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Chapter 321: The Beginning

Chapter 321: The Beginning

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There was a thick layer of fog surrounding the dense vegetation.

Although it was a hollow, it was no different from the outside world.

Seeing the environment around him, Fang Yuan was a little stunned. He went on to pluck a few wild mushrooms, lighted a bonfire and started to roast them. The mushrooms gave off a mouth-watering fragrance.

As he ate the mushrooms, he entered his actualised dream world.

The 8 Gates Sword Array was standing tall and protecting the actualised dream world. 3 swords were already formed, and the 3 swords were arranged in the 3 Talents Sword Array. The actualised dream world had grown in size once more.

Of course, all of these were expected. What had pleased him the most was the green radiance in the middle of the 8 Gates Sword Array, as well as the water dragon pearl.

"This green radiance is the energy of the realm. It is the accumulated heavenly karma which I had obtained from the Water Realm... And the water dragon pearl contains all the dragon essence within it... Most importantly, my previous water dragon body had already fully absorbed the previous dragon pearl which I had stolen from the old Qi Lake Water God. This water dragon pearl is concentrated with dragon properties, so much so that it might even be considered a legitimate dragon pearl!"

Looking at the sealed green radiance in the center, Fang Yuan was extremely satisfied. "With this, I am only a step away from forming the Modest Wind Sword and achieving the 4th Tier of Illusionary Divine!"

This risk of being destroyed by the heavenly tribulation and the hasty progress which he made in the Water Realm had paid off!

"What a pity... If all of that did not happen, I could slowly plan and might reap even more benefits if I were to become successful in supporting a true dragon to rule the world..."

With this thought, Fang Yuan became slightly depressed.

As he waved his sleeves, the green radiance started to dissipate as the 8 Gates Sword Array started to absorb its energy. Immediately, a green and long sword started to form.

In his stats window, the progress of his 4th Sword started to increase! From 2%, it jumped to 10%! Then to 20%! To 50%! And finally, to 99%!

As soon as he reached this point, he quickly stopped.

It was not because he had not enough energy from the green radiance. He knew that if he were to achieve the breakthrough, he would attain the 4th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage and awaken the spiritual property of the magical soldiers. If that happened, the mysterious dream elemental force in his body might act up against him, which was something unfavourable to him.

Furthermore, if he were to progress so quickly, he would arouse suspicion. It was better to lay low.


With a single thought, the four types of forces, namely Wind, Thunder, Water and Fire came together... In that instant, the green radiance was once again sealed in the centre of the 8 Gates Sword Array.

"It might be a good idea to remain at this cultivation level and having the freedom to achieve the breakthrough anytime!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head in satisfaction and took a quick glance at this stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 42

Spirit: 42

Magic: 59

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (3rd Tier), Wu Zong (4th Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 5) (1%)], [Hundred Poison Golden Body (1st Refining)], [8 Gates Sword Array (4th Sword) (99%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"Since the stats window can retain my original cultivation level, my current Essence and Spirit have matched up to the level which I had attained while I was a water dragon. The increment in Magic, on the other hand, is due to the progress in forming the 4th Sword..."

"With such stats, I am already at the peak of the 3rd Tier of Illusionary Divine! Even Feng Xinzi is only at this stage... Furthermore, this is the highest cultivation I can attain in which the hollows would still grant me entry!"

In the cave, Fang Yuan ate his roasted mushrooms as he felt a little bored. "Am I just... waiting for things to happen?"

Looking at his stats window, he was lost in his thought. "Hmm... I might be able to make use of this time to train my martial arts!"

As long as his progress bar was there, he could continually train up to improve his martial arts cultivation level. Therefore, he could make full use of his time while waiting.


Time was like flowing water. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

In the forest, Fang Yuan regulated his breathing while meditating. With every breath, the 4 spiritual meridians on his back would glow and become more and more defined. Additionally, another meridian was vaguely visible and appeared illusionary.

"Even in martial arts, I would experience a slower progress the higher my cultivation becomes!"

After a long while, Fang Yuan concluded his training. Seeing the small increment in his experience bar, he let out a sigh.

However, after seeing Venerable Longhu and understanding the power of a True Divine, he would not give up on training his martial arts.

"Dream masters would focus on their Essence and Magic while training, while martial artists would strengthen their bodies. Both would focus on different aspects, and in training both, these two vastly different aspects would complement each other!"

Fang Yuan had vaguely figured out the path for his cultivation.

"Whooo! Whoo!"

At this point in time, he could detect that the fog around him was moving. It was thinning out.

"Is the strength of the seal weakening?"

Seeing this, a solemn look appeared on Fang Yuan's face. "The Changli Mountain Hollow is about to become activated!"

On Tianmu Mountain, within a cave.

"The time has finally arrived!"

Elder Smelter, Old Mother of Tianmu and Old Xue were gathering around a sandbox with excited looks on their faces.

In the middle of the sandbox, there was a screen revealing a miniature version of the hollow.

"Let's begin to remove the seal!"

Seeing this, Old Mother of Tianmu quickly gave her instructions. "With the dream masters inside as blood sacrifice and our attack from the outside world, we can surely find a weakness of this seemingly-perfect defensive seal."

"Of course, we must be alert at the moment of the hollow opening, for the Hidden Dragon Guards might attack at that moment!"

Although Old Mother of Tianmu was standing still, the surrounding space around her seemed to have opened up, allowing rays of light to flood in.

"Don't worry! The highly skilled dream masters of our Divine Lotus Cult and Evil Divine Sect are already in the Jade Capital to keep the fighting force of Da Qian under control!"

A gentle voice was heard. At the same time, two strong forces were suddenly felt in the sandbox.

With such an interference, the fog within the screen started to disperse, revealing the rugged surface of the mountainous range.


"The seal is open!"

Fang Yuan climbed up a branch of a dried tree and mumbled to himself as he stared at the retreating fog.

At this moment, from the corner of his eye, he could see a few streaks of light as he silently cursed. He knew that the Old Mother of Tianmu had her ulterior motive for planting him so close to the other dream masters.


At this moment, the ground shook. The edge of the forest became visible to the naked eye, and an even larger piece of area appeared before him.

At the same time, Old Mother of Tianmu's spiritual will could be heard rumbling. "Through this test, we can only allow 11 survivors. The remaining would become a sacrifice to the forest!"

"It's time!"

Hearing her, Fang Yuan's was stunned for a moment.

He knew that he had been tricked my Elder Smelter with a simple mission being tasked to him.

Elder Smelter had evil intentions indeed!

With this thought, Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.


As soon as the fog dispersed, two dream masters started to approach him. It was a man and a woman. The man was handsome and had distinct facial features. The woman was elegant and seemed like a deity from the heavens.

They approached him with friendly smiles as though they did not hear the announcement from Old Mother of Tianmu. "Where are you from? This place is dangerous! To survive, we have to stick together and work together!"

In response, Fang Yuan smiled and shook his head. "Even if I want to form an alliance, I wouldn't pick the two of you to be part of my alliance... After all, I don't deserve to be friends with dream masters from the Evil Divine Sect and the Divine Lotus Cult!"

"Sister Qing, we have been seen through!"

The young dream master snickered and shrugged his shoulders. In an instant, he had transformed into a person who gave off cunning vibes.

"Our combined Evil Lotus Divine Technique did not affect him a single bit! He must be at the peak of the 3rd Tier of Illusionary Divine, with plentiful Magic proficiency points!"

Interestingly, Sister Qing's expression changed. She took a bow. "I am Qing Meng. This is Ouyang Shu. May we know who you are... Wait a minute, you're Fang Yuan from the Realm Alliance!"

It was as though she had recalled something. "This is impossible... How did you achieve such progress in such a short time?"

"It seems like I'm famous to the point that you can recognise me!"

Fang Yuan touched his own face as he mulled. "Mmm... You recognise me? No worries, this is normal. Are you a reserved Divine Lady of the Divine Lotus Cult? Did Liu Mengmei come as well?"

In reality, Fang Yuan had already made a guess.

Those that were sent here were either hopeless dream masters who would take the risk or had weak backings.

Even if Qing Meng were to be a reserved Divine Lady, she was most likely an insignificant one who had come forth to try her luck.

"Fang Yuan from the Realm Alliance?"

Ouyang Shu was startled as though he had recalled something as well.

"Well well... who would've guessed that the first two people that I would encounter would be dream masters from the two evil sects!"

Fang Yuan remained calm. "Initially, I had my reservations in killing people. However, I don't think I would hold back against the both of you!"

"Hmph! Watch your words!"

Ouyang Shu's face was flushed with fury. "Sister Qing, let's take him down together! After all, he is alone and is a low-tiered Illusionary Divine dream master like us. What can he possibly do?"

"You're an idiot!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan sighed.

In the next moment, he rushed towards them like the wind. With an electric spark appearing in his palm, a Sundering Thunder Sword appeared.

The presence of the wind represented an extreme speed. Although the Modest Wind Sword was not completely formed, it was already powerful enough to stir wind.

Furthermore, thunder could counter most techniques and was the preferred choice against evil!


Before he could react, there was already a wound in Ouyang Shu's chest. Slowly, he collapsed to the ground.

In a single move, this 2nd Tier Illusionary Divine dream master was defeated!

'Although he is not an elite dream master from the Evil Divine Sect, I can still make use of him to roughly gauge my abilities!'

Fang Yuan pressed the Thunder Sword on Ouyang Shu's neck as he started to think to himself. "Based on my current cultivation level, I am already more powerful than Feng Xinzi. Furthermore, any 3rd Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters would also not be my match. Of course, if Feng Xinzi were to achieve a breakthrough to the 4th Tier, then everything would be different..."

The 4th Tier and 7th Tier of Illusionary Divine were extremely difficult tiers to break through. It was akin to the fish leaping over the dragon's gate.


Ouyang Shu was not yet dead. However, as soon as he started mumbling, the tendons in his limbs were already severed.

"Don't you dare harbour any evil intentions before me!"

Fang Yuan warned him sternly and moved his attention to Qing Meng.

This woman had attempted to influence him with her evil techniques. However, even though Fang Yuan's actualised dream world had expanded and the 8 Gates Sword Array was rumbling, he silenced it.

"Do you know someone... called Tian Xiezi?"

As he questioned Ouyang Shu, he was stepping on him.

Dream masters had many techniques to seal or mix up their own memories. Therefore, it was better to directly question him.

"That person is my senior... this is all I know about him!"

Since dream masters were capable of telling if someone was telling the truth, Ouyang Shu had no choice but to spill out what he knew. After all, he was in a dire circumstance.

"Since this is so, then you are useless!"

Fang Yuan quickly made sure that what he said was the truth before thrusting his sword downwards, ending this young man's life.

Since he was useless, what was the point of keeping him alive?