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Chapter 320: The Escape

Chapter 320: The Escape

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The 2,000 elite soldiers troop went straight for his tent with the aid of the raging tempest.

If Fang Yuan was here, he would surely comment. "This is like the Battle of Okehazama in Japan!"

In the period of war in Japan, the Tokaidos' warrior Imagawa Yoshimoto led 45,000 soldiers to invade the Owari Province. The leader of Owari Province, Oda Nobunaga, only had 4,000 troops and was dealing with internal conflicts when the invasion began.

At that time, Oda Nobunaga led his elite forces to the Battle of Okehazama and with the help of a storm, they managed to take Imagawa Yoshimoto's head amidst the chaos. From then on, the ruler of Tokaido, Imagawa Yoshimoto, disappeared from the face of the earth, giving Oda Nobunaga his reputation!

In all of these, the most important event was taking the enemy leader's head!

Comparing with history, they had similar elite troops, similar aid from nature and similarly, everything laid on Xu Ting.

In the Battle of Okehazama, if Imagawa Yoshimoto did not die, then Oda Nobunaga would have worsened the situation.

It was the same now!

If Xu Ting could survive this counterattack, disregarding Wu Country's reserved army, he could simply make use of his 10,000-strong army here to wipe out Baili Xuandu and company!

"Emperor, quickly leave!"

His personal guard, Xu Jian, shouted with haste. "I'll block them!"

The remaining few guards ran out. However, in a short while, their cries could be heard. After a few slices, their body parts flew everywhere.

Witnessing what just happened, Xu Ting was at a loss.

Xu Jian was part of the Xu Family. He was always loyal and would willingly sacrifice himself to protect Xu Ting over the years. He had survived many wars and he thought that he would be enjoying his life after this final war. No one knew that he would die here.


Seeing that the Emperor of Wu was here, all the cavalry units were dumbfounded. Baili Xuandu led his soldiers to break through the defence and surrounded the tent. "Xu Ting... It's been a long time!"

"You're right... It's been a long time!"

Seeing his ministers and servants getting killed one by one, Xu Ting finally snapped out of his trance. "Who would've thought... that you would be the one to kill me!"

Even Emperors were still human and vulnerable!

Even though he might have 10,000 soldiers outside, they would not be able to save him in time!

Xu Ting looked around. He then saw Kong Luo getting up to his feet and killing a few daoists from Xuan Zhen Sect. Although He sort of understood Kong Luo's actions, he was in no position to say anything.

He could only sigh. "Who would've known that I, Xu Ting, would die here!!"

As he saw the armoured guards walking towards him, he broke into laughter. "I am the Emperor! How could I die under your hands, you useless people!"

In that instant, he plucked out his Purple Suo Sword and sliced his neck!"


Blood spurted out from his neck as he fell to the ground. His body twitched a little and finally, he was put to an eternal rest.


As a purple streak of lightning flashed across, thunder crackled in the skies and a storm started to brew...


Qi Lake.

Amidst the thunder, a dragon's roar could be heard coming from the North. Streaks of green and purple formed the shape of a dragon which rushed towards the 4 Emblems Spirit Locking Array.

"Is this... dragon energy?"

As the Divine Predictor Elder screamed, the Demon Suppressing Pagoda shook and started to crumble.

A few old daoists started to spit out mouthfuls of blood. Looking at the Qi Lake Dragon God within, they were shocked.

'Who could know... the retribution would be so intense to the point that Xu Ting has died?'

Fang Yuan caught wind of the news too and was shocked. "Ah, there's intervention from demons!"

If demons did not intervene, Xu Ting would at most suffer a defeat and could likely preserve his life. However, now that the demons did interfere, there was no way he could live!

"To me, this is disadvantageous!"

Fang Yuan let out a bitter laugh.

He could still deal with it using his heavenly karma if he only weakened Xu Ting's fate energy.

However, although unintentional, he had led to the destruction of the people dao's dragon energy. Even if he used up all his karma, he would not be able to redeem himself.

"This evil demon... what did you do?"

Seeing the dragon energy circling Fang Yuan as streaks of lightning ripped across the sky, the head of Xuan Zhen Sect started to shiver in fear and almost spat out blood.

"This is not good... The dragon energy of Emperor Wu is destroyed. Although we are not the ones who caused it, we are still linked to it. The fate energy of our sect will be affected as well, and we might need to undergo a tribulation!"

As he attempted to predict the future, Divine Predictor Elder spat out a mouthful of black blood.

The head of Xuan Zhen Sect started to feel dizzy.

He had just gone all out to use the treasures of his sect to subdue Fang Yuan, but now, everything had gone to waste! And, in fact, they had to undergo a tribulation!

Did all of these happen just because they wanted to pressurize this dragon god? Everything felt unreal.

At this point in time, there were changes happening to Fang Yuan's body.

"This concentrated dragon energy is extremely pure... Regardless, after reaping the dragon energy from Xu Ting, I'd have gotten more than I can ask for..."

Fang Yuan's thoughts wandered as he thought of other things.

"Now, I can either try to spend all that I have gained to reduce my sins and I might even escape alive from the heavenly tribulation, but what for?"

He broke into laughter as he transformed into his horned dragon form. As he opened his mouth, he swallowed the purple-coloured dragon energy.

This dragon energy was the result of condensing fate energy of the people dao. However, in reality, it was a form of energy in the realm.

With the assistance of the dragon energy, his horned dragon body started to expand with unsightly bulges appearing on his body. With an explosion, 4 dragon claws with 3 talons each appeared!

A horned dragon was the younger version of a dragon with no claws and a single horn on its head.

However, now that 4 claws had emerged, Fang Yuan had successfully transformed from a horned dragon to a water dragon!

The 8th Transformation of the 9 Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula! The Water Dragon Transformation!

"Why should I be afraid to stack up my sins in this realm? I shall reap a whole lot before leaving and end everything!"

The water dragon was green with hints of gold. As it roared, it flew up into the sky and came before the head of Xuan Zhen Sect. Swiping its claws, it shouted. "Die!"

This was a real dragon's claw. With the power of the dragon energy, he could overpower all kinds of power. This was in addition to his original powers.

No matter how powerful the head of Xuan Zhen Sevt was, he could only place all his faith in the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

The small black pagoda on his head started to move and released a glow of protection around it. As the dragon roared, the protection shattered like glass breaking.


Without reservation, the dragon claw swiped at the forehead of the head of Xuan Zhen Sect. The huge power of the dragon struck at that single moment, destroying the soul of the sect head!

"Sect Head?"

Two elders rushed forward. With the flick of his dragon claws, the sword essence of the Water Sword and Fire Sword appeared, transforming them into a block of ice and a pillar of fire.

"Where do you think you're going?"

There were sparks of electricity around his body as he came before the Divine Predictor Elder.

"Evil demon!"

The Divine Predictor Elder shouted. "I will perish with you!"

With a flash appearing on his hand, he had created a few magical talismans which were shimmering as though they were about to explode.


Fang Yuan was quicker than him. With the Thunder Sword flying out, a single lunge through his forehead was all it took to end it all.

"After attaining the Water Dragon Transformation and with my 8 Gates Sword Array, I only have a few worthy threats in this realm and can be considered a divine demon!"

After his killing spree, Fang Yuan started to become worried as he looked at his own stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Water Dragon

Essence: 42

Spirit: 42

Magic: 50

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [9 Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula (8th Transformation)], [Weather Controlling Technique (Grade 2)], [Natural Magical Strength (Grade 4)], [8 Gates Sword Array (4th Sword) (1%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

Amidst the destruction, the vibes of a tribulation were felt as it filled the air. "Looking at all the sins I have committed, it seems like I won't be able to redeem myself even after killing the sect head! I'm afraid I have to escape!"

Of course, Xuan Zhen Sect's involvement in Xu Ting's death was minimal and yet, they had suffered such a destructive ending. Fang Yuan, the cause of everything, would surely experience something more intense.

As he was killing the daoists, many huge scales appeared, covering the sky. Although the tribulation was imminent, it could not strike at this moment.

Fang Yuan's hair stood on its ends.

After committing such a sin and not using his karma to redeem himself, he would surely experience a tribulation.

Dark clouds started to gather in the skies. This was due to the fact that he had just attained a breakthrough in his transformation and it was the heavens merely responding to it to destroy his spirit.

"Of course... I am stronger than the Xuan Zhen Sect. They cannot run and escape, but I can!"

He had planned to retrieve the dragon energy back to reap the rewards for it. As for the outcome? He had long planned for it.

As thunder crackled in the skies above him, he laughed and drew a circle with his hands. Not long after, a tunnel seemed to have appeared.

"If I leave now, it would be such a waste to let my dragon's body be destroyed!"

The Yin Spirit of the water dragon appeared as he snapped his fingers.

A streak of fire landed on the body of the water dragon and flames broke out. A golden-green imperial order and a water dragon pearl appeared. This was the essence of a water dragon.

"I cannot remove other imperial orders and other dragon pearls from this world... However, these two objects are strongly related to me... I can attempt to bring them with me!"

As the space in mid-air started to distort, an invisible tunnel appeared.

Thinking about it, Fang Yuan placed his people dao karma atop the imperial order and the water dragon pearl, forming a golden portal.

The water dragon pearl was translucent and it was as though there was a small golden-green dragon within it. It was awe-inspiring and with a single touch, it quickly flew into the portal.


As the earth trembled, a streak of purple lightning struck down!

"The heavens are enraged!"

The dragon pearl could smoothly enter the portal, but the imperial order was met with resistance.

After all, it was created by this realm and therefore, it could not simply leave the realm.

"That's alright!"

Fang Yuan's Yin Spirit stretched out his hands and grabbed the imperial order. With a swing, it flew into the sky.


A golden-green screen appeared as it deflected the lightning strikes from the skies.


As the streak of lightning struck on the screen, there was only a small crack; the whole screen was still intact.

"This is indeed the power of an imperial order! It seems like it can withstand 2 to 3 more strikes!"

With a sigh, Fang Yuan hesitated no more as he stepped into the golden portal.


With a glow, the golden portal disappeared.


In the next moment, streaks of lightning rained down, destroying the screen created by the imperial order effortlessly.

Furthermore, there was a mysterious vibration spreading across the realm and towards the direction which Fang Yuan had left.


Da Qian Empire.

Within a cave in the Changli Mountain Hollow.


Shattered rocks started to fly about. Fang Yuan looked up into the sky and squinted his eyes.

"Indeed... the seal has yet to be broken. I've guessed correctly!"

He had been very fortunate in his journey in the Water Realm. He had reaped a lot from the realm even when encountering a tribulation.

Of course, the most important was the fact that after spending 10 over years in the Water Realm, only a few days passed in Da Qian Empire. He could still make it!

"They want to sacrifice us and explore the Changli Mountain Hollow for themselves!"

Fang Yuan snickered. "I'll make sure you fail!"

His expression changed as he felt dizziness in his Yin Spirit. "I did not expect such a backlash from the Water Realm... Indeed, by reaping all these energies from these realms, I would either make it or break it!"