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Chapter 306: Rescue

Chapter 306: Rescue

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In the 150-mile radius of Qi Lake, mist covered the vast surface of the lake.

Fang Yuan hid his dragon might and transformed into a carp. As he swam, he felt overwhelmed with emotions.

The Carp Transformation Technique was a must know for dragons, akin to an innate ability. If dragon gods were met with trouble, they would usually transform into a carp.

At that moment, Fang Yuan transformed into a black carp and swam around as if he was on a rampage.

"Speaking of which…, I am still under the Qi Lake Water God's warrant for arrest, but who could ever imagine a carp would have transformed into a dragon in merely ten years?"

The Qi Lake Water God, called Bai Guan, was a python that cultivated into a Water God through the imperial order. He could make waves and form rain. His aides included two powerful demon kings, an alligator snapping turtle and a water buffalo.

Nevertheless, since he could not transform into a dragon, he could not be called a Dragon God and was merely a Water God.

"For a python to transform into a dragon, it must undergo huge tribulations!"

As Fang Yuan thought of that, he gave a wry smile at once, "With the heavenly trend, humans are rising up and demons are not favoured. The number of tribulations the Water God must pass to transform into a dragon is huge and it would be impossible for him do so!"

He could not transform into a dragon without overcoming heavenly tribulations and thus would remain a snake demon!

If only he did not possess the heavenly imperial order nor had the help of his demon kings, Fang Yuan could have settled him by himself.

"Hmm… and that Li Luan, if Xu Ting's power grows further, she would definitely not let off her father's killer!"

Once he thought of Qi Lake Water God, he could not help but to thought of Li Luan.

Li Luan was the previous Water God's daughter. In order to seek revenge, she stole An River Dragon God's pearl. It was an extremely daring move and reflected how resolute she was.

However, once she met Xu Ting, she fell in love with him. Not only did she gift away the Dragon Pearl, she sent herself in. It truly made Fang Yuan felt how the heavens made a fool of demons.

It was like how the Golden Court Dragon God got too close to the people dao for too long and relied on their beliefs for its own fate energy. Hence, he naturally got affected too.

This was why Fang Yuan chose not to get too close to people.

"I wonder how are those spirits at Lotus Pond are doing…"

Fang Yuan thought of his old haunt and rushed towards to Lotus Pond.

Vivid memories of the reserved Gui Zhong, the cute Luo Zhu and the unlucky crocodile appeared on his mind.

When he arrived near Lotus Pond, he realised something was amiss.

Many water dwellers have fled and groups of water guardians seemed to be searching for something.

"Eh? This seems weird!"

Fang Yuan was shocked as he saw that, "Could it be that another powerful demon has appeared in Lotus Pond? Is it being hunted down by the Water God? If not, what are they doing?"

When he was a black carp, he lived there. It was a remote spot in Qi Lake that did not have much spiritual energy nor powerful spirits. Fang Yuan could not think of why there was such a huge commotion.

Unless, they realised he was arriving and intentionally wanted to capture him. However, that was absurd and baseless.

"Hey! That black fish there! The Water God is trying to capture someone, you better leave quickly!"

One of the water guardians immediately hollered when it saw Fang Yuan approaching and its fierce aura spread across.

"Capturing someone? Who are you all capturing?"

Fang Yuan smiled, and slightly made use of his ability to satiate his curiosity.

"Of course it's that scallop who stole the deity position! The Water God has ordered, whichever water guardian captures that lady and presents the deity position would be promoted to general…"

The water guardian was ferocious looking and wielded a giant steel fork, but spoke uninhibitedly.

After it told Fang Yuan everything it knew, it then suddenly scratched its head, "Why did I tell you so much… wait a minute, you look very familiar!"

"Oh, you don't recognise me?"

Fang Yuan laughed.

The black carp he was currently transformed as was noticeably different from his original transformation; it had shinier scales and a dragon beard.

"I recognise you now, you are the Water God's wanted criminal! You are even more wanted than that shell lady!"

The water guardian suddenly recognised him and was elated, "After I catch you, the Water God would definitely promote me to a deity!"

It was overwhelmed with greed and without thinking of why such a black carp would suddenly appear there, it charged forward with its fork.

"Looks like it's a transformed water dweller too, its spiritual awareness… is worrying!"

Fang Yuan thought for a moment, the surrounding lake water immediately froze into ice and trapped the water guardian in it.

"Those who don't want to die, scram!"

With his spiritual will, it was as though a hurricane swept across with a tinge of dragon might.

Against the dragon's might, many of the water dwellers fled in terror.

"That scallop, could it be Luo Zhu?"

An unusual premonition appeared in Fang Yuan's mind and made him sped up.


Further inside the lake, there were many water guardians making its rounds. They were holding a magical equipment that looked like a bright pearl.

Leading it was a crab general. His whole body was golden in colour and he had four limbs. He was donned in metal armour and looked ferocious and strong.

"The Water God has instructed that we cannot let the shell lady escape or else we would be punished! We have already sealed off the entire Lotus Pond, she cannot run away! Search for her carefully!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Under the possibility of heavy rewards or heavy punishments, the water guardians were flustered and began searching more carefully.

As their search areas shrunk, suddenly, a dazzling red glow effused from a pearl which was spotted.

"It must be here!"

The water guardian who spotted it was overjoyed. The lakebed tremored as silt flew everywhere. Under the strong currents, a giant shell could be discerned.


The shell was the size of a house. However, when the water guardian attempted to smash it, he let out a blood-curdling scream as his bones got smashed instead.

"Pew! Pew!"

The giant shell started expelling water currents in an attempt to escape, as though it was an undefeatable fortress rushing forward.

However, the crab general had chased after it for a long time, he already knew the shell lady's tricks. With a wave for his arm, a group of water spiders appeared and sprayed colorful nettings over her.

The nettings intertwined to form a huge net enveloping the entire shell.



The huge group began tugging and pulling the net.

With this huge strength, it finally stopped the giant shell from escaping as the water currents could not carry itself further.


The crab general waved its arm yet again and the group started to smash the shell repeatedly.

"How long would this take?"

At that moment, the shell opened slightly, a silhouette of an anxious-looking young lady carrying a pearl could be seen.

The crab general gave an irritated roar as he swung numerous large hammers on to the shell.

"Bam! Bam!"

The sound echoed like the muffled noise of thunder.

A crack appeared on the shell and the face of the shell lady inside turned pale at once. She raised her pearl and squealed, "Stop!"

Immediately, a divine light appeared and swept away the water dwellers, however, it got blocked by the light from the crab general's body.

"Hehe…, you and I are both Qi Lake's deities. We are both under the jurisdiction of my master, Qi Lake Water God, how dare you think you have a technique that I do not know of?"

The crab general laughed out loud, "Follow me back obediently and who knows the Water God might even pardon your crimes!"

"Dream on!"

The young lady bawled out, "Grandpa Gui Zhong died because he obeyed you all!"

"Stubborn fool!"

The crab general snorted, although she was right and he indeed intended to do so, he was still slightly disgruntled being called out.

He immediately raised his hammer and gave yet another powerful smash.


The lake tremored again as cracks spread across the shell.

"Haha… foolish girl, let's see where can you run to?"

The crab general gave a wicked grin as she saw the young lady gave a panic-stricken look.

However, just as he raised his hammer again, he felt a sudden change in the surrounding currents.

The originally calm lake bottom turned into a vortex as a whirlpool that kept sucking in the crustacean army appeared.

"This is… demonic magic? Who is saving this girl?"

The crab general's heart turned stone cold as he stared at the vortex.

Sure enough, in the eye of the vortex, there was a black fish swimming leisurely.

"Carp spirit? This seems very familiar!"

The crab general paused for a moment before he immediately questioned, "Aren't you the carp who stole the Water God's treasure?"

At the same time, the shell lady trapped in the lake exclaimed, "Brother Fang Yuan?"

"It is Luo Zhu!"

As expected, Fang Yuan was the one who came over.

Fang Yuan was surprised as he saw the shell and its shell lady had grown a lot.

"To cultivate till this level, it must be due to what I taught her, but then, what is with the divine light?"

Although Fang Yuan was bewildered, he did not begin recounting past events.

This was because the crab general's hammer was approaching his head.

"Haha… such is fate, I can't believe this black carp just walked into the trap willingly!"

The crab general's four arms began smashing in a flurry.

"He is merely a water general?"

Fang Yuan was disappointed at such, "I still thought it would be a demon king…"

He swung its tail and, "Bam!"

Under the loud noise, two hammers flew out.

"Ah… you!"

At that moment, the crab general then realised the black carp in front of him was different, its strange energy made him thought of running away.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan's actions were much faster than his. Just as he was about to turn around, a fiery red sword essence pierced through his head and he burst into flames.


Under the flames, the initially golden crab cooked through and turned red.

"Oh, this crab looks delicious!"

Fang Yuan did not bother about the cooked crab general anymore and went to the shell. He summoned the sword essence and cut the colourful net into pieces as Luo Zhu appeared from inside.

"It's been so long since I met you, you have grown so much!"

As he gazed at Luo Zhu, he smiled and lightly knocked her head like he used to.

Luo Zhu was stunned from the events, tears welled up in the corner of her eyes and turned into pearls as they fell, "You… are really big brother, sobs…, grandpa Gui Zhong has passed away…"

"What exactly happened? Also, why did you become a water deity?"

As Fang Yuan looked at the divine light on her body, he was astonished, he looked at the surrounding and added, "This is not where we should be talking, let's go!"

He then grabbed a slightly golden talisman from the crab's cooked body.

"Yea, I will listen to you!"

Luo Zhu nodded obediently and gave unconditional trust to Fang Yuan.