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Chapter 383: The Past

Chapter 383: The Past
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After a few days.

The messengers who had come to congratulate Fang Yuan took their leave. Only a few elders of the Realm Alliance stayed behind.

In the main hall, there was a huge round table. Children of different spiritual auras were seated around the table.

"Alright! Fang Yuan, let me introduce them to you. These are the 7 Elders of the Realm Alliance. I'm sure you've met Xi Chen and Green Wood. Next up, we have Black Water, Thick Earth, Sharp Gold and Extreme Darkness!"

Elder Smelter's Fiery Child started to introduce all of them. Although he had an aged voice, he sounded proud.

"I am junior Fang Yuan. Please accept my greetings, Elders!"

A hint of gold flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes.

All these children had different spiritual auras as though they were wearing different masks. For instance, on Fiery Dragon Child, there was the illusionary image of Elder Smelter's face on it.

Knowing that all 7 elders had sent part of their soul within these messengers, Fang Yuan paid his respects.

He had seen Xi Chen before. Although he had only seen him in the form of the King Xia in the Ancient Realm, his real appearance was rather similar. Seeing Xi Chen looking at him, he returned a friendly smile.

On the other hand, Elder Green Wood's expression was a little unnatural.

Fang Yuan could only guess that this was because Green Wood's opposing faction now had the addition of a True Divine.

The other elders had their own special abilities and their spiritual auras were all extremely powerful. This was especially so for Elder Extreme Darkness. As the only female, she covered herself with a layer of black fog and made Fang Yuan feel the most threatened out of all the other elders. She also struck fear in the other elders and sat a distance away from everyone else.

"Mmm, you're not bad! No one would think that you can form the Divine Body so quickly. After discussion among the elders, we have decided to increase your level of rights to that of a 7th Leaf Cultivator. You are now the law enforcer of the alliance!"

Elder Xi Chen nodded his head and spoke in a gentle voice.

However, with Fang Yuan's shockingly powerful spiritual will and his Fiery Golden Eyes, he could observe Xi Chen's weakness straight away. It was the same for Elder Green Wood.

They were severely injured from the previous encounter in the Ancient World as they could not escape in time.

"... Haha, that's right! Fang Yuan, you need to put in even more effort now! It's a pity that you have achieved a breakthrough in martial arts. Therefore, we are unable to promote you to the position of an elder. However, I believe that is a small issue. Considering your potential, I'm sure our alliance will soon gain a new elder!"

Elder Green Wood initially appeared depressed but now, he had a cheerful smile.

With this, Elder Smelter appeared a little embarrassed.

Fang Yuan observed them and appeared fearful. "I have only just achieved a breakthrough and have already used up most of my energy. How would I be able to think of another breakthrough? On a separate note, is the alliance leader here? Since I've joined the Realm Alliance, I believe I should pay my greetings to him."

Fang Yuan could detect that each of these 7 Illusionary Divine elders was competing with each other in terms of spiritual aura.

Elder Extreme Darkness was the strongest among all. Fang Yuan made a guess that she had the cultivation level of a 9th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master. A dark energy continuously spiralled around her and Fang Yuan felt as though he was staring into a cold night and a bright moon as soon as he noticed her.

Next up, it was Xi Chen. This elder seemed to have the cultivation level of an 8th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master. Being the direct disciple of a Sage, he was special.

The other elders were all around the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage and were all comparable to Smelter and Green Wood. However, their internal conflict had left Fang Yuan speechless.

"Alliance leader has important matters to see to. However, as the newest potential of the alliance, he will surely be glad to see you!"

It is only normal for a new up and coming member to pay respects to the alliance leader.

Xi Chen was stunned for a while before answering Fang Yuan.

'It seems like the plan against Da Qian has reached a crucial point where they now require a dream master in the Prominent Divine stage?'

Fang Yuan mulled for a while as he extracted information from Xi Chen's words.

"Alright, since you are now the law enforcer of the alliance, you need to be given responsibilities. Since you like the Golden Sun Prosperous Land, we have decided to give all of its rights to you. We shall also reduce the time period for you to not take up any missions to half a year. What do you think?"

The few elders exchanged glances as Extreme Darkness said her piece.

Her distinct female voice was mysterious and sinister, as though it could freeze one's soul.

"Since this is the request of the elders, I can only accept it."

Fang Yuan sighed to himself.

He was already prepared that something like that would happen. With the war, all of the elders would also be busy. How would they allow him to get away scot-free without helping out?

By reducing the time period to half a year, it was the greatest compromise the alliance could come to.

If not for the fact that he had become a True Divine and was now renowned for killing Cang Xuansheng, it was still a question if he would even be offered such a deal.

'Half a year... It seems like the war is about to break out soon... No, it has already begun. Half a year later will be the final battle!'

Fang Yuan's eyes glistened as though he had understood something.

"That's great!"

The few elders exchanged glances once more. After settling everything, they took their leave from the children.

"Greetings, Lord!"

The children were all confused. After paying their respects to Fang Yuan, they took their leave as well.

"This type of magical transference technique... Firstly, they would need something to possess, for instance, these children which they would surely have done something to. Secondly, they cannot transfer too much ability to these children.… Previously, although those elders had powerful spiritual auras, they would be at most dream masters in the 6th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage. I will be able to destroy all of them!"

Fang Yuan started to plan ahead. "Alright... With this half a year, I shall return to master's hometown to pay a visit. I wonder how his old friends are..."


Leaf Region, Cloud Jade Mountain.

The region was a small one and there were few people living here. However, the spiritual tea produced from Cloud Jade Mountain was famous and they were even patronised by the royal family of Da Qian. Therefore, they could survive on trading tea leaves and could build a small town surrounding Cloud Jade Mountain.

Many cultivators had also gathered here to settle down and live a peaceful life.

On the streets, a bull carriage was on the move. Fang Yuan wore a set of comfortable robes and a bamboo hat on his head. He laid back, appearing relaxed and lazy.

He had already obtained the full inheritance from his Master, Master Wenxin. Other than the secret 8 Gates Sword Array of a dream soldier master, there was a simple description of his hometown in the inheritance.

'My nickname is 'Heartless' and I am from Cloud Jade Mountain, Leaf Region in Da Qian Empire. I am from the Ye Family and have cultivated in swordplay from young. The elders have given me the name of 'Li'... I have achieved a breakthrough in Wu Zong at the age of 15 and have made a small name for myself. As I roamed across regions, I stumbled across the inheritance of a dream master at the age of 18. From then, I had officially become a dream master and was recruited into the Imperial Court as a Hidden Dragon Guard.'

Master Heartless was a Hidden Dragon Guard, a law enforcer of the Da Qian Imperial Court!

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not want to follow his master's steps with regards to this. Furthermore, he was only forced to find a backing only because he had offended the Divine Lotus Cult and from there resolve the conflict through the Realm Alliance.

If Fang Yuan were to join the Imperial Court, he would find himself in more trouble as the Imperial Court was all the while against the Divine Lotus Cult.

"As a Hidden Dragon Guard, Master has the resources from the Imperial Court to cultivate himself. He was extremely powerful and under his 8 Gates Sword Array, he had killed countless people and from then created animosity with the two evil sects... After forming the entire 8 Gates Sword Array, he was only inferior to dream masters in the Prominent Divine stage. He had even killed a few direct disciples of Sages and was heartless. From then on, he was nicknamed 'Heartless'..."

Fang Yuan sighed as he recalled the information which he had once read from the inheritance:

"Even with the protection of the Imperial Court, I have made too many enemies. Together with some crazy dream masters, they have caused the Misfortune of Cloud Jade Mountain. They had killed my master's disciples in one night and even severely injured my masters' physical body. Fortunately, Master managed to escape but his cultivation was greatly affected. With that, the Imperial Court started to give him a cold treatment... Because of this, Master has given up hope on the Hidden Dragon Guards. After creating chaos for them, he left and arrived at the mainland where he adopted me..."

Leaning on the carriage, Fang Yun was in a daze as he recalled all that had happened in the mainland.

Because of this, if Fang Yuan were to reveal the 8 Gates Sword Array, he would make the entire world turn against him!

"The dream master which had killed Master's disciples was the sect head of Source Seeking Sect. He was the renowned Demon Killing Divine Pen, Li Qingmian. Li Qingmian was a dream master in the Prominent Divine stage! He had the power to create things at will! With a pen, he can create the world. With a flower, he can create heaven!"

This opponent was still too strong, even though Fang Yuan had already become a True Divine.

"Of course, I cannot do anything to Source Seeking Sect. However, during the impending war between the 5 Grand Organisations and Da Qian Imperial Court, I might be able to take his opportunity..."

Fang Yuan sighed. "As of now, I need to hide and visit the few places that Master has mentioned..."

To hide and strike when the opportunity arose was a theory which all dream masters understood.

The family members of the Ye Family which Master Heartless had come from had already escaped. They had used secret techniques to prevent predictions and even changed their names just to avoid trouble.

From then till now, there should still be a few survivors carrying the blood of the Ye Family.

As the bull carriage moved forward, Fang Yuan arrived at a large city in no time.

This was Cloud Jade City, where the Ye Family once lived.

Fang Yuan dressed up as a businessman. Moving his muscles about, he altered his appearance and took up the look of a spiritual tea trader who had arrived from other regions. After walking around the streets aimlessly, he arrived at the East side of the city.

This area was largely different from the rest. It had been geographically altered before and had a few connected lakes. There were many types of vegetation being planted here as well. Looking at the pleasing sight of greenery and the lack of people, this sight was something the other areas of the city could not offer.

"This place... It should be where the Ye Family's mansion once stood…..."

Looking at the crystal-clear lake, Fang Yuan was overwhelmed with emotions.

Realising that there was a small tea shop nearby, he quickly went there and ordered a pot of tea.

Although it was not spiritual tea, the fact that they were close to Cloud Jade Mountain explained the quality and fragrance of the tea.

"This is good tea!"

Fang Yuan acted surprised and glistened his eyes.

"Haha... Although my tea cannot be compared with spiritual tea, it is one of the best among the normal teas. This skill of mine was obtained years ago when I served in a tea shop of the Ye Family. Among all the tea masters and chefs, I was among one of the best..."

The shop owner had a head full of white hair. He gazed afar as though he was reminiscing. "Unfortunately... The Ye Family was destroyed in one night and the tea forest was burnt down. Even half of Cloud Jade City was destroyed. That was one of the worst nights..."

Fang Yuan silently listened as he drank his tea with a calm look.

After a while, he placed a silver coin on the table and left.