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Chapter 325: Ancestral God

Chapter 325: Ancestral God

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In the side hall.

10 2-Winged Horned Wing Tribe members sat in a circle, guarding the centre of the hall. All of them had looks of worry on their faces. "Ancestral God had warned us about the invasion of demons from the outside world. How do you think things would turn out, now that our tribe leader had led reinforcements to aid the other tribe members?"

"Our role is to guard the Ancestral God Hall! With this hall left behind by our Ancestral God and the array in place... Even if any evil demons were to attack us now, we would still be able to hold up until tribe leader and the rest return."


The 2-Winged Horned Wing Tribe members communicated with each other through telepathy and most of them were, in fact, composed.

To them, since they had already lived in their own world for the past 1,000 years, they would assume that this would be their way of life for the future.

Furthermore, they had the protection of the Ancestral God.


However, at this point in time, a thin fog started to appear within the hall.

A few Horned Wing Tribe members were stunned, while a few others started to pass out.

The techniques of dream masters were targeted at sentient living things. Therefore, these tribe members would also be affected by it.


Suddenly, there was a huge rumbling in the hall and a golden glow started to appear.

As soon as the fog came in contact with the golden glow, it dispersed quickly like how snow would melt under sunlight.

"This is not good... we're being ambushed!"

One of the Horned Wing Tribe members shouted hysterically and roared. However, it was already too late.


A streak of sword radiance suddenly appeared before him. As it shimmered, it sliced down, bringing with it an intense wind and streaks of electricity!


With a single slice, this tribe member had its wing sliced into two as it exclaimed and retreated.

"Is this an elder?"

"It's an enemy!"

"It's one of the demons! Quickly activate the array!"

The remaining Horned Wing Tribe members were frantically running about. Seeing this, Fang Yuan smiled and flicked his finger. "3 Talents Sword Array, rise!"


A huge sword array appeared and 3 streaks of pillars with sword energy rose up towards the sky. There were inscriptions on each pillar, and there were essences of water, fire and thunder in all of them.

This array could be used to trap one person, as well as a whole group of people!

In the sword array, 7 to 8 guards of the Horned Wing Tribe were trapped as they hollered.

"Even 3 dream masters at the 3rd Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage would need some time before they can break out of my 3 Talents Sword Array!"

Without looking at them, Fang Yuan barged into the hall.


As the door gave way, the interior of the building came into view.

This palace was extremely big. There was an altar full of offerings in the middle, and on the altar, there was a tablet erected for a god. There were curtains draped around the altar, but that was all he could see. In the surroundings of the hall, there were a few large doors which seemed like storerooms.

"How dare you, demon! How dare you show disrespect to our Ancestral God!"

The remaining Horned Wing Tribe members were frenzied as they rushed towards Fang Yuan. Even those who were heavily injured did the same.

"Ancestral God? I'm not interested!"

Fang Yuan let out a sigh as 4 spiritual meridians started to form behind his back. As he shouted, the level 7 elemental power in him exploded from his body. "Scram!"

With his cultivation level as a dream master at the 3rd Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage and a martial artist at the 4th Meridian, the entire space around him came to a brief halt at the moment where he released his power. A vague and illusionary fist appeared before 2 of the tribe members. In the blink of an eye, both of them had flown backwards and blood spewed from them.

"I can only take them down because of the element of surprise. However, I can at most hold on for another 30 minutes. Once the 3 Talents Sword Array is broken, I will have to be on my way!"

As thoughts whizzed through his mind, Fang Yuan took no notice of the statues in the centre of the hall as he rushed straight to the storerooms.

There might be treasures there! However, Fang Yuan knew for himself that he did not have the ability to take too many risks. Therefore, it was wise to quickly reap some treasures for himself.


Although there were protective runes all over the door, Fang Yuan paid no attention to it. As his hands shook, the level 7 elemental power in him exploded, decimating the door.

"Eh? This seems like a storeroom which stores Yellow Grain Rice. This amount is enough for a few hundred people to consume over a year... For a normal dream master, this supply would be able to last him for a few hundred years... I'll take them all away!"

As the Mountain River Pearl glittered, sacks of Yellow Grain Rice were transferred into the pearl. There was a great feeling of satisfaction in his heart.

Although he was quick, he had already spent 15 minutes in the storeroom with rice. He could sense a crashing sound from the 3 Talents Sword Array outside and straight away, he knew that the Horned Wing Tribe members had already realised that they could not defeat him one on one. Now, they were combining forces to destroy the 3 Talents Sword Array, accelerating its rate of destruction.


Without hesitation, Fang Yuan broke through another storeroom door. Inside, it glittered everywhere. There were piles and piles of elemental crystals, thrown onto the ground like miscellaneous items. There were a few rows of wooden shelves as well, and the crystals on the wooden shelves gave off a mysterious glow and seemed to be vibrating a little.

"They're all good stuff! I'll take them!"

With the wave of his hands, the few wooden shelves disappeared. After which, he started to collect the elemental crystals.

The spiritual energy within the hollow was concentrated and therefore, the quality of elemental crystals here was rather good.

However, Fang Yuan was only halfway done in collecting all these treasures when 3 streaks of light flew towards him and entered his body. They were his 3 magical swords.

"My 3 Talents Sword Array is already broken? They are indeed comparable to 10 dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage combining forces! I cannot belittle them!"

He quickly stopped his looting and rushed out.

"Water and Fire, be heartless! Thunder, kill! Explode, my Level 7 Elemental Power!"


With the combination of his martial arts and sword essence, an intense explosion immediately blew a hole in the roof of the palace. A green current of wind started to circle Fang Yuan and soon after, it shot up into the sky as well.

"Ancestral God..."

The Horned Wing Tribe members who were late to the commotion broke down immediately. "Please punish this sinner!"


Amidst their prayers, the curtains around the altar were lifted, revealing a silhouette of a human.

A golden glow started to descend and slowly started to transform into flames.

Fang Yuan glanced at the statue and was utterly stunned.

The statue was donned in a golden armour and had a dragon's head, but a human body. It was awe-inspiring but very different from the Sage Changli that he had imagined!

"Who is this statue? Why does he look like a dragon? Wait a minute... no one said that Sage Changli had to be a human..."

"Roar! Roar!"

The might of the statue exploded and with it were the godly powers which governed the hollow! It was a dragon's might!

"How can such a mere statue have such a might! Even the true dragons in the Water Realm cannot compare to this!"

Fang Yuan quickly retreated. Suddenly, he realised that 10 members of the Horned Wing Tribe had started to activate a certain array. In mid-air, a golden glow transformed into a golden dragon's claw with 5 digits. The claw swiftly struck at him.

"This is a real dragon's claw!"

In a moment, Fang Yuan felt that his entire surroundings froze. There was a chattering sound heard, and his expression quickly changed.

At this point in time, in his actualised dream world, an object had responded as it let out a faint dragon's roar.


In a split second, Fang Yuan quickly reacted and retrieved the water dragon pearl from his actualised dream world before shielding himself with it.

"Roar! Roar!"

Dragon roars were heard as the illusionary shadow of a small golden-green water dragon appeared. It had a small horn on its head and had 4 dragon claws from its body. Every claw had 3 digits and the dragon's tail was dull-looking. This was the figure of a true water dragon.

As soon as the energy of the water dragon appeared, the golden dragon claw hesitated in mid-air before lightly striking at Fang Yuan.

Amidst the golden glow, Fang Yuan flew backwards.

"This dragon god..."

In a green hurricane, Fang Yuan wiped the blood stains from his mouth. He was in his actualised dream world.

The water dragon pearl was still there. However, the water dragon in it had become smaller and there were a few visible cracks on the surface of the pearl.

This was the result of his opponent giving him mercy!

"Dragon God or Ancestral God... which one was it?"

Fang Yuan remained confused. "Sage Changli has already passed on, and this is a fact. Could the Ancestral God be the spirit of the hollow, since it could possess such a might? Or could it be a spiritual object which the Sage might have collected when he was still alive? Anything could be possible... Such a powerful being like the Sage might be able to leave his consciousness around even after his death to continue to harness his power and might..."

"However... it is already a fact that he had become a true dragon. Fortunately for me, I have a water dragon pearl which seems to come from the same source. With that split-second of hesitation, I was able to escape with slight injuries... From this, I am sure that this Ancestral God is only a consciousness and does not have a mind of its own..."

Without further ado, he quickly made his way to the meeting point to rendezvous with the Ye Family sisters.


Shortly after they had met up, there was a soft voice in the winds.

"Hehe... Both of you girls should follow me. What does that youngster know? Does he know how to treat the both of you right?"

It was Yi Xie's voice.

No one knew what special technique he had executed for him to be able to track them all the way here and intercept them.

Transforming into a black fog, he surrounded the sisters and started to speak in a lustful voice. "Although Fang Yuan's magical swords are powerful, he has recklessly attacked the headquarters of the Horned Wing Tribe. By now, he should have been heavily injured. Why would I fear him? Hehe... All these headquarters would surely have the protection of their own gods. This is a top-secret piece of information and I'm sure the both of you are clueless about it! This is the difference between a long heritage and a strong foundation... I believe that even your Ye Family would meet your ultimate downfall!"

"Stupid Yi, you seem gentlemanly, but do you really think the both of us are clueless as to your cultivation methods?"

A glittering butterfly started to flap its wings amidst the black fog, protecting the two girls. With a voice filled with hatred, Ye Shuhua shouted. "Even if we have to die, we will not submit to you!"

"If you are rejecting my kind offer, then I shall have to force you!"

Yi Xie's eyes glistened. "Even though the both of you might still be virgins... let's see how long can the both of you last after experiencing my Colourful Lustful Fog!"

As he spoke, his black fog quickly transformed into a colourful glow.

In the colourful fog, the girls' expression started to change. Tears started to well up in their eyes as their breathing became rapid. Their faces slowly became flushed, as though they were intoxicated.

"How dare you!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan was enraged as he quickly sliced the Sundering Thunder Sword towards the fog.


With a few streaks of lightning, the fog dispersed.

"Eh... how could you have retreated with no injuries?"

Yi Xie was still the handsome middle-aged man he always was. Seeing that something was not right, he continued to execute his technique and in addition, he pointed a finger at Fang Yuan. "Rise!"


The black fog started to thicken and black statues began appearing around Fang Yuan. They were ferocious looking and their eyes were bloodshot.

"Roar! Roar!"

Amidst the roaring of beasts, a mysterious array was formed.

"Forming an array with his thoughts! A dream array master?"

Fang Yuan still had to spend effort in arranging the swords into the array. However, with the snap of his fingers, Yi Xie had created an array without any effort in making arrangements. This was the special ability of dream array masters!

"That's right... My 4 Evils Ultimate Array can undergo 72 changes. Even if you might break it, I still have the 8 Ghosts Sealing Array and the 9 Child Ghost Mother Array waiting for you. How long do you think you can last?"

Yi Xie was indeed powerful, and he let out a cold laugh. "I can feel that you seem to be hiding a lot of things. I shall kill you before slowly searching your body..."