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Chapter 294: Calculations

Chapter 294: Calculations

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Greetings, Master Xu!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and sat down unceremoniously before sizing Xu Ren up.

They had not met for 15 years. The upright angry youth who was worried about the country and his people then had turned into an expressionless two-faced middle aged man. Not a hint of anger could be found upon his face even though Fang Yuan was so disrespectful. It was clear that Xu Ren was shrewd which caused Fang Yuan to feel that the flow of time had been cruel.

"It seems like my lord is here!"

Xu Ren looked at Fang Yuan's youthful features and felt a sense of regret. He gave another solemn bow, "I would like to thank you once again for your great help in the past! What other teachings do you have for me this time? If you have any use for me, I would not hesitate to go through great lengths to help!"

Fang Yuan remained expressionless after hearing this. However, he laughed coldly in his heart.

Using his spiritual sense, Fang Yuan could already sense the hidden room that was concealed in the study room.

Within this antique study room, 8 skilled martial artists were hiding. There were also another two magic masters outside!

Furthermore, the 8 martial artists were full of killing intent. It was obvious that they had killed many others before. They had trained their essence and magic to the point where even demons and ghosts were afraid of them.

With an order, the study room could turn into a battlefield. Even though Fang Yuan was capable of the 5th or 6th transformation at that time, it would be troublesome for him to kill Xu Ren when he was surrounded.

Needless to say, after the Xu Family relocated here, they had amass their power and had many links with other martial artists. It would not be difficult for him to call up hundreds of loyal soldiers.

This was Heaven's will.

'It seems like Xu Ren has truly grown up!'

Fang Yuan thought solemnly but said, "I would not dare...You have the protection of Fate. I am here this time to ask you if you will act now that the time is ripe."


Xu Ren was shocked. He waved his hand in the direction of Northwest. "I, Xu Ren, am an official of the court. I must naturally be loyal to the king..."

He stopped in the middle of the sentence as he saw Fang Yuan's smile and could not continue.

He now remembered that the opponent was a demon! He would not fall for this type of trick. Xu Ren fell silent and nodded his head.

He finally spoke after a long time had passed. "The previous king did me a huge favour. I was not willing to scheme against his country at first. However, this concerns my race and as such, even if I am unwilling, I must try my best in order for my people to be happy!"

It seemed that after one had been in the court for long, he would learn to use the glorious banner of People Dao as an excuse and a cause to conceal his disloyalty and plans for a revolt.

Fang Yuan nodded although he knew that it was a lie.

Whether there was such a cause, was another situation altogether. Fang Yuan could tell that Xu Ren was intelligent.

Fang Yuan was clear about it ever since Xu Ren moved his entire race here and spread the word to raise sacrificial knights.

"How do you intend to do it?"

Fang Yuan asked again.

The current magistrate, Kou Wei, is very old and sick. He is retiring soon and I have made preparations to take over his post and strengthen my base..."

Xu Ren's face twitched, but he still told Fang Yuan his plan.

Afterall, there were no outsiders in the house. His bodyguards were all sacrificial knights who were all extremely loyal.

"If that is the case, we will lose time!"

Fang Yuan scoffed upon hearing what Xu Ren said.

The tribulations were only taking place these few years and yet, Xu Ren wanted to idly wait for the magistrate to retire? After all, he was not the hidden dragon [1] but merely his father. He had lost his fearless spirit and the courage to usurp everything and start again.

"Then, according to your intention, I should act now?"

Xu Ren laughed. He had made up his mind to kill the demon in front of him on the spot if it were to suggest that to him!

Afterall, Da Chu was weakened. Even if they mustered troops to revolt, they would only perish.

"Not necessarily!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "Do you still remember your wishes in the past?"

Xu Ren absentmindedly remembered the past when he was still a hot-blooded youth. He had the ambition to rule the country and make it peaceful for the people. "The Golden Lake Prefecture has 2 evils, which are the evil gods and the pirates!"

After a few years of purging the evil gods, there were not much of them left.

Only the pirates, who advanced and retreated like the wind, were left. They usually hid within the Golden Court Lake like water droplets in the sea [2] and were extremely skilled in battles on water.

Furthermore, the natural and man-made disasters in the other prefectures had resulted in the victims seeking refuge at the Golden Court Lake, which gave the pirates an endless stream of backups.

Although Xu Ren had sent his troops to stomp out the pirates and have even achieved a decisive victory, the pirates came back not long after like how the spring wind brought along life during springtime.

According to his calculations, there was only hope in removing the pirates if he occupy the surround prefectures around the Golden Lake Prefecture and govern them together.

"Unless, you make this trip today because you have a plan to exterminate the pirates?"

Xu Ren asked joyfully.

"How did the officials handle the situation after capturing the pirates the past few times?"

Fang Yuan played around with the teacup and spoke frankly with the official. With this kind of temperament, Xu Ren could not help but felt that even his talented son could not match Fang Yuan.

After pondering, he replied, "The leader of the pirates are executed while the rest are relocated. However, I do not have much land in the Golden Lake Prefecture and am unable to relocate all of them.As such, there were many repeat offenders!""

"Previously, you were working within the constraints of being in the local authority and could only do so much. But now, by thinking out of the box, wouldn't you have everything? The Golden Lake Prefecture has always been focused on the development of the military. Wouldn't this make an excellent source for soldiers?

Fang Yuan smiled as he presented his idea.

Truth be told, all these were made by Heaven's will for Xu Ting.

If not, how would he manage to rise up the ranks so easily?

"Converting the pirates to become soldiers? Once the quota is exceeded, it would be no different from openly revolting..."

Xu Ren pondered for a while and felt that Fang Yuan had not fully expressed himself. He could not help but stand up and gave a deep bow, "Please enlighten me!"

He could not help but feel that the same scenario played out many years ago when he made the decision to exterminate the evil gods!

"There are many waterways in Da Chu. After training them, these pirates will make a topnotch navy…Furthermore, they owe their lives to you and would be loyal to you!"

Truth be told, the navy was just a supplement to the cause. What Fang Yuan really meant was that Da Chu had existed for hundreds of years. The rules of the king had greatly affected the people. If one is to stage a revolution, even with the support of his people, there was an 80% chance of failure. At this time and age, the king's influence was unbelievable.

As such, if the revolution really took place, there would be little support.

However, the pirates were lawless. They were the people who killed the officials and went against the law. They would be fiercely loyal if they were able to lead a better life and saved from the harsh seas.

They would not hesitate to go against the heavens. This was the type of mentality that the revolutionary army needed!


Xu Ren understood immediately and was moved.

In any rebellion, if the people's minds were not resolute, once shaken, there would be spies and the army would be defeated.

The Imperial Court had been awe-inspiring for many years. There were few who would dare to usurp everything.

However, there were no shortage of people within the pirates who were willing and dare to bring down the king.

It would certainly be advantageous to him if he manage to recruit the help of the pirates.

Most importantly, he would be able to hide the troops within the lake where they would not be seen or heard unless when called upon. Once called upon, they would be able to occupy the waterways and attack the other prefectures. The chances of catching the others off-guard and unprepared was very high.

If that was the case, he would be able to act immediately with great confidence that he would be able to annex the region.

If he had time on his side...ruling the world would not just be a dream!

"You have enlightened me with your words!"

Xu Ren immediately kowtowed, tears flowing from his eyes, "I am able to reach where I am today due to your help many years ago. I am willing to build a shrine in my family house and offer sacrifices throughout the four seasons. I hope you would not decline my suggestion!"

Up till now, he still believed that Fang Yuan was a Black Dragon General that was sealed and a god.

"Haha...This is all Heaven's will. Do you think I came up with this plan?"

Fang Yuan laughed before leaving.

With a flash of golden light, he disappeared without a trace.

Upon witnessing this scene, Xu Ren's face darkened and he mulled for a long time before clapping his hands. "Come out!"

"My lord!"

The wall behind the study room opened and two men walked out. They kneeled down respectfully.

"This matter...this is a top secret, I presume you know the rules?"

Xu Ren laughed coldly.

"Rest assured, my lord, this matter will not spread. If any rumours leak out, I will be held accountable!"

The martial artists knew the weight of the situation. They solemnly kowtowed, their scalps dark red in colour.

"I naturally trust you all. You all can go now!"

Xu Ren waved his hand and allowed the martial artists to retreat before looking towards Wen Sheng. "Shen Changhe [3], you are the mastermind. What do you think of this plan?"

This scribe was dressed in green robes and was around 30 years old. He was in his prime and appeared scholarly. He was full of confidence, and after overhearing what was said, he said, "My lord, I overhead the conversation just now. After consideration, I feel that this plan is remarkable. Hiding the troops in the lake. Once there are changes, we can completely control the surrounding 5 prefectures and immediately create the atmosphere to..."

"The most crucial element is still to capture the pirates in the right and just way so that no one can find fault in my doings!"


Xu Ren stroked his beard. It was obvious that he was very satisfied.

"It is just that...who will spearhead this operation?"

He looked towards Shen Changhe and asked.

Shen Changhe shuddered and broke out in cold sweat. He immediately kowtowed and said, "As the official, even if the magistrate has washed his hand of this matter, it would be best to avoid implications. However, you can send young master!"

"The young master has already become a scholar. If he were to perform this task, he would be awarded the post of a 9th grade official with the power to investigate in every county, and may even become the substitute district lieutenant..."

The power to control the troops was a heavy responsibility. As the mastermind, Shen Changhe would not be so foolish as to get himself implicated.

Truth be told, recommending Xu Ting was the only option.

"Hmmm...the world is in a mess. So what if he becomes a scholar? It would be better for him to become an official directly. I will go speak to Ting'er..."

Xu Ren could not help but smile when he thought of his son.

The responsibility of improving the family's social status in the future lied with his talented son.

[1]A person of power and significance

[2] The pirates blend into the surroundings well

[3] Wen Sheng and Shen Changhe are the same person.