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Chapter 543: The Heart of Lucifer

Chapter 543: The Heart of Lucifer
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After spending a few days together, Qian Jin knew that he didn't need to be polite towards these Mamen Demons who were so greedy that they dared to betray the Demon King. The more he shouted and beat them, the more them respected him.

"You three." Qian Jin looked at the three demons in front of him with his hands behind his back and said, "If you want to give me your sisters, fiancées, and moms to get Warrior Weapons, then just fu*k off!"

Bitter smiles appeared on their faces and the three young Mamen Demons thought, "Looks like the elders showcased their greediness greatly. There is such a big misunderstanding... there are exceptions..."

The older a Mamen Demon was, the greedier he or she was. The younger Mamen Demons weren't greedy. Technically, you can say that they were thirsty for victories and not money and resources.

This thirst for victory would gradually turn into greed for resources as they got older.

Now? The young generation Mamen Demons wanted to prove to everyone that the Mamen Demons were the most powerful warriors on this continent.

Without enough strength and military merits, the Demon King wouldn't grant them more territories. The older Mamen Demons all achieved the peak of their lives and there was a limit to how much they would have. However, the younger demons had much more potential and were all thirsty for recognition and fame.

"Honorable Master Feijing. Our elders' thoughts….."

The demon standing in middle was a female and she replied with a bitter and helpless expression on her face. Her blue skin and red hair made her look very valiant.

"Looks like the elders made Master Feijing very angry..." she thought.

After that, this female demon pointed at herself and asked, "Do you, Master Feijing, know us? My name is Box Lily, this fat demon on my left is Saber Lu, and this is Box Po. We are known as the three geniuses of the Mamen Clan."

Qian Jin yawned and took a better look at them. When he looked at the demon who Box Lily introduced last, he saw a gloomy energy as if...

"The three geniuses of the Mamen Clan? Never heard of it before." With a haughty expression, Qian Jin waved his hand and said, "I only heard about the leaders of the Mamen Clan a few days ago, how could I have heard about you little characters?"

The three young demons could only smile bitterly. If any other young demons said that about them, they could have beat him to teach him who the three geniuses of the Mamen Clan were.

"You..." Qian Jin pointed at Box Po and asked, "That Po, were you beaten a few days ago?"

The three young demons were surprised. "Box Po should have recovered by now. At least the Pharmacy Grandmaster in the clan told us that he is fine now. How could Master Feijing tell?" Box Lily thought.

"Yes." Box Po took a half-step forward and said, "This is why we came here. Not long ago, we three encountered a young warrior from Zence Empire on the Human-Demon Battlefront and were defeated."

"One young warrior?" Qian Jin was curious. He thought, "These three demons are obviously the best in the Mamen Clan. Even if this young warrior is from a powerful bloodline family, he or she shouldn't be able to defeat all three demons at the same time."

"Yes, one." Box Po looked depressed as he replied, "We thought we are equivalent to the best young generation warriors on the side of Zence, but there is a younger warrior."

Box Po's voice got quieter and quieter and he stopped speaking in the end.

Box Lily looked at Box Po and sighed. What happened almost destroyed Box Po's confidence and it made it hard for him to recall the battle.

"Let me tell the story." Box Lily calmed down and said, "Honorable Master Feijing, we encountered a very young Elf King Bloodline Warrior, he was as young as you. We don't know what he looked like as he was wearing a vicious mask, but some demons said that he was Qian Wushan."

"Qian Wushan?" Qian Jin's hand that was holding a teacup shivered a little. "Qian Wushan is on the Human-Demon Battlefront?" he thought.

"He is really powerful." Saber Lu recalled, The three of us teamed up to fight him and our Warrior Weapons were destroyed and Box Po was injured. In the end, we didn't defeat him but were defeated..."


Box Po suddenly kneeled down, and the other two young Mamen Demons also kneeled down.

"Master Feijing, please gift us level 10 Warrior Weapons so we can redeem our honor. We need to defeat Qian Wushan and kill him!" they said.

Qian Jin was silent. "Three more demons who want to get Warrior Weapons without giving me any rare metals?" he thought.

"Box Po, how powerful are you after you use your Bloodline Battle Form?" Qian Jin suddenly asked.

"Peak of level 8 Soul-Power." Box Po replied confidently. "We are one year older than Qian Wushan, but we couldn't deal with him together..."

"level 8 Soul-Power?" The muscles on the corner of Qian Jin's eyes twitched as he thought, "This is the strength of Qian Wushan who has the potential of entering the Ultimate Bloodline Awakening? Even the most talented Mamen Demons who are older than him can't defeat him?"

"Zence New Generation Competition..." The teacup in Qian Jin's hand was already turned into dust. "Looks like this spiritual training journey is required. If I only rely on Endless World, the gravity magic conductor, and the Frontier, I would never be able to catch up to Qian Wushan and defeat him."

"That's right!" Qian Jin sighed and thought, "Although I didn't battle a lot these days and was never in life-threatening situations, my spiritual power and will are leveling up! It is a change in quality!"

"Bloodline power... Ultimate Bloodline Power... These Bloodline Warriors sure are powerful..." Qian Jin threw away the dust in his hand and sighed. "Looks like we shouldn't underestimate the Elf King Bloodline."

"Master Feijing, that isn't exactly true." Box Po suddenly raised his head and said, "We still have genius demons like you. Even if the three of us couldn't defeat Qian Wushan, we still have our Crown Prince."

"Crown Prince?" Qian Jin laughed, "You mean the idiot prince Lucifer Serage?"

Displeasure appeared on the face of Box Po as he frowned and said, "Idiot? His Highness isn't an idiot! He is smarter than everyone."

"Po, stop!" Box Lily suddenly spoke up. "You are talking too much..."

"Lily, I'm not." Box Po stared back at Box Lily and said, "I'm saying this because I heard Master Feijing doesn't like lies. If he knows that we lied to him, he would never help us!"

Qian Jin nodded slowly. Ever since he entered the Mamen Clan, he was trying to enforce this idea. The Mamen Demons were too greedy and lying was in their DNA. To prevent that from happening, he expressed that the truth was very important to him.

"I also want Master Feijing to understand that Princess Lucifer Lucy isn't someone you should follow." Box Po added, "Crown Prince His Majesty is just playing dumb. All the Demon Kings in the history don't like smart Crown Princes. Only the ones who knew to play dumb would have a higher chance of inheriting the throne."

Qian Jin blinked as he found this interesting. Although the Zence Royal Family knew some matters of the Royal Family of the Demons, the Qian Family had no record of it.

"Crown Prince His Highness is very smart and very powerful. Also... hehe." Unprecedented pride and confidence appeared on his face, "His Highness is able to complete the Heart of Lucifer."

"Heart of Lucifer?" Qian Jin was perplexed. "What is that? I only heard about Warrior Heart, Golden Warrior Heart, and Soul-Power before... What is the Heart of Lucifer? Could it be another realm? Not the Crown Prince isn't much older than me and couldn't be that talented..."

"Master Feijing, have you heard of a Saint Item called [The Heart of Lucifer]?"

Box Po stared at Qian Jin with frenzy in his eyes.

"What?" Qian Jin shook his head. Saint Items were really rare on this continent. However, the Saint Items weren't famous due to their exclusivity and only a few people and demons knew their names.

"The Heart of Lucifer is a special Saint Item." Box Po continued as he ignored Box Lily's warning signals, "No one knows where it is from, but it is very special as it could store the essence of a powerful warrior before he or she dies. Remember, its not Warrior Power but the essence of Lucifer Demons."

Qian Jin shrugged his shoulders and waited for more of Box Po's explanation.

"Before the powerful Fallen Angel Bloodline Warriors died, they would all enter a special container called [Coffin of Souls]." Box Po explained with excitement. "These special coffins would extract the essence of Lucifer Demons and inject the essence into the Heart of Lucifer for storage."