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Chapter 309: Dragon God

Chapter 309: Dragon God

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Most of the demons in this realm were extremely afraid of tribulations by lightning.

Since Fang Yuan had the thunder sword, it was the number one weapon in punishing them. Hence, demons retreated in fear!

"Your turtle shell is not bad, I will gladly keep it!"

Fang Yuan was confident, with a few strikes of the thunder sword, it destroyed all the alligator snapping turtle's demonic magic and magical equipment.

Turtles were tenacious by nature and the alligator snapping turtle kept trying to escape. To Fang Yuan's surprise, the wounds on the turtle's body were being healed by his own vital elemental energy. Fang Yuan was slightly envious as he exclaimed, "What a regenerating body! Such a body could quickly restore wounds, but what if the damage you received in an instant is more than the limit?"

"3 Talents Sword Array! Go!"

Compared to the water buffalo demon, the alligator snapping turtle's speed was way too slow. It was like a living target for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was done fooling around. He immediately cast his three divine swords and formed the 3 Talents Sword Array.



In the array, flashing thunder, searing flames and frosty ice turned into sword essence and launched at the alligator snapping turtle continuously.

The astonishing sword radiance was like a tempest. Nearing the end, it condensed into a single point and a loud boom could be heard.


The three divine sword turned into a stream of light and was kept inside Fang Yuan's cuff.

Water from the surrounding filled back the originally exposed lake bed and blood dispersed. There was only a turtle shell left behind, although it had numerous wounds on it, it still remained intact.

"Not bad indeed…"

Fang Yuan smiled slightly and kept the turtle shell.

Luo Zhu was stunned at such a scene, she was left speechless. She was shocked at Fang Yuan's ease in annihilating these two powerful demons. With such power, he must have many enemies!


At that moment, accompanied with suffocating pressure, the last thunderbolt finally struck.

The snake was severely wounded by then.

However, he was no longer a snake.

He had a jade horn on its head and two small claws below his abdomen. While his dragon tail was still unadorned and plain, his body was filled with the characteristics of a dragon. It was evident he had become a white-coloured water dragon!

"The Water God is indeed powerful! He even managed to skip the young dragon period and transformed into a water dragon immediately!"

As Fang Yuan came over to the side and took a look, he was in awe. He knew Bai Guan's current position was higher than his since he was only a horned dragon.

At that moment, the water dragon roared. He had used up all the tricks in his sleeve and he could only exhaust all his remaining effort to face the lightning tribulations with his body.


Lightning struck and water splashed everywhere.

The dark clouds dispersed and the warm and sunny sunlight appeared.

After the lightning tribulations, what was left behind was a white-coloured water dragon that was nearly cut in half.

Fang Yuan and Luo Zhu went forward and looked into the water dragon's frightened eyes.

"The two of you…"

The water dragon was severely injured, he had used up all his accumulated fate energy and was at his weakest point.

The water dragon almost did not have enough energy to speak, he finally muttered slowly, "...This is unfair…! To transform into a dragon, I had spent so long plotting and it had cost me so much…"

Such a thought caused pearl-like tears to emerge from the dragon's eyes.

"Big brother…"

As Luo Zhu was inexperienced and naive, she was slightly moved by the scene.

"Haha…, don't be deceived by him. Qi Lake Water God, if you still want to live, then hand over the Qi Lake imperial order and your Water Dragon Pearl as vouch!"

Fang Yuan chuckled.


The water dragon's eyes filled with rage and enmity at once, "The Water God position might be discussable, but my life, the Dragon Pearl? Impossible! If I give you my Dragon Pearl, wouldn't I be under your manipulation forever?"

The water dragon hurled his tail and sent menacing waves across the lake. He was trying to escape by creating confusion.

"Even though he is on his last breath, he is still the Qi Lake Water God. Inside his area, he will recover by a small amount with every second delayed!"

Fang Yuan transformed into a horned dragon and plunged into the waters, "Be still!"

Fang Yuan's Weather Controlling Technique and Water Controlling Technique did not lose to the water dragon's.

"Ah…, I'll fight you!"

The water dragon snorted, he gave up his original plan of escaping through the waters and charged towards Fang Yuan viciously.


Fang Yuan gave a wry smile and he suddenly opened his mouth. A beam of lightning appeared and struck the water dragon's body as the thunder sword travelled through the beam and pierced the water dragon in an instance.


Sparks flew, scales and blood splattered everywhere.

Seizing the opportunity, Fang Yuan used his horn and lunged towards the water dragon's wound caused by the lightning tribulations.

The water dragon let out a scream and grabbed Fang Yuan with his claws.

"Haha…, you think I don't have claws?"

Fang Yuan laughed, the water and fire sword essences appeared at his abdomen and formed the shape of sharp claws, "Water-Fire Dual Sword Array, charge!"

"Glub! Glub!"

Bubbles and blood rose to the surface of the lake and dyed half of the lake's surface into a golden red colour.

Luo Zhu was stunned at such a scene, but she could not interfere.

"Hruuuuuu, hhruuuuuuu!"

The sunny skies abruptly turned into a sea of dark clouds. Gale winds raged and a storm erupted at once!

"When dragons emerge, the waters are calm; when dragons die, the heavens and earth weep!"

For no reason, Luo Zhu suddenly thought of that sentence and blurted it out loud.

Under the turbulent waves, the severed water dragon was washed ashore. Streams of golden red blood flowed continuously, revealing the pale colour of his flesh.

Bai Guan was literally almost bled dry.


Bai Guan's face was ashen as he stammered, "As Qi Lake Water God, I have led ten thousands of water dwellers, why have I fallen into such depths of despair!"

"Although you have never gone against the heavens, you have forsaken your morals for your own benefits!"

The horned dragon emerged from the waters and transformed into a young man donned in a robe. He sighed and continued, "When you killed the previous Water God, have you not thought about how he was so close to transforming into a dragon? Although he was a green snake, his ancestors were true dragons and he was naturally protected by fate energy. After you killed him, you opened a can of worms for yourself. The loss of the Dragon Pearl and the tribulation this time both resulted from that!"

Bai Guan was stunned at what Fang Yuan said. After a long while, he finally said, "Not bad! Indeed!"

He looked at Fang Yuan curiously, "No one else knew about the green dragon's Dragon Pearl, were you that black carp?"

"That's right, I am!"

"Haha… I guess karma always finds a way!"

Bai Guan laughed, with a shiver of his body, his breath stopped at once. A Yin spirit appeared with a divine light and escaped at the speed of light.

"At such a moment, you still do not understand the order of nature…"

Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed, he then pointed his finger.

A thunder sword essence emerged and caught up the escaping light immediately. Before it could say anything, it was annihilated into pieces.

"If you obediently handed over the imperial order, I might have even gifted you some true aura for you to reincarnate. But since you tried to deceive me with words and then seize the opportunity to escape with your elemental clone to stage a comeback next time, I did not hesitate to annihilate you!"

As long as such heavenly deities had a small amount of elemental clone left, there would be a chance for them to make a comeback.

For example, the Golden Court Dragon God also lost its dragon body in a tribulation, however, since many commoners believed in him and he received lots of offerings from them, he formed his golden body. The golden body was comparable to the dragon body and hence, it was a silver lining for him.

After Bai Guan's elemental clone dissipated, an imperial order was left behind. It was made of pure gold and had a slight green glow from within. The runes were even hundred times more profound and mysterious than that of Luo Zhu's.

At that moment, the imperial order turned into a beam of light and went to Fang Yuan's hands.


Fang Yuan kept it and pondered, "Since the past, the Water God position of such great rivers and great lakes had to be dragons. This was because dragons had the innate ability to control weather and were heavenly deities!"

"Thus, even if I gave the imperial order to Luo Zhu, with her cultivation and karma now, it might even harm her! Whereas, for me, it is suitable!"

He originally had some qualms about people dao's deities.

But now, he had a deeper understanding and his mindset had changed, especially towards the Qi Lake Water God's deity position, where it was formed from the natural order of the heavens and earth, which was very beneficial for a dream master's cultivation.

Furthermore, he was just at the horned dragon transformation. If things were to go awry, he could quickly escape.

"I will try being a Dragon God then!"

The golden green imperial order exploded and turned into an abundance of runes which seeped into Fang Yuan's body.


Suddenly, a mighty aura descended as the winds and rain got stronger.

Fang Yuan solemnly emerged from the divine light, he was shiny and ripples of water shrouded his entire body. It could be discerned that he was linked to the entire Qi Lake's spiritual energy.

Luo Zhu was astonished at such a scene.

Last time, as Bai Guan was a white snake, it was still possible for her to harness Lotus Pond's spiritual energy.

But now, as Fang Yuan was a horned dragon, he was a Dragon God, and hence, she could not possibly resist his power.

On the lake, lots of fishes appeared to pay respects and worship him.

"I, Lotus Pond Water God, Luo Zhu, pay my respects to Dragon God!"

Seeing the dignified Fang Yuan, Luo Zhu immediately composed herself and greeted him.

"I now grant you the title of Lotus Pond Water God. You are now my aide!" Fang Yuan announced placidly.

Luo Zhu paused for a moment and felt the uneasy imperial order in her body had calmed down at once. She was elated, "Thank you, Dragon God!"

As Bai Guan was a water snake, even when he became a heavenly deity, he could only be called a Water God.

However, as Fang Yuan was a dragon, he was immediately called a Dragon God. His status had rose immediately.

"Follow me to the Dragon Palace!"

Fang Yuan turned into a horned dragon and swam to the Dragon Palace.

"Great to meet you, Dragon God!"

The demons were afraid of those who were powerful.

When all the water dwellers saw Fang Yuan's divine light and his might as a true dragon, they immediately paid their respects to him.

"I will retreat for three years, any matters in Qi Lake would be handled by the tortoise guard and Luo Zhu. Unless as a last resort, do not disturb me!"

Inside the crystal-like Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan immediately designated a tortoise guard and passed down the command.

"Yes, Dragon God, I will obey your commands!"

None of the water dwellers dared to disobey him.

"Ok, all of you may leave now, I am sealing the Dragon Palace!"

Fang Yuan waved his arms coolly.

After Bai Guan obtained the imperial order, it took him ten plus years to forcefully cultivate it. As a Dragon God, Fang Yuan still required three years as Qi Lake was still considerably large.