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Chapter 324: Retaliate

Chapter 324: Retaliate

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"Lord, are you not going?"

Yu Shuhua's eyes glistened. "Don't let them have all the treasures!"


Yu Shumin tugged at her sleeves, revealing an unpleasant look.

She was young and had matured under the protection of her sister. Therefore, she was still rather naive.

Thoughts ran through Fang Yuan's mind as he revealed a smile. "I'm not greedy. However, I feel that something is not right!"

"Is something wrong?"

Ye Shuhua blinked her eyes.

"That's right... In the world, there are the heavens and fate... Similarly, in the hollow, there should be a higher being's spirit. If that is so, then the Horned Wing Tribe would be the natives and we would be the demons from the outside world!"

Fang Yuan smiled as he recalled his experience in the Water Realm.

"As the invasive species, never mind if we are pillaging off their resources. If we become cocky and go on a killing spree, we would attract too much attention! That's it... You could argue that we are Illusionary Divine dream masters with unparalleled abilities and strong backings from the outside world. However, now that the seal over the hollow is still intact, the stronger dream masters cannot yet enter the hollow, but instead, we are already inside! Notwithstanding the fact that there might be a higher being here, do you not think that there might be other highly-skilled people in this hollow, which has an area as large as 2 regions in Da Qian?"

As soon as he spoke, Ye Shuhua broke out in cold sweat. "Then what about them..."

"They either think that their backing is strong enough, or they are just letting off steam. Their actions might even be part of their own grand scheme of things... Of course, if we don't join them now, we might have to face their combined powers afterward!"

Fang Yuan snickered.

"Then what should we do?"

Ye Shuhua was frantic. She could neither hold up against being a sacrifice for the hollow or go against the other dream masters if they were to combine forces.

"What else can we do? Let's just leave!"

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and looked beyond the horizon. "It might be too late even if we were to set off now!"

"Eh? Why is that..."

Ye Shuhua glanced at the horizon. A few black dots started to appear and were rushing towards them. They were all members of the Horned Wing Tribe. However, they had 2 pairs of wings on their backs. As they collectively flapped their wings, an intense gust of wind started to form and an invisible wave of energy started to spread outwards.

"Demons from the outside world... how dare you!"

Seeing the damaged palace, the raging flames and the countless corpse of their own tribe members, their eyes became bloodshot. "All of you... die!"


As the strong winds ensued, a current of green-coloured wind descended from the skies.

"It's the reinforcements from the Horned Wing Tribe. Timely!"

"They're not just fast but strong as well! They seem to be comparable to a 5th Meridian Wu Zong, and their bodies are covered in runes, granting them natural abilities to control wind! They might just be as powerful as a 5th Tier spiritual knight! Collectively, they might be on par with a 4th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan sighed once more. "Let's not delay. Move!"

The 3 of them were further from the scene of destruction. However, the dream masters within the palace were stunned.

"Reinforcements from the Horned Wing Tribe? All of us thought that the palace might have hidden treasures for it seemed luxurious. What a pity... we cannot continue our search..."

Yi Xie looked up and without hesitation, he disappeared underground in a black glow.

"Let's kill them to avenge our tribe members!"

Only Yi Xie had such an ability; the other dream masters were left behind, not knowing what to do.

Against the wind current, all of them could only defend. As soon as they realised what was happening, the roof of the palace was already blown apart. A few 4-winged Horned Wing Tribe members were looking down from above with menacing glares.

'D*mn it... this spiritual aura!'

A few dream masters quickly composed themselves. "4th Tier of Illusionary Divine? If all of us combine forces, we might just be able to take them down!"

However, a few dream masters with quicker reactions had already executed their own techniques to escape. How would there be enough dream masters to combine forces together?

The remaining few dream masters were surrounded and attacked. Their bodies were torn apart.

Some of them cried out loud before their demise. "I am from Baize Mountain. How dare you do this to me! Are you not afraid that your tribe might be wiped out?"

However, all effort was futile in front of an enraged group of Horned Wing Tribe members. They were still killed.

As they died, their blood and corpse were quickly absorbed by the space around them, which made the entire place appear red.


"We have 20 sacrifices, and that's enough!"

Old Mother of Tianmu, Elder Smelter, and Old Xue glanced at the blood-red sandbox and were elated. "Let's combine forces to break the seal!"


An invisible force broke through from mid-air and descended. Even the hollow was shaking from the intense force.

"The sacrifice is complete. It is only a matter of time that we will be able to reap the rewards from the hollow and destroy the seal. However, we still need some time. In fact, about half a day's time..."

The few highly-skilled dream masters remained neutral.

The hollow was the ultimate goal! How much can the weak dream masters reap from the hollow in half a day's time? It was insignificant!

"The only thing we need to be cautious of is the Hidden Dragon Guards!"

A spiritual will spread across the mountains. "The Divine Lotus Cult and the Evil Divine Sect have passed down news! Although they have successfully created chaos, they were quickly suppressed. It was as though the royal family knew what was happening!"

"Tianmu Mountain is the fruit of my labour. I have put in place 38,000 Green Wood Magical Seals. Even the Hidden Dragon Guards will take a long time to break through all those seals and locate us..."

Before she could complete her sentence, there was a rumbling sound! The entire cave shook.

"What's that?"

Her expression quickly changed. From mid-air, a few black silhouettes appeared. "Greetings... all of you!"

"D*mn it!"

Old Xue exclaimed as an illusionary shadow of Sen Luo Hell descended upon the cave.

Tongues of flames were everywhere, and the ground was filled with bones!

In a moment, the cave had transformed into hell! This was something only a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master could achieve!

"Indeed, the Changli Mountain Hollow!"

As the few silhouettes surrounded the sandbox, they broke out into laughter. "Our master has always been meticulous. Do you think you could hide from him using your childish tricks...? Have you asked us for permission?"

Amidst the laughter, the space in mid-air suddenly opened up, allowing a huge black hand filled with curses written all over it to stretch in.

"Ghostly Magical Palm?!"

Elder Smelter exclaimed, and there was fear in his words. "Who would've thought that you Hidden Dragon Guards would invest so much!"

As he spoke, his body glowed and immediately, 9 fiery dragons appeared and flew towards the weird-looking hand.


As the flames landed on the weird-looking hand, it started to catch fire. The temperature started to rise and the rocks around the cave started to melt.

However, the large hand was unaffected by the heat. Instead, it continued to stretch forward.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

Amidst the hellish environment, be in flames or bones, everything was crushed as the hand surged forward.

Finally, the 9 fiery dragons revealed their true physical form. Clutched by the hand, they exploded one by one and turned into a green smoke.

"How dare you!"

Seeing that the weird-looking hand was going for the sandbox, Old Mother of Tianmu roared. A sun appeared behind her and its rays shot down towards the hand.

"Chi! Chi!"

Like how hot oil would sizzle when in contact with water, the weird-looking hand stopped in its tracks. The curses all over the hand started to disappear and the flesh of the hand started to melt, revealing a pale-white skeleton.

"You dream masters have already become the lackeys of the Imperial Court and deserve to die!"

Behind Old Mother of Tianmu, many void spaces started to open up, revealing a hidden force within the spaces. In an instant, they transformed into a chain and held the huge hand before ripping it apart.


This was akin to many dream masters combining forces. Even though everyone only contributed a little, the end result was devastating.

The weird-looking hand split and disintegrated into ash.

"Hehe... Don't try to hide from me, the few of you! Changli was, after all, a Prominent Divine dream master! Furthermore, he has done a lot of research regarding the realms of dream masters. How will we, the royal family, let the few of you take his hollow for yourselves?"

A silhouette spoke with a hoarse voice as it glared at all of them.

Behind the silhouettes, the space started to become unstable. The Green Wood Magical Seal started to break down, as though something mysterious was 'squeezing' its way through.

"The Head of the Hidden Dragon Guards?"

Old Mother of Tianmu appeared stunned. "The Imperial Court knew about everything! There must be a spy among us!"


"Eh? This hollow..."

Although Fang Yuan did not know what was happening outside, he could vaguely feel that something was wrong.

The Ye Family sisters raised their heads. The originally clear skies were now tainted with a hue of red. Not just that, there was the vague rumbling of thunder. The sky started to vibrate continuously as though it was about to be ripped apart.

"This must be due to something big happening outside... but it is none of our business!"

Fang Yuan continued casually. "Instead of wasting our energy looking at the sky, why not start to collect some resources for ourselves!"

As his sword light shimmered, streaks of lightning responded around him in a second.

"This direction..."

However, Ye Shuhua noticed something different and became curious. "That is the direction in which the 4-winged Horned Wing Tribe members came from. Are you intending to ambush their nest?"

That's right!"

Fang Yuan laughed. "If that small village could arouse the greed of Sun Jue, what do you think would lie at their nest?"

After rushing for a few hours, new plots of plantation appeared before them. In the middle of it all, there was a huge palace. It had the same vibes as the palace before but was many times large. It could be considered a town.

Considering the fact that they had deliberately concealed their tracks, they were still undetected by the Horned Wing Tribe and could even see some of the tribe members farming in their plantations.

"Now that the seal has yet to be lifted, the both of us have a secret technique, with the help of a magical equipment, which will allow us to detect the spiritual aura of the area around us!"

Ye Shuhua turned around and commented.


Fang Yuan's heart wavered a little as soon as he heard her. Their rich family heritage indeed left valuable techniques behind for them. Even the value of such a technique would be quite high. "Then I'll have to trouble the both of you!"

"No worries, it's something we ought to do!"

Ye Shuhua placed her left palm together with Ye Shumin's palm. On her right hand, her thumb and index finger came together, forming a rune which shimmered as though it was a butterfly flapping its wings.

As the same time, a mysterious wave of energy spread out and slowly, it died out.


After a moment, Ye Shuhua opened her eyes. "The strongest member of the Horned Wing Tribe in the vicinity is comparable to the 3rd Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage. However, they are quite a number of them, 15 to be exact! 10 of them are stationed around the palace, guarding at their posts!"

As she shook her finger, an average-looking flat image of the hall appeared in Fang Yuan's eyes

"What's this?"

Of course, Fang Yuan did not entirely believed her and used his own methods to gather information. Although he could not receive information as detailed as the sisters, he could still roughly sense the situation. "Alright, let's go there!"