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Chapter 313: Slaying the Dragon

Chapter 313: Slaying the Dragon

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As the tornado ensued, the winds raged on. Suddenly, a flagstaff broke and the flag was blown up into the air.

In the epicentre of the tornado, a black water dragon was glaring at a horned dragon and a golden dragon on the opposite side.

"This is..."

"Thank you for your blessings, Dragon God!"

Beneath, the leftover sailors, regardless of their rank, were all kneeling down and worshipping the dragons.

"Where did these dragon gods come from?"

Xu Ting witnessed the scene before him, as he clenched his fists, tensed.

"It seems that one of them is the Golden Court Dragon God. I don't seem to recognise the other one, but he seems as powerful!"

Spiritual light spilt out of Kong Luo's eyes as he shook his head. "It is your fate that you have the protection from these two dragon gods!" He congratulated Xu Ting.

"It's too early to conclude! Go forth and assist the naval officers to slay the demons!"

Xu Ting laid out a few other commands. "Also... As for these two dragon gods, remember to give them offerings in the future to show our gratitude..."

He had to put up a show!

At this point in time, the destructive tornado was still out there!

After all, he had already completely forgotten about the Xuan Zhen Sect's involvement with demons.

"Yes Sir!"

10 over daoist acknowledged the order, arrived on the ship and executed their spiritual techniques.

"Spring Returning Spell!"

"Fire from the Heavenly Order, strike!"

"Watch out for my sword, you beast!"


With the continuous spiritual spells and sword radiance, Kong Luo leapt around with a lethal green-coloured sword essence around him. Although his strikes were powerful, there was no joy on his face.

He was clear that they were mere distractions; the only ones who would be able to influence the outcome of the battle were the dragon gods.

"The two of you... are traitors! You bring shame to us demons!"

The black water dragon roared. "I am the An River Water God! The spiritual energy of the An River, hear my command, gather!"

A mysterious glow appeared on the black water dragon's body as the winds started to pick up. A huge illusionary shadow of a river appeared behind him, blessing him with unparalleled power.

The advantage goes to whoever was on their home ground!

"Indeed a righteous god! What a pity... you're a tyrant!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and glanced at the Golden Court Dragon God. "Let's do it!"

"Listen to my command, the spiritual energy shall disperse!"

At that moment, two mysterious glows appeared on their backs as well, revealing the imagery of a vast lake. With a roar, the An River became affected and the spiritual energy quickly dispersed.

"It's the Qi Lake Dragon God and the Golden Court Lake Dragon God!"

These two lakes were neighbouring the An River and could affect it greatly. Therefore, as the two dragon gods of the lakes combined their forces, the spiritual energy of the An River was mostly dissipated!

The greatest power a god could ever have was stripped off him in an instant.

Furthermore, under the pressure from both lakes, the illusionary shadow of the An River started to shrink. Finally, it could no longer hold on under the pressure. A black fog appeared and in it the hue of blood and an inauspicious omen.

After the closer look, many restless souls were seen within the black fog. These restless souls came from the live offerings given to the An River as well as the humans being killed by this attack. All of them were dressed in white robes and had blood oozing out of their eyes.

As the An River Dragon God, he had to bear the responsibility if the gods under him were to partake in unethical acts like accepting live offerings.

The restless souls accumulated over all these years had amounted to a scarily huge number. Being released all at once and the fact that the An River Dragon God had to deal with the other two dragon gods as well, he was being cornered with nowhere to go.

"Karma will always come back at the right time!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan mumbled to himself as he gained a new level of understanding for the realm.

"If you follow the heavenly trend, things would be easier!"

The Golden Court Dragon God sighed and took a step forward. He stretched both his palms out. "Disperse!"


A strong gust of wind started to oppose the tornado, weakening it.

As the people on the ground witnessed the fight, they were all shocked and surprised. A huge calamity like this was so simply put out by the gods.

"Ahh... You two, remember what you've done!"

There were bloody flames burning on the black water dragon's body. As he roared in pain, he released a glow from his scales in an attempt to fight the flames as he tried to escape.

With such a golden opportunity, how would Fang Yuan let it go to waste? "Thunder Sword! Strike!"


Thunder roared in the skies and a bolt of lightning struck across. Immediately, it blocked the path of the escaping black water dragon. "Water and Fire are heartless, and the Thunder Sword shall act as the heavenly tribulation. 3 Talents Sword Array, rise!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

3 streaks of swords struck towards the skies from the ground. Icy, fiery and electrifying, they exploded in a split second.

"Young god... What an impressive move!"

Seeing this scene, the Golden Court Dragon God's eyelid started to twitch. If he was the one being trapped by the sword array, he had no confidence in escaping as well.

"Although this array is powerful, it is still not powerful enough to kill a dragon god!"

Fang Yuan appeared calm. "Golden Court Dragon God, please restrict it with your imperial order for me to deliver the final blow!"



In the next moment, the 3 Talents Sword Array exploded, revealing a heavily wounded and charred black water dragon.


The Golden Court Dragon God appeared solemn. With both his hands, he pressed downwards an immediately, a colourful imagery of believers giving their offerings appeared behind his back. In a split second, the imagery turned into a golden wheel.

This was the Golden Wheel of Offerings, and it had the power of tens of thousands of believers in it.

In terms of people dao, the black water dragon only had heaps of grievances compared to the Golden Wheel of Offerings.

As the Golden Wheel of Offerings slowly pressed downwards against the black water dragon, the black water dragon let out a shriek. The imperial order from within its body appeared; it was golden with a hue of green. On it, there was a spinning glow. As the runes shook, it felt as though something big was about to happen.

This was how easy it would be when going with the heavenly trend.


The horned dragon shook and took on the form of a human.

With a finger, Fang Yuan directed his 3 magical swords to combine into a single entity, forming a gigantic sword radiance.

In mid-air, it was as though a huge sword had appeared.

The huge sword had an icy body, but there were flames and streaks of electricity on its surface. It felt as though it was worthy of providing a heavenly tribulation.


Fang Yuan held the sword in his hands and sliced down at the black water dragon.


As a huge glow appeared, the heavens and the earth came together in an instant. Dark clouds formed above and a storm broke out.

As blood spewed everywhere, a water dragon's head rolled onto the floor and landed directly in front of Xu Ting with its eyes opened wide!

"With a single slice, the water dragon is killed!"

Kong Luo stared into blank space and his face was pale.

He realised that this dragon god's cultivation in sword skills was a thousand folds more than his! The dragon god was at a whole new level!

Xu Ting was more shocked than Kong Luo.

"Is that... The Black Dragon General?!"

Looking at his human form, he could recognise Fang Yuan's youthful look.

The only difference was that previously, he was in plainclothes but now, he was decked in a royal outfit and had a majestic look. After delivering the killer blow, he seemed even more powerful than before.

Everything that had just happened made him feel as though he was in a dream.

"Didn't Father mention that he was a black snake, a water god? How did he become a dragon god so quickly?"

Of course, the gigantic water dragon's severed head, the rain of blood and fight made him realise that everything was real, including Fang Yuan's power.

Without thinking, Xu Ting quickly paid his respects. "I am Xu Ting from the Golden Court Prefecture. Thank you dragon gods for your assistance!"

Golden Court Dragon God did not care about Xu Ting.

He was entirely focused on restraining the An River imperial order.

The An River Dragon God was as powerful as him. If not for Fang Yuan's assistance and the fact that they could make use of their geographical advantage, the Golden Court Dragon God had no chance of subduing the An River Dragon God.

The An River imperial order shimmered as though it was unwilling to be restrained. However, as soon as it detected the karma and traces of people dao from the Golden Court Dragon God, it slowly calmed down.

"Thank you, brother!"

With the imperial order, Golden Court Dragon God was elated as he gave his thanks to Fang Yuan.

Although the Golden Court Dragon God had no clue how long it would take for him to absorb this imperial order, he knew that if he could do it, his power would increase by folds.

It was no small matter to be able to increase his power by such a margin.

"This was our agreement, so you're most welcome!"

As he replied, his hands worked as he kept the corpse of the black water dragon.

Seeing this, the Golden Court Dragon God was stunned but did not comment.

Since he had already taken the imperial order for himself, he was in no position to comment if Fang Yuan were to take the corpse. Even if Fang Yuan wanted to loot the entire An River Dragon Palace, he would still allow for it.

"Both dragon gods!"

At this point in time, they finally took notice of the ants beneath them.

Kong Luo and a few other daoist were heard. "Our general is eternally grateful for your assistance. He would prepare a banquet and wants to invite both of you to join in!"

"Alright, let's take a look!"

Fang Yuan exchanged glances with the Golden Court Dragon God and both of them laughed.

Other than the An River Dragon God, there were no other gods worthy of posing a threat to them in the entire Da Chu. This called for a celebration.

In reality, the demons had miscalculated. If there was only a Golden Court Dragon God backing Xu Ting, the An River demons would still be able to kill Xu Ting.

They had no idea that Fang Yuan would get himself involved and destroy the black water dragon to turn the tables!

With a wrong move, the entire fight was lost.

At this point in time, even if the Divine Demon Queen were to leave her stronghold and come for the both of them, both dragon gods had nothing to fear.

It was a night of celebration.

On the second day, Xu Ting sent both dragon gods off and immediately called his subordinates together for a meeting.

"Reporting! Yesterday, we lost 20 ships, 2,000 Naval Officers and 1,000 other men... We have 17 officers of Lieutenant rank and above found dead!"

A Naval Officer stood out and reported the numbers.

They had incurred losses even before the war. However, considering that they did not lose their entire army, this outcome was still acceptable.

Xu Ting was pale. "The remaining arrangements shall be made by this provincial military commander. Also, I think that... We should build temples for the Qi Lake Dragon God and Golden Court Lake Dragon God in all prefectures!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Kong Luo took a step out and glanced at the few daoist from Xuan Zhen Sect.

"General, I am willing to fork out 1,000 taels of gold and 1,000 catties of ration to assist the army!"

Qing Xuan's face twitched and had no choice but to report.

"Mmm, I shall accept your generosity!"

Xu Ting replied in an official tone. That feeling of animosity shook Qing Xuan, and he could do nothing but let out a bitter smile.

He knew that considering all that his sect had done to fight the demons and gods in the past, it was now hard to salvage the situation.


After all the other subordinates were dismissed, Kong Luo was requested to stay behind.

The young general had a look of uncertainty on his face. "Secretly send some of our guys to the Golden Lake Prefecture... Fetch Lady Li Luan here!"

After all that had happened last night, Xu Ting had figured out that this woman represented a portion of fate energy of the demons. He had to accept and marry her.

"Yes, Sir!"

Kong Luo agreed, and his heart shook.

After many years of cultivation, he also knew about the heavenly trend.

The downfall of demons and uprising of humans had to be accepted.

Xu Ting had a weak foundation. It would be beneficial for him if he could absorb the fate energy of the demons.