, it was not that easy to separate Fang Yuan from the realm. He was forcefully squeezed into the realm but it felt as though he was locked up in a wooden box and spun around. His spirit felt uncomfortable.

After spinning, he opened his eyes. His dream-traversing technique was successful as he entered his incarnation.

In a short moment, he adapted to his body as information flooded his mind.

"What? It has been 15 years?"

"Is my Giant Venomous Snake undergoing a tribulation now?"

Fang Yuan looked up at the streaks of lightning and felt a little dizzy. "Isn't one month in Da Qian equivalent to one year here? Why is it 10 years now? It this because of the tribulation here? That it does not want to be disturbed?"

Of course, he could slowly think about all these next time. More importantly, he had to survive this tribulation!

"It was a good thing that I brought along with me the karma I had earned. However, since this incarnation is slowly breaking down the Dragon Pearl and absorbing the dragon element, there shouldn't be any problem with it!"

He raised his head and was deep in thought as he observed the dark clouds dissipating.

At this moment, a purple glow appeared and the Heavenly Tribulation struck once again.

Furthermore, two streaks of swordlight flashed by. One was green while the other was purple, and both had the intent to kill.


Fang Yuan was enraged. "Who dares to attack me!"

There was a hint of gold in his eyes. He wanted to kill.


With that, he activated his actualised dream world. The remnants of people dao karma appeared and formed a golden flower. The golden flower floated to the top of his head before disappearing.


The link between the actualised dream world and the realm strengthened once more as two magical swords appeared before the Giant Venomous Snake. "Water-Fire Dual Sword Array, strike!"


Both the Fire Sword and Water Sword flew out, forming a small sword array. With a single sweep, it trapped both the green and purple sword essence within the array.

However, this was all Fang Yuan could do.

In the next moment, the streaks of lightning turned purple and covered the Giant Venomous Snake.


Everything shook.

Following, the dark clouds dissipated and sunlight peeked through the clouds. The destructive scene felt like an illusion.

"Eh? Is the Giant Venomous Snake dead?"

The old daoist and the two children exchanged glances. Following, they walked up and saw a 90-feet-long ferocious Giant Venomous Snake corpse.

The corpse was jet-black and was filled with many holes on its body. Every hole was charred and there was a creepy silence in the vicinity.

"It's impressive that it is still able to preserve its corpse after undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation and my Magical Thunder Talisman!"

One of the children scoffed and sounded confused. "Where did the Water and Fire Sword go to? The swords that trapped our sword essences!"

"Hehe... This Giant Venomous Snake is considered a powerful demon. It must have some treasures in it! We cannot let it go to waste!"

The other child laughed and walked up, ready to slit open the demon's stomach.

"Eh? Something's not right, let's get out of here!"

The old daoist was stroking its beard. Seeing the child walking up to the corpse, he did not think too much. However, a piece of jade around his waist suddenly gave off an alarm which sent chills down his spine.


One of the children bent over and was inspecting the Giant Venomous Snake's corpse. It could not run in time and was struck by a White Bone Flying Sword. Without a shriek, he collapsed and his spirit was destroyed as well. A small purple sword dropped to the ground and a distinct sound was heard. It was still shimmering in its glow, which showed that it had extreme spiritual properties and was unwilling to be destroyed just like that.


Seeing this, the old daoist and the other child started to tear in their eyes. "Demon, die!"


Swordlight and magical techniques sliced away at the corpse, breaking it into many pieces.

However, within the corpse, there was a golden glow. The silhouette appeared.

The silhouette was only 3 feet long. It was like a small green-gold snake. The scales on it were green and they emitted a golden glow. On its head, there was a small horn.

As it looked up towards them, there was no snake property. Instead, it had a powerful vibe like a dragon!

It was no longer a snake, but a dragon!

The 7th Transformation of the 9 Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula! The Horned Dragon Transformation!

It was recorded in the : "A young dragon with a horn is a Horned Dragon! It would have the body of a fish, the tail of a snake, patterns on its body and a horn on its head!"

In fact, this was how a dragon would look like before maturity.

Even though it was young, it was still a dragon! It was no longer like the previous fish and snakes, and it had magical properties as well! It would be able to dispel poison and give off a righteous vibe.

"The heavens are blind to let you transform into a dragon!"

The old daoist was devastated.

Dragons were the leaders of all animals. They would be able to control the weather like a real god. Any demon who would be able to transform into a dragon would be considered powerful! A demonic god! They were impressive.

To put it in another way, Fang Yuan was now eligible to become the Golden Court Dragon God based on his magical powers and his species.

It was partly fate for him to be able to achieve to this far. Cultivators would at much as possible avoid killing these dragons, for they would experience a decrease in fate energy and would have to undergo a Heavenly Tribulation themselves!

After undergoing the tribulation, Fang Yuan was now a dragon and was completely different from before!

"The heavens are fair to every living thing! Since everyone has the same treatment, why can't I become a dragon?"

With a golden glow, a young man clad in golden robes appeared; it was Fang Yuan.

But now, this was no longer his Yin Spirit. It was his actual physical body.

Higher-tiered demons would face more difficulties in trying to form a figure.

In the 9 Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula, Fang Yuan would only be able to form the human body at the 7th Transformation.

Of course, the formed figure would be a human of 15-years-old and would have decent looks, unlike those of the demons.

With a cold laugh, Fang Yuan continued. "Look at you. You are with the people dao, and yet you are afraid that others would have a share of karma. You say that the heavens are unfair but in fact, it is you people who are selfish! The people dao are losers!"

The old daoist and the leftover child looked at Fang Yuan as their heart shook.

In that instant, they felt as though they were the ones in the wrong.

"What a minute... this must be one of your demonic techniques! Don't be confused!"

The old daoist reacted quickly and exclaimed.

As he recited a formula, a glow covered his entire body like a bubble. This formed a defensive shield around him.

The remaining child, although a reincarnation of an elder, had not restored all of his cultivation. He was left rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.


Fang Yuan would not let this chance go to waste. With a finger, the Water-Fire Dual Sword Array flew out, forming a sword array and trapping the child. He released the sword essence from both swords and in that instant, a green spiritual sword fell to the ground and vibrated.


Seeing Fang Yuan walking up to pick up both the Purple Sword and Green Sword, the old daoist was infuriated. Both swords were still vibrating but were well in Fang Yuan's control. The old daoist spat out a mouthful of blood and was enraged.

Although these two children were reincarnations of elders with cultivations in spiritual swords, their powers were now restricted and instead, they had lost both spiritual treasures.

"Demon! How dare you take my sect's flying swords?"

The old daoist was anxious and with the wave of his sleeves, two streaks of black rope flew towards Fang Yuan. They were like black snakes as they wrapped around the Purple Sword and Green Sword.

Not just that, the old daoist continued to recite a formula in an attempt to re-ignite the two swords.

"These heavenly treasures belong to those who have them... Now that I have them, they are mine!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily.

Since they were enemies now, how could he return them their weapons?

From the time he had killed Venerable Clear Wind, the tussle between the sect and him had already begun. Only one side could be left standing.

Thinking about this, Fang Yuan quickly used his karma flowers. As they were being consumed, the resistance from both swords started to reduce.

"What treasures!"

Fang Yuan was overjoyed. "Don't think about having these two swords back!"