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Chapter 293: The Encounter

Chapter 293: The Encounter

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Fang Yuan had successfully transformed into a dragon and had absorbed more than half of the Dragon Pearl within him. Now, the power in his dragon body was surging and it was unbelievable.

The few daoists with their cultivation were now inferior to Fang Yuan.

With the wave of his hands, the sword essences of the fire and water sword exploded. The two black ropes disintegrated in the sky.


In shock, the jade around the old daoist waist started to glitter and a glow emerged, covering him.


With the rumbling of thunder, a White Bone Evil Slaying Sword shot out like an arrow and pierced through his forehead. The shocking sword essence shattered his elemental clone.


The headless corpse of the old daoist fell to the ground and dyed the ground with his black-coloured blood.

"Hehe... I'm afraid these 3 daoists are among the powerful ones in Xuan Zhen Sect! Would this be enough to be considered as a strong blow to Xuan Zhen Sect?"

Fang Yuan thought to himself.

After killing these 3 daoists, it would affect his karma, but that didn't matter.

This was because he had already transformed into a dragon and his ability alone would be able to overcome the loss of fate energy. Therefore, killing these 3 daoists were nothing.

Looking at his stats window, Fang Yuan realised that there was a tremendous change:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Horned Dragon

Essence: 36

Spirit: 36

Magic: 40

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Technique (7th Transformation)], [Weather Controlling Technique (Grade 1)], [Natural Magical Strength (Grade 3)], [8 Gates Sword Array (3rd Sword) (2%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"My current stats are about the same as my true stats in the world I belong to. My Magic has been restored to how it was due to the fact that I had used karma to restore the link with my actualised dream world... Has Grade 5 of the Water Controlling Technique evolved to Weather Controlling Technique?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and glanced at his techniques before letting out a sigh. "Or should I say... Grade 5 is a stage in itself and after achieving a breakthrough, there will be changes to the technique. Since my skill is in Botany, should I expect something to change after achieving a breakthrough in it?"

At this point in time, he was extremely sure that if he were to achieve the 8th Transformation to become a water dragon, the cultivation of his incarnation would surpass his actual cultivation level.

This was nothing much though; the greater his abilities, the better he would be able to reap from this world.

There was a tinge of excitement on Fang Yuan's face. "Who would've thought that time would pass quicker in this world after the tribulation! This is indeed fate for me to enter the realm at the correct time!"

Originally, he planned to kill his way to achieve the next transformation but now, he was living in the moment he had been waiting for!

With a happy heart, he started to scavenge for loots. Both the child daoists had nothing on them, but the elder daoist had a few treasures with him, especially the piece of jade around his waist.

After keeping it, Fang Yuan shot his finger out. The flames from his sword essence erupted, incinerating the 3 corpses into ashes.

"Xu Ren has done a good job... Has he been appointed the Prefecture Minister already? There's Xu Ting as well. He is 18 this year and should be experiencing a tribulation soon..."

He rushed towards the prefecture city in a hurry.

Previously as a Giant Venomous Snake, he would give off a demonic vibe wherever he go. Now, as a dragon, he could go anywhere and people would welcome his auspicious vibe.


Golden Lake Prefecture, Prefecture City.

Next to the Xu Family Mansion, Fang Yuan sat by a roadside stall, took out some money and bought himself a pot of tea and a few dim sum. Heartily, he started to indulge.

In his consciousness, he started to retrieve the memories of his incarnation for the past 10 years.

"The powerful countries of the people dao would be Da Chu, where Xu Ren is at, Da Qi and Da Liang... Da Chu is experiencing a downfall now with the death of her previous king. The new king is only 8-years-old and power still lies in the ministers around him. With the weakening of the Imperial Court and the natural disasters that are happening, Da Chu is in a mess... The Imperial Court will have no choice but to take things into their own hands and take Da Chu back!"

"Golden Court Prefecture... It is still quite prosperous but unfortunately, it is a few towns away from the Imperial Court and the Imperial Court will have difficulties helping the prefecture. Therefore, it seems as though the prefecture is governing itself..."

This was the time.

However, as the people dao became stronger, the fact that there were involvements of demons meant that things were much more complicated.

"Under Xu Ren, the evil gods in Golden Lake Prefecture have been cleared and the emergence of the few righteous god like Golden Court Dragon God ensured that support was given entirely to the people dao. Therefore, there have been fewer cases of evil demons wrecking havoc..."

"On the other hand, in the An River and Qi Lake, the demons have become increasingly rampant. Could the demons have known of the trend of the world and could this be their response to it?"

Of course, there were intellectual demons among them and Fang Yuan felt that things wouldn't be as simple as they seem.

"Looking at things now, the king is young and the time is ripe. If he doesn't take any action now, he would miss out on a golden opportunity..."

Although Fang Yuan's incarnation was living in seclusion for the past few years, it had received messages from Li Luan. From there, Fang Yuan could deduce and predict the happenings of the upcoming tribulation.

"Things will have to come together after splitting, and split after coming together... Looking at the state of Da Chu and the fact that Da Qi and Da Liang did not invade Da Chu meant that both Da Qi and Da Liang are having their own domestic problems as well. If there were to be an uprising of a dragon, Da Chu could have its peace restored and could even take over Da Qi and Da Liang. Fate energies would surge everywhere and the people dao would prosper!"

Fang Yuan thought silently to himself.

Of course, the dragon might not appear in Da Chu. As long as it would appear anywhere with people and civilisation, things could still happen.

With the emergence of dragons and other demons, there were too many factors, too much for Fang Yuan's experience to comprehend.


As he was deep in thought, he attracted the attention of many passers-by. The stall owner walked up to Fang Yuan, confused.

"I am waiting for someone! You don't have to serve me!"

Without thought, he waved his hands and smiled. The person he was waiting for had arrived.


Following the direction in which Fang Yuan was looking at, the stall owner took a glance and saw a 15-year-old young woman walking out from the Xu Family Mansion. As she came out, she was stunned and speechless.

"Greetings brother, I am Li Luan!"

This lady was indeed Li Luan. However, compared to how she was before, there was a huge difference.

As they exchanged their greetings, both of them were shocked at each other.

Li Luan was shocked at Fang Yuan's successful transformation and the fact that he no longer had any demonic vibes, but the vibe of a majestic dragon. Her senses told her that Fang Yuan had the same vibe as her father, who was also a dragon!

Of course, just by her eyesight along, she was unable to deduce that Fang Yuan had successfully transformed into a dragon; she could only tell that he had tremendous improvement in his cultivation.

Fang Yuan was stunned by the fact that Li Luan had a physical body.

"Who would've thought... that you can undergo a successful reincarnation and become a human!"

With the flick of his finger, he segregated the both of them from the rest with a spell before commenting.

He was right! The lady before him was a true physical human, not a demon!

Li Luan must have gave up in being a demon and went into a pregnant lady to be born after 10 months. In this way, she could have a physical human body and this was similar to the two children from Xuan Zhen Sect.

"No wonder they cannot do anything to you!"

Fang Yuan was initially confused. Even with Xu Ren's protection, there were many highly-skilled humans who would not allow her to even come close to the Xu Family.

He wouldn't have guessed that she would have the resolution to reincarnate into a human!

"This is nothing much. After all... I have been following the Xu Family for all these years. With your help, I have slowly understood fate... The uprising of the people dao is indeed heaven's intention, so why go against it?"

Li Luan spoke calmly but Fang Yuan could feel that she was still hiding something.

After a long while of silence, Li Luan continued. "Are you here for..."

To her, Fang Yuan was always mysterious and the past few times, she realised that he was a cruel person who would strike fear in many.

If not for all that had happened, she would not want to be associated with Fang Yuan.

"I want to meet Xu Ren! The time is ripe and he should strike now!"

Although Fang Yuan was composed, it felt as though he was shouting into Li Luan's ear.

"Alright, I will relay your message to him!"

She understood what he meant. With a pale face, she gritted her teeth and stood up.


At this point in time, a few horses arrived at the door of Xu Family Mansion. The few servants at the doors passionately exclaimed, "My Lord has arrived!"


A young man leapt down from the horse. He was nimble and had sharp facial features. He was rather handsome.

Seeing Li Luan walking over to him restlessly, the young man threw his horse whip. "Luan'er, what happened?"

Seeing how anxious he was, it was obvious that he was related to Li Luan.

"No... Nothing much!"

Li Luan blushed. Seeing how Xu Ting wanted to help her tidy her hair, she avoided him and ran into the mansion.

"What happened?"

Xu Ting was stunned. As he looked across, a servant went up to him and whispered something into his ear. Soon, he glared at Fang Yuan.

'Hehe... Could this young kid have fallen for her? What is Li Luan doing?'

Fang Yuan was confused. 'No... Not right. As a demon, there would be simpler ways to mess with the humans! Li Luan has become close with the Xu Family and would probably have intertwined her fate with the family... Although I've helped Xu Family in the past, If I were to get myself involved this time, I would reveal my identity...'

He had the premonition that things would not go smoothly this time.

At the same time, he was on guard; things were unpredictable here.

"My Lord, old master is inviting him in!"

Li Luan quickly rushed out. Seeing this, she tugged on Xu Ting's sleeve; she didn't want them to fight.

"Since my father wants to see him, let him come in!"

Xu Ting felt down and appeared depressed.

Fang Yuan swung his robe and entered, registering this young man's minute expression.

'Jealousy? Confusion? Hatred? Interesting... Only with such a chess piece will I be able to enjoy a good game of chess!'