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Chapter 307: Entrust

Chapter 307: Entrust

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The lotus leaves swept away and the blue waves splashed.

Under a fragrant aroma, a small boat floated on the lake. Fang Yuan and Luo Zhu sat facing each other and in front of them was a brewing pot of tea.

"This spot is protected by my abilities. The Qi Lake Water God would not be able to discover us here. It has been ten plus years since we met, how have you been?"

Fang Yuan raised his teacup and smiled.

Although Bai Guan was the Qi Lake Water God, he could not meticulously search through every big and small detail in the 150-mile radius of Qi Lake.

Hence, all the powerful demons had abilities to conceal themselves and unless they were really nearby him, it was extremely hard for them to be detected.


Luo Zhu's eyes welled with tears and began narrating, "After big brother left, many fierce water dwellers came over to Lotus Pond. After searching through many times with no results, they left and never came back… I followed your techniques and cultivated. My pearl gradually became rounder and fuller, while my body grew too. Most of the past ten years were very carefree and worriless for me, except a few months ago where grandpa Gui Zhong suddenly appeared in my dreams. He told me that the Water God was after his life and he was going to die soon, he also said since he and I were fated, he entrusted me with the deity position… Ever since then, those fierce water dwellers appeared…"

After hearing her, Fang Yuan was speechless, "That old green-haired tortoise? Nevermind, I will take a look myself! Don't move nor resist!"

As Fang Yuan spoke, he placed his finger on the area between her eyebrows.

Luo Zhu was dressed in a thin silk gown and radiated with the purity of a deity, her beauty was indescribable.

Facing Fang Yuan, she opened up herself to him.

After all, demons were simple-minded, the two of them had such a strong relationship before and hence, it was natural for her to open up to Fang Yuan.

"Hmm…, crystal clear, strong foundation, the magic is pure…."

Since she was cooperative, Fang Yuan could easily and clearly view such.

Fang Yuan nodded as he viewed, he then shifted his gaze to an imperial order talisman in Luo Zhu's sea of consciousness.

The talisman shined in a mixture of green and red light, and there was a tinge of heavenly energy from it. It was noticeably unique. Furthermore, the imperial order Fang Yuan just obtained from the crab general and the other imperial orders he had seen before paled in comparison; this talisman was vastly superior.

"This deity position seems like it was not formed from people dao's beliefs, it seems to be formed from pure heavenly energy…"

There were huge differences between a people dao deity and a natural heavenly deity. The latter could easily adjust the spiritual energy in its divine territory and its might could not be compared to the formers'.

"No wonder I felt this old green-haired tortoise was hiding something, I can't believe he was secretly accumulating for his deity position…"

Fang Yuan sensed a bit and detected the imperial order deity's territory, "Hmm…, its Lotus Pond and a nearby estuary…, hehe, this essentially means that part of the Qi Lake Water God's area of power has been cut off! Of course there was animosity! That old tortoise was timid and chose to play safe, who knows, he might even have coveted the Water God's position and got discovered and hence, put to death!"

Then why did he appear in Luo Zhu's dreams and gave her the deity position?

This was because she was the most powerful in Lotus Pond, hence, after the old tortoise, there was no other choice than her since she was the most qualified to inherit the deity position.

"Of course…, he seems to have some plans!" Fang Yuan thought.

Since he saw the imperial order was so close to being cultivated, Fang Yuan gathered his spiritual will and instructed, "Sister Luo Zhu, I want to help you to cultivate your deity position. Remember not to resist no matter what happens in your sea of consciousness, understood?"

"Yea! Just do it Big Brother!"

As Luo Zhu heard how dignified Fang Yuan instructed, she nodded her head solemnly.


Fang pointed his fingers and three swords emerged with red, blue and green glows, surrounding the imperial order.

Even as the swords glowed, their sword radiance was well kept and there were no signs of sword essence dissipating. It showed that the swords were controlled powerfully.

For a dream master, it was like an innate ability to have such fine controls in the sea of consciousness.

The three swords displayed the power of their three talents, and sealed off the imperial order at once.

Seeing such, Fang Yuan finally stopped holding his breath and laughed, "Old tortoise! You have hidden really deeply! Just that… a small trace of your spiritual will was left behind in the deity position! To steal my sister's body, you have to pass through me first!"

The imperial order vibrated slightly, however, it did not move.

Fang Yuan then gave a mirthless smile and pointed his finger. A delicate 3 Talents Sword Array appeared immediately and isolated it.

Surges of sword essence emerged in the array and pierced towards the imperial order.

"Fang Yuan!"

The imperial order suddenly moved. Under Luo Zhu's screams of terror, it dazzled brightly and a green-robed elder appeared. It was that green-haired tortoise demon, Gui Zhong.

Gui Zhong was visibly distraught as he looked towards Fang Yuan and asked, "Why do you want to be so ruthless?"

"It is not that I am stone-hearted, it is because you are immoral!"

Fang Yuan scorned, "Originally, I could not be bothered about you cultivating your deity position, but since you planted your elemental clone right before your death, and wanted to replace her soul with yours, I will not let you off for harming my sister!"


The fire and water swords converged as thunder sparked in the middle, it was a force that could not even be resisted by the imperial order's power.

Gui Zhong's body has long died and his elemental clone has already largely disappeared. At that moment, it was just a shadow. No matter how well it had hidden itself, it was not very powerful even if it was discovered.

Suddenly, the shadow dissipated, its face turned aggressive and said, "Ahh…, unless you really want to fight till one of us perishes? This is that lass' sea of consciousness, if I detonate the imperial order, she would die and her soul would be gone forever, unable to reincarnate! This is my bad, as long as you let me off this time, I swear I will immediately leave her body and look for another one, how about that?

"How about no! You want to self-detonate? Why don't you try it? I'm sure only you would die!"

Dream masters were the most competent in manipulating the sea of consciousness, when Fang Yuan used his 3 Talents Sword Array, it was all for this. He grinned and said, "I will accept the gift you have sent on behalf of sister Luo Zhu! Go!"


Lightning flashed.

Although Gui Zhong wanted to detonate the deity position and perish together, suddenly, lightning struck this old tortoise's forehead as Luo Zhu let out a scream.

He was stunned. He then exploded and turned into streaks of black vapour.

"I will just help you completely cultivate this!" Fang Yuan thought as the 3 Talents Sword Array shined mysteriously and slashed the imperial order.

The imperial order totally dissipated and turned into large amounts of golden red runes. Each of them contained heavenly axioms, encompassing some kind of natural power.

"Ah…, in actual fact, all roads lead to Rome, in the end, we are all learning about the rules along the way!"

Fang Yuan pondered, he then waved his hands and the streaks of black vapour originally from Gui Zhong surrounded his hand, as fragmented pieces of memories appeared.

"Big brother.., what are you doing…, I… I'm scared, it felt like I almost died just now!"

After completing, little Luo Zhu's voice could then be heard.

"Don't worry, come out now and accept your deity position!"

Fang Yuan smiled and dispelled the sword array. As he saw Luo Zhu's Yin spirit, he reached out his hand and dispersed the runes on her body.


A divine light flashed and immediately, many magical inscriptions appeared on Luo Zhu's body. They were divine techniques granted by the heavens, it could harness the spiritual energy of Lotus Pond and the estuary.

"I… think I just suddenly gained knowledge of many things!"

Luo Zhu paused for a moment. The divine light on her body grew stronger.

"Yea, familiarise yourself with it!"

Seeing such, Fang Yuan exited her sea of consciousness. He saw the Luo Zhu in front of him had aged a few years but did not bother her as her eyes were shut and she was deep in thoughts. The streaks of black vapour on his hand dissipated, signifying that Gui Zhong's last remaining imprints in this realm had totally disappeared.

"This Gui Zhong… I can't believe that there were traces of true dragon blood in him, he was really secretive!"

As he thought of the scenes during cultivation, he mused, "This demon has carefully and profoundly schemed to be a true heavenly deity for a long time and he almost succeeded… Just that the timing was not right and he was found out by the Qi Lake Water God. Hence, he was ultimately met with inexorable tribulations."

Fang Yuan was not very interested in his background, just that he had greatly benefited from a deeper understanding of god dao.

"The real heavenly imperial order was formed by rules, its unique power was sourced from the heavens and earth, hence, there are so many different types of deities!"

"Whereas, for people dao deities, although they made use of the beliefs of people, it was not exactly the same as a heavenly deity. However, they can also ascend to a heavenly deity, as long as they do good deeds and accumulate heavenly karma!"

"When Gui Zhong was cultivating his deity position, he had already used up most of his fate energy, hence, not only was the timing not right, he was met with tribulations and ultimately died…"

"Pitter patter!"

Suddenly, mist appeared on the surface of the lake as moments later, dense raindrops splashed on to the surface of the lake.

"Thank you, big brother, for helping me to cultivate my deity position and removing the hidden danger!"

Luo Zhu opened her eyes and thanked with radiance.

She just realised how dangerous it was just now.

If not for Fang Yuan, the moment she finally cultivated her deity position, Gui Zhong would have snatched her soul and all her efforts would have gone down the drain.

"Now that you have your heavenly deity position, you automatically mastered how to control the weather! This is your fate!"

Fang Yuan was very gratified seeing how she now had her own abilities, "Just remember, in the future, as long as you do more good deeds, do your duties dutifully and don't go against the heavenly trend, there would be no harms nor tribulations!"

"Just that… Qi Lake Water God would definitely not do nothing about this deity position of mine!"

After cultivating her deity position, Luo Zhu understood many things, hence her expression turned slightly sorrow.

The Lotus Pond and the estuary were all part of Qi Lake, which were under the jurisdiction of the Water God. The Water God would definitely not be happy about part of his authority being carved out!

Furthermore, Fang Yuan knew how Luo Zhu was different from that crab general.

The deities under the Water God had the relationship akin to ministers and emperors, it was just a relationship of authority, and hence, these deities were easily commanded and controlled.

Whereas, Luo Zhu's deity position was accumulated from the heavens, it was akin to a military governor having its own rule. Which emperor would allow such?

Hence, the two parties would definitely fight with each other!

"Hehe…, don't worry, I will definitely help you with this matter. After all, this Water God is a nemesis of mine!"

Fang Yuan laughed and then looked above his head.

He saw green and golden streaks gathering and turning into flowers. They rippled as they bloomed auspiciously, revealing its extraordinariness.

Xu family's dragon energy was prospering. The family had occupied five prefectures and their troop was 200 million large. Naturally, the karma gained from it was extraordinary.

Such great progress meant that it was the time for revenge!