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Chapter 312: Black Water Dragon

Chapter 312: Black Water Dragon

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An Dragon Prefecture.

This was a huge prefecture surrounding the An River. The magistrate was long influenced and at the sight of the arrival of a huge navy, he paid his respects and provided a campsite for the naval forces to occupy.

Outside the campsite, two persons emerged as ripples formed on the surface of the lake. It was Fang Yuan and the Golden Court Dragon God.

"What do you think about this, Dragon God?"

Fang Yuan had good eyesight and enquired as soon as he noticed the huge naval troops.

"It is fate from the heavens that we dragons do not associate ourselves with the demons. What can we do?"

Hearing him, the Golden Court Dragon God let out a bitter laugh.

In reality, although the An River Dragon God was powerful, both of them did not take him as a threat.

The unpredictable nature of the people dao was more dangerous.

"This must be the doings of Xuan Zhen Sect... the hidden dragon deserves this tribulation!"

Fang Yuan looked ahead and spoke calmly.

"Eh? Are you not afraid that we will get nothing out of it the moment the hidden dragon dies?"

The Golden Court Dragon God was confused. In terms of investment, this young god had invested more in Xu Ting than himself.

"This is just another battle. Even if we lose, we will at most lose some karma points. I can still return to Qi Lake and cultivate in seclusion... We are gods!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered. "Brother Dragon God, don't get yourself manipulated by the people dao's fate and become a pawn!"

Although he had set his sights on the dragon energy, he was ready to give it up and had the determination to do so!

Only with such a mindset would he be able to be unmoved and make sound judgements.


The Dragon God shook as he felt a chill down his spine. He quickly bowed towards Fang Yuan. "I've made a fool of myself. Thank you for your advice..."

With another laugh, he added. "Who would've known that fate energy would be so powerful! I've only gotten myself slightly involved in it and have almost become trapped in it..."

"To us, it is simply a matter if we notice the problem, that's all!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "As for the other weaker demons, as long as they get themselves involved, they would reach a point of no return. Look at Li Luan... Why, are you intending to help Xu Ting in this?"

"Forget it!"

The Golden Court Dragon God regained his composure. "You're right, he deserves this retribution!"

After all, he was once a demon and now, he was a god. Regardless, he was never a human!

As he came to his realisation and shook off the influence of fate energy, he could quickly regain his composure and calm self.

"Hmm, we have swum the entire river. Almost half of the An River is within the An River Dragon God's control. However, if we combine forces, the An River Dragon God will not be able to defend against us. The true enemy would be the Divine Demon Queen which you have previously mentioned..."

Fang Yuan took a quick glance around and laughed. "It has begun!"

Amidst the strong current, weird-looking heads popped out from the surface of the river. They were the various species of water dwellers and there were thousands of them.

There was silence everywhere as they made their way towards the big ships.

Of course, with the presence of two Dragon Gods, a small technique was all that was needed to shroud the spiritual sense of the weaker demons, making them unable to detect the Dragon Gods' presence.


Although they were in the campsite, guards were still required to look over the ships.

The river was choppy and the cabins on the ships were stuffy. Therefore, it was not an easy job and therefore, the guards were rotated based on their shifts and were rewarded with more food and wine. Of course, those on duty were not allowed to drink but they could keep it for consumption after they had completed their guard duties.

"Based on my combat prowess, who would dare to attack us in this area?"

A sailor walked on the deck and complained to his fellow sailor. "Why do we have to do this?"

"Old Xue, if you were smart enough, you would have been a Lieutenant long ago!"

Most of these sailors were pirates previously and had grudges. Even though they were ruled with fear by Xu Ting, they were secretly unhappy with the higher-ups.

"What are you doing? Go for your rounds!"

As they were laughing and joking around, an officer came out of his cabin with a stern look. "Whoever makes any more noise would be punished to scrub the decks tomorrow!"

"Hehe... Don't be angry, we won't dare to slack!"

The few sailors chuckled as they walked towards the edge of the deck.

"Sigh…... Although these sailors are courageous, it is still a headache to discipline them!"

Witnessing this scene, the officer let out a sigh.

The moonlight illuminated the deck, giving it a touching glow. Unknowingly, the officer took a few steps forward. "What a bright moonlight... The moon is the same everywhere. Sigh... I wonder how is Xing'er doing?"

As he was deep in his thoughts, from the corner of his eye, he could see a glitter.

'What's that?'

He was about to say something, but it was a pity he could not begin to speak.


A spear flew from mid-air and pierced through his chest. It had a reverse hook on its tip and with a tug, the young officer flipped overboard, causing a huge splash.

After a few moments, a deep red hue appeared, dyeing the river red.

"Lieutenant sir?"

The few sailors were in shock. They rushed to the railings and with a few ropes, they tied themselves securely and lowered themselves down.

Beneath them, many figures appeared. They were all in shock as they screamed. "Water ghosts! Water ghosts!"


Rows of crustacean army floated up and climbed onto the decks as they started a killing spree.

Outside the campsite, the river was pitch black. A huge wave appeared and a whirlwind formed, which was a miraculous sight resembling a dragon spitting out water.


"Kill all these humans!"

"The Dragon God has given an order! We cannot let a single one live, and we need to destroy their ships!"

A few crustacean generals smiled ferociously and as they stood before their army, the moonlight reflected off their shiny shells, revealing a mysterious shine.

"How dare you demons infiltrate my ships!"

The general on duty hollered. "Kill them all!"

With the wave of his hands, a few highly-skilled soldiers appeared. All of them appeared mighty and they were all clad in armour. They wielded Hundred Casted Longknives and with two swipes, a crustacean soldier was beheaded as his head rolled on the deck.

"Alright... Let's not fear them. They are merely beasts with weird appearances equipped with a layer of armour!"

The Naval Officer screamed. "Defend the ship with all your might... don't forget to send someone to inform General Xu Ting about it!"

"Dong! Dong!"

At this point in time, there was a mysterious tremor coming from beneath the deck.

"That's not good... Sir, they're taking the ship apart!"

Seeing this, the Assistant General's expression changed.

The Naval Officer had a similar expression as well.

They were already helpless against the crustacean army on the decks. If the ship was destroyed, what would happen if they were to fall into the river, where the enemy would have the geographical advantage?

"As the officer on duty, I must die with the ship!"

With a ferocious look, he plucked his sword out. "Kill! Kill all these freaks!"


"What's happening?"

The commotion at the pier was big enough that those on land were aware of what was happening.

After all, Xu Ting had fate energy. Even though the magistrate offered him a banquet, he was determined to rest within the campsite.

As soon as he fell asleep, he was abruptly woken up. After getting dressed, he saw 10 over daoist priest rushing over. Kong Luo was leading them.


Kong Luo greeted Xu Ting. "The An River Dragon God is frenzied! He has sent his crustacean army to attack ours!"

At this point in time, cries were heard from the ship and there were flames burning brilliantly on the deck.

As the warship was taken apart, it slowly sank. All of these happenings angered Xu Ting. "Daoist Qing Xuan! Kong Luo! What are the both of you doing? Get there and make the demons retreat!!!"

After all, he had risen through the ranks due to the navy. Since they did not fight back, Xu Ting was enraged.

"How is this possible?"

Qing Xuan could not believe his eyes as well. "Has the An River God gone crazy? All the soldiers from his crustacean army came from the past hundred years of training. Why would he deploy all of them here? Is he not worried that the demons in An River might stage a rebellion?"

The uprising of the people dao meant that such an attack would be detrimental to the demons.

At least, they would increase the chances and intensity of their tribulations in the future.

Strictly speaking, most of the water dwellers who attacked the ship were mostly injured and it was a huge price to pay.

However, this thought only lasted for a while before going away.

"Since the demons are undergoing tribulations, they must have come to an agreement. The water demons must have talked to the demons on land about this before the Dragon God would decide to take such a risky move!"

Daoist Qing Xuan broke into cold sweat and knew that they were in a very dangerous predicament.

Because of Xu Ting's stubbornness, they had disrespected the An River Dragon God and caused all the troubles that had just happened. He might just have to shoulder all the responsibilities for the day's happenings.

All the fighting had reached a climax as soon as they realised a tornado brewing outside the campsite. "Everything's over!"


Xu Ting was in a daze and did not move a single muscle. It was as though someone had removed his spine.

If the tornado were to enter the campsite, his efforts for the past three years would go down the drain.

"Indeed an evil dragon. Once angered, it would not care about the consequences to come!"

Outside the havoc, Fang Yuan and the Golden Court Dragon God witnessed the scene and heaved. "If the An River Dragon God were to accomplish what he had set out to do, it would be certain that the next tribulation would take his life!"

"Although the hidden dragon would be met with troubles, it should not encounter such a huge tribulation... After all, it is where the dragon energy is concentrated in the people dao..."

Seeing this scene, the Golden Court Dragon God felt that he should not allow Xu Ting's navy to be destroyed. "How about we help him out?"


Fang Yuan nodded his head and both of them took a step forward. They transformed into dragons and circled above the campsite.

"Roar! Roar!"

The Golden Court Dragon God only had the illusionary shape of a dragon, but had no physical body; On the other hand, Fang Yuan's dragon body had physical flesh. As they released their dragon's might, the reckless water dwellers shook in fear and became weaker. Those humans who were quicker took the opportunity to escape. Those who were slower merely became a bloodied mess.

"How dare the both of you stop me!"

Amidst the tornado, a black water dragon appeared. Swinging its claws about, it had a ferocious look and there was a red glow in its eyes.

"What an evil water dragon!"

Fang Yuan sighed as soon as he saw it.

Horned Dragons were merely young dragons with the body resembling a snake and a horn on its head.

Water Dragons, on the other hand, had horns and dragon claws as well.

Previously, Bai Guan attempted to transform into a dragon and had 2 dragon claws. However, this black water dragon was a Dragon God for many years and had already grown 4 dragon claws! It was only a step away from becoming a true dragon!