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Chapter 323: Horned Wing Tribe

Chapter 323: Horned Wing Tribe

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"My conditions are simple. Don't worry, I am not asking you to sell your body to me. Just take it that both of you owe me a favour. If the both of you can survive and leave this place, then think about repaying the favour!"

Fang Yuan gave it some thought before revealing his condition.

No matter how forlorn the two sisters were, they would surely have a better treatment in the Realm Alliance compared to Fang Yuan.

"This of course..."

Ye Shuhua was elated. However, she started to look at Fang Yuan with suspicion in her eyes. "Are you sure you don't need..."

She did not believe that there were people who would not be wavered by seduction.

'No! He might be thinking of having us both! I need to protect sister. She is too naive and might be tricked by others... Sigh... It's a pity that our family is weak. Otherwise, we wouldn't have ended up here. However, this person seems to have a friendly disposition. He might just be telling the truth...'

Fang Yuan had no idea that Yu Shuhua was thinking about all these. With a gentle smile, he continued. "Since it is required in the alliance's agreement, I will temporarily offer protection to the both of you!"

"However, let's set things straight. If we were to meet with troubles which I cannot defend against, then every man would be for themselves!"

"This of course!"

Ye Shuhua nodded her head. "If this is really the case, then we shall just resign to fate!"

The 3 of them came to an agreement. However, in the eyes of the other dream masters, Fang Yuan was merely a person full of lust. 'Fang Yuan is indeed greedy... to take both sisters at the same time!'


Ye Shumin could feel that many pairs of eyes were glaring at them. In embarrassment, she looked down and blushed. On the other hand, Ye Shuhua bravely exchanged glares with the other dream masters like a rebellious kid.

"This is... Hey, keep a low profile and don't get us more enemies!"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. "Also, tell me everything about the Realm Alliance!"


As soon as Fang Yuan mentioned about the alliance, there was a look of sorrow on Ye Shuhua's face. However, she did not dare to conceal anything. "The Ye Family is a longstanding family in the Realm Alliance and had joined since the commencement of the alliance. Furthermore, we once had a 6th Tier Illusionary Divine stage dream master. Unfortunately, he had passed on from a failure in attempting to break through to the 7th Tier. From then on, it was a downfall of the Ye Family... Our father had the cultivation level of a 4th Tier Illusionary Divine stage and was our protection. However, he had also passed on 3 years ago..."

Fang Yuan listened to them and remained silent.

This was in fact what was happening to many families made up of dream masters.

Although the lifespan of a dream master was extremely long, there were many natural disasters as well. No one could be assured of a smooth-sailing life.

Considering how hard it would be to become a dream master, if a family were to not have any descendants capable of becoming dream masters, they would surely experience a downfall. From then on, they would become commoners and would have a minute chance to rise once again.

"The Ye Family of the Realm Alliance?"

Fang Yuan sighed for a moment. "I've heard of this name before. It seems like they have a rich history..."

Although this family might seem to be at its lowest point, their connections with others still remain. If he could use them to pull strings, he might be able to get help in settling down in Da Qian.

Of course, the easiest way to integrate with the family is to marry the sisters.

However, he was a righteous man. Why would he resort to such a thing? Furthermore, after all these, all he would gain would be the acceptance into the Realm Alliance as one of their own.

Judging by the sisters' temperament, he could easily guess that something like that must have happened before. In fact, it did not end up well. Otherwise, these two sisters would not have ended up in the hollow.

"In fact, dream masters are rather liberal about this. I don't think Shuhua is a woman of chastity. In fact, she might have ended up here because someone else tried to have both her body and her fortune and therefore ended up in a conflict?"

Ye Shuhua followed behind Fang Yuan. She had no idea what Fang Yuan was thinking about. Otherwise, she might be infuriated to the point where she might kill Fang Yuan.

Now, she was only focusing on executing her duties properly. Suddenly, she spoke with a gentle voice. "My lord, please be careful. All these survivors are rather skilled to be able to survive until now. The one you should pay attention to is Sun Jue from the Source Seeking Sect. He is naturally gifted and has already reached the 3rd Tier of Illusionary Divine at a young age of 23! In fact, he was not forced to join this death trial, but instead, he volunteered himself!"

"Other than him, there is also Yi Xie from the Evil Divine Sect. He is 59 this year and is the cruelest among all. As for dream masters without an organisation, there is one called Liu Ru. She is a lady but her Magical Binding Technique is shockingly powerful!"


Fang Yuan nodded his head and glanced towards the direction of Sun Jue.

If what Ye Shuhua had said was true, then Sun Jue must really be talented, or at least stronger than him if he did not have the ability to use the stats window.

'Of course, this person might have a strong backing. His background might be as interesting as mine. Otherwise, it is really hard to explain how he would have such a progress.'

On the other hand, Yi Xie was a handsome middle-aged man with white hair. There was an evil vibe coming from him, which made Fang Yuan subconsciously take more notice of him.

However, as soon as Fang Yuan looked over, Yi Xie could detect it and respond by looking over as well, with a mysterious glare in his eyes.

"Haha... why not come over and have a conversation?"

Yi Xie started to burst out laughing. "I don't think any of us should set our sights on the treasures in the centre of the hollow. However, there must be some treasures in this palace. Why not work together and split the treasures afterwards?"

"Brother Yi of the Evil Divine Sect, I agree with your words!"

Among the lone cultivators, Liu Ru was clad in green robes. With a willow branch in her hands, she nodded her head in agreement.

Although she might appear weak, she must have the ability to be able to survive to this stage. The situation was at a tensed balance, and any slight commotion would surely result in a chaotic massacre.

"That's right!"

Although there was a huge reward in the centre of the hollow, most other dream masters agreed with Yi Xie. However, everyone looked at each other with much suspicion, as though everyone was thieves.

"If all of us have a common consensus, then why are we wasting time?"

Sun Jue took a step forward. "Those hiding inside, listen up. I'll advise you to obediently open up the palace and give up your treasures, and we will spare your lives. Otherwise... we might just wipe out all of you!"

"The demons from the outside world!"

In mid-air above the palace, a silhouette of a human appeared. He had the appearance of a person from Da Qian, but he had a small horn on his forehead and a pair of green wings. "This is the territory of the Horned Wing Tribe. Please retreat!"

As he flapped his wings, strong gusts of wind started to pick up. He had an extremely strong spiritual will and seemed comparable to an Elemental Opening spiritual knight.

"What's this..."

Fang Yuan was stunned as he looked up.

He had once seen a dream person created by a dream master. However, such races of dream people were extremely rare.

"Brother Fang, are you shocked? Among the dream people, although most of them have the appearance of a human, some Prominent Divine dream masters would interestingly create a different type of human, for instance, crossing beasts with humans..."

Ye Shuhua started to explain.

Although her family was down and out, her knowledge and experience were still with her.


Seeing this, Fang Yuan stroked his chin. "We might even see other species of humans in this hollow!"

No one really paid any attention to the warning of this Horned Wing Tribe member.

In the cruel world, it was the survival of the fittest. Who would care about ethics?

Even though these dream masters might look like animals fighting each other, it would be the same situation, or even worse, if the 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters were to be in their place.

"You don't seem like you want to accept our gracious offer!"

Sun Jue laughed. Without waiting for Fang Yuan and the rest, he struck first. "Die!"

An invisible wave spread from Sun Jue. The Horned Wing Tribe member was stunned in mid-air. As his eyes turned pale, he started to fall to the ground and infuriated those within the palace.

"How dare you harm our tribe member! We shall kill you!"

"Quickly activate the array!"

"Let's fight these crazy demons with our lives!


In the palace, many silhouettes started to fly around. The males were handsome while the females were beautiful. Some of them even have mysterious tattoos on their face which gave off a spiritual light. Even Fang Yuan had to admit that there was an alluring vibe coming from the people of this tribe.

"Horned Spiritual Hall, activate!"

At this point in time, many Horned Wing Tribe members were exclaiming as they flooded the palace. Harnessing the power of the array, they collectively formed a gigantic white horn and charged towards Sun Jue.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

As soon as the white horn was formed, a huge restrictive force was felt. Fang Yuan and the other dream masters suddenly felt as though the air around them had transformed into a thick paste of glue and their movements were restricted.

Sun Jue had the same feeling as well.

Against an array created by a race created by a Prominent Divine dream master, the only thing Sun Jue could do was to roar and equip himself with a dark-scaled armour. Transforming into a human beast, he struck his claws forward.


After a huge explosion, the white horn crumbled and became sparkles. Sun Jue remained where he was. Although there was black blood flowing from a huge wound on his chest, he continued to laugh. "Although the palace itself is a huge magical equipment, the people in it are useless! This is its maximum power! If all of you don't strike now, when will you strike?"

Since he had already initiated the fight, 10 over dream masters started to join in without hesitation. They started to gather elemental energy from the heavens and earth, creating a colourful glow which struck the palace.

Even though most of the dream masters were holding back and not using their powers to its fullest potential, the combined force was still shockingly powerful.

With continuous streaks of fire and lightning striking the palace, it was as though the palace was about to face its destruction.


At this moment, the runes inscribed all around the palace started to glow once more, forming a thick layer of ice as a defensive wall.

"Is this a... dream beast master?"

Fang Yuan casually released two streaks of Fire Sword. Looking at the crazed Sun Jue, his eyes widened. "Indeed... those from the Source Seeking Sect are all crazy!"

In the cultivation of a dream beast master, they would undergo many transformations in the initial stages. In the first 3 Tiers of the Illusionary Divine stage, they would be able to transform into different beasts and would experience an increase in their powers. At the 4th Tier, they would be able to transform into a magical beast!

Of course, the most feared stage of their cultivation was still at the 7th Tier. If they were to achieve the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage, they would be able to call upon a thousand animals as troops, and fighting against 10,000 soldiers would be a piece of cake.


10 streaks of light landed on the icy defensive wall, shattering it.

After another huge explosion, cracks started to appear on the walls of the palace. The array started to become inactive. As soon as it became completely inactive, there were exclamations of shock.

With a roar, Sun Jue continued attacking in the form of a black scaled beast. He leapt onto the roof of the palace like a meteorite, smashing a hole. With that, his killing spree commenced.

The other dream masters started to enter the palace as streaks of light with bloodshot eyes. Other than looking for treasures in the palace, they were also looking for opportunities to kill each other.

As flames broke out in the palace, the troubled Horned Wing Tribe members started to wail in despair.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan remained silent and refused to take any action.