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Chapter 308: Tribulation

Chapter 308: Tribulation

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"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Horned Dragon

Essence: 36

Spirit: 36

Magic: 50

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [9 Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula (7th Transformation)], [Weather Controlling Technique (Grade 1)], [Natural Magical Strength (Grade 3)], [8 Gates Sword Array (4th Sword) (1%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"After this round of harvest, I have fully formed the three swords. Since the thunder sword has been completed, I can now use the 3 Talents Sword Array!"

In the actualised dream world, the thunder sword flashed with lightning, it had a dignified and vicious might.

Also, soon enough, the fourth sword was slowly formed. It was pale green in colour, signifying the ultimate haste.

"The fourth sword, the Modest Wind Sword?"

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself solemnly.

As a dream master at the Illusionary Divine stage, every three tiers was a huge stage. If the fourth sword was formed, not only could he harness the power of wind, thunder, water and fire to cast the 4 Emblems Sword Array, each magical soldier would have its own sword spirit! Once the magical soldier got their spirituality, their power would be way stronger than before! Not only would it not require control and could attack enemies on its own, it could even become like the Fiery Dragon Child!

"At the 4th Tier of Illusionary Divine, it would allow one to actualise spiritual properties in objects!"

"At the 7th Tier of Illusionary Divine, it would allow one to actualise a race of beasts and a spiritual land. Its power could even defeat that of True Elementals and True Divines!"

"I am already at the 3rd Tier of Illusionary Divine and it's only a small distance away from the 4th Tier of Illusionary Divine…"

Fang Yuan's eyes gleamed, "But of course, before that, I have to settle the foreign evil forces that tainted my dream elemental force…"

If he did not settle the matter and ascended the tier, he would fall into a ploy!

"Let's go!"

He stopped thinking and took a look at Luo Zhu who was beside him, "Let's visit that Qi Lake Water God, Bai Guan!"

The moment he spoke, a loud, thunderous noise suddenly erupted.

Grey clouds loomed while lightning and thunder struck, all the water dwellers in Qi Lake were alarmed. One after another, they floated up to the surface of the lake to look at the unusual scene.

"Hmm…, why does this scene looks so familiar to the one that happened ten plus years ago?"

Luo Zhu was unbelievably shocked, "A dragon transformation tribulation?"

"It is… the tribulation to transform into a dragon!"

Fang Yuan was puzzled. He then looked at the spiritual energy swarming into Qi Lake and sighed, "It's Qi Lake Water God… he is about to undergo a tribulation. I can't believe we are involved in his people tribulation! Is this a taste of his own medicine?"

There was no doubt that the Water God Bai Guan's fate energy has dropped to its lowest point.

Just as Fang Yuan made up his mind to look for trouble with him, he had brought about his own Heavenly Tribulations for his dragon transformation.

As Fang Yuan had experienced it before, Fang Yuan knew how horrifying it was. Although the Qi Lake Water God had the help of his deity position, even if he made it out alive, he would be seriously injured.

Furthermore, with Fang Yuan in his people tribulation, the Water God would definitely not be able to survive it!

"Unknowingly, I've become the heavenly trend's pawn!" Fang Yuan thought.

He sighed as his fear of this unpredictable heavenly trend grew.


On one area of the lake's surface.

In the mackerel sky, indistinct flashes of purple lightning appeared.

Below it, the concentration of spiritual energy that swarmed in was so dense that it looked like a physical entity. The white smog formed shrouded the centre and in it, only a shadow of a gigantic snake could be discerned. One of its scale and one of its eyes could be vaguely seen and it had a majestic and divine aura.

"Brother buffalo, what do you think are the chances of brother Bai Guan passing the tribulations this time?"

On the side, two demons kept a distance from the white smog as they only dared to view from far.

The Heavenly Tribulation was no joke, if they were to help him pass the tribulation, they would definitely be counterattacked!

If they helped, the tribulations would become even more dangerous and in the end, they would all suffer from baleful consequences! Even though they were birds of a feather and were very close, it was not to this extent!

"Brother Bai Guan's power is extraordinary! He used his secret techniques to forcefully delay the tribulations till now. He has already fully cultivated his Water God imperial order. With the spiritual energy from the 150-mile radius of Qi Lake, there should be a 60% chance!"

What the water buffalo said made the alligator snapping turtle pause for a moment before he gestured, "60%?"

The alligator snapping turtle was in disbelief, "The Qi Lake Water God is one of the rare deities amongst us demons! He would have at least a 90% chance of passing the tribulations!"

"That was last time! With the heavenly trend now? I doubt so!"

The water buffalo then continued, "Us demons are downfalling while the humans are rising! The saints in my race have either died or experienced a severe reduction in their cultivation. Now that a demon is at his tribulation stage, it would definitely suffer from the wrath and envy of the heavens!"

This realm's Heavenly Tribulation was a way for the heavenly trend to maintain balance.

As the demons were meant to downfall, these few years, the tribulations the demons underwent were more and more brutal. Out of ten, only one could survive!

Anyway, Heavenly Tribulations could not be delayed easily.

It was already a feat for Bai Guan to forcefully delay it till now.

"If brother Bai Guan becomes a dragon, he will lose all his snake characteristics and be able to control the weather. Furthermore, since he is a deity, even if demons are downfalling, he can still protect our Qi Lake at the very least…" the alligator snapping turtle muttered.

As the heavenly trend brought about the rise of humans, the demons reacted differently. There were some who resisted, some who gave up and some who escaped faraway to preserve their elemental energy. However, for the few of them, they just wanted to be a ruler of their area, Qi Lake.

"Hmm… those d*amn humans, if I see any of them, I will eat them up!"

The water buffalo snorted out white fumes as his eyes turned blood red in anger.

"Hehe…, that's right, nevermind about the land near Qi Lake, the waters belong to us water dwellers, don't the humans dare try to occupy it!"

The alligator snapping turtle further added, "Let's not talk about others, now that brother Bai Guan has ten thousands of soldiers and tens of generals, no matter what ships the humans bring over, we will topple them over!"

"As long as brother Bai Guan passes this tribulation, carefree days are ahead of us!"

The water buffalo clenched his teeth.

Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder roared. The mighty thunder demonstrated its power to determine life or death and even the two demons were extremely frightened.

The Heavenly Tribulation had started!


Numerous lightning and thunder merged together, forming a beam of purple light striking down.

The white smog dispersed at once and within it, a large red-eyed snake appeared.

He roared to the skies, its scales were burnt and blood was oozing out from it.

"Unbelievable! This is only the first thunderbolt, and its power is so strong?"

The water buffalo and alligator snapping turtle's expression changed at once, "Is this a heavenly punishment? By using secret techniques to change the timing of the Heavenly Tribulations, he is indeed being punished for it!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The Heavenly Tribulation was merciless as it continued without any delay.

At that instance, three purple thunderbolts struck one after another.

"Ahh… as the Qi Lake Water God, help me, heavenly energy!"

Bai Guan hollered, a divine light appeared and shrouded its body, alongside the white smog, forming a layer of defence. However, it only lasted for a fleeting moment before it got destroyed.

After the three thunderbolts, Bai Guan was severely injured, his body turned black from the burns and his wounds were ripped. However, his might became stronger and there was a lump on his head and lower abdomen.

"Ah…, brother Bai Guan!"

The water buffalo and alligator snapping turtle were elated at such. "It was amazing how he could persevere on under such circumstances! He must be transforming into a dragon now!"


Suddenly, at that moment, a giant shell appeared from far, inside it was a young lady, "Hehe…, I play a part in the jurisdiction of Qi Lake too! Scram!"

She looked pure and holy, with a command of hers, part of the lake's spiritual energy dispersed immediately.

"Ahh…, it's that old tortoise demon's b*stard!"

"How dare you!"

The water buffalo and alligator snapping turtle immediately charged at her without hesitation.

Not only did the Heavenly Tribulation consisted of thunder, people tribulation was part of it too!

In this realm, no matter how horrible a powerful demon's reputation was, they always had one or two friends on their side who served as protectors!

"You are just a shell lady who obtained the deity position by luck, how dare you disrupt the Water God ascending? Die!"

The water buffalo roared, he then summoned his black cloud and stepped on it.


It was as though the sky had crashed and fell! A black hoof suddenly appeared in mid-air, compressing the air around it. It made Luo Zhu felt like she could not escape.

Even though Luo Zhu has already become a deity, she still seemed tender and inexperienced facing such a powerful demon.

However, Luo Zhu smiled, there was no hint of fear in her face, "Stupid buffalo, you have fallen into my trap!"

"Swish! Swoosh! Slash!"

Just as she finished saying that, three sword radiance flew out from the giant shell. The three sword radiance had the properties of water, fire and thunder. It charged towards the water buffalo in mid-air and the beam of light formed a triangular shape. It was an array that trapped the water buffalo in it.

In the beam of light, three magical soldiers appeared and displayed its prowess.

The water, fire and thunder sword essence charged to full after a short while, and the water buffalo's shrieks of terror could be heard from within.

The 8 Gates Sword Array of a dream soldier master finally displayed its cruel side in this realm.


A gigantic corpse of the water buffalo fell from mid-air and blood splattered everywhere.

After the 3 Talents Sword Array has been formed, no matter how powerful a demon would be, once it was trapped in it, it would be killed immediately!


After witnessing the death of the water buffalo, the alligator snapping turtle ran away as fast as he could immediately.

"You want to run? It's too late!"

Fang Yuan guffawed as he wielded the thunder sword and behind him, the silhouette of a horned dragon appeared. Under the divine light, he leapt towards the alligator snapping turtle and captured him."

"Ahh… you are a dragon? Why do you want to kill me?" the alligator snapping turtle asked.

He was terrified by the dragon's might and its demonic strength dropped at once.

"You don't need to know!"

Although those three demons have met Fang Yuan before, the Fang Yuan then was merely a black carp. Who would have linked it together with the Fang Yuan now?

"Have a taste of my sword!"

Fang Yuan was furious at his enemy. With a move of his right hand, a thunder sword essence struck the alligator snapping turtles back heavily.


With a flash of lightning, numerous burnt marks appeared on his shell. The alligator snapping turtle still clenched its teeth and tried to escape.

Since the alligator snapping turtle had some dragon bloodline in him too, he naturally knew how powerful such a dragon was. Furthermore, the dragon was even equipped with the thunder sword!

The alligator snapping turtle had strong defences, his shell was extremely tough from years of cultivation, it could even survive attacks from humans' magical weapons.

However, under the thunder sword, his shell cracked apart and blood oozed out.

"Good! This thunder sword enacts punishments for the heavens and is the nemesis of all evil demons!"

Seeing such, Fang Yuan was ecstatic.