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A mysterious natural phenomenon causes earth to be plunged into darkness. the world turned into an endless bloody chaos. Mankind is on the edge of extinction… Volume 1 description Chu Yun Sheng an ordinary White-collar worker once discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After a long research, he still only understands a few symbols written in the ancient book. However he was shocked when he figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him, the sun will disappear, and humanity is doomed…….. He tried to spread the message but no one believed him, his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist, eventually, he gave up telling anyone, but prepared for the apocalypse in secret.. Until one day the sun really disappeared …… Dark Blood Times World of Darkness - The century of blood 黑暗血时代
《Dark Blood Age》 Text
chapter 1 the disappearance of the sun
chapter 2 the global panic
chapter 3 the world of darkness
chapter 4 Arrival of the ruthless monsters
chapter 5 Retreat
Chapter six the moment between life and death
chapter 7 a powerful arrow
chapter 8 a formidable man in the no. 8 building
chapter 9 yuan tian stage two
Chapter 10 Sneak attack
Chapter 11 a meddler
chapter 12 An ungrateful Ma
Chapter 13 fell into great danger
Chapter 14 it feels good to be alive
Chapter 15 A Combat Armour
Chapter 16 the killings caused by a Half pot of beef
Chapter 17 who is in control
Chapter 18 courage and path
Chapter 19 New use of pig's brain
Chapter 20 New Monster
Chapter 21 injured the tentacle monster
Chapter 22 Reveal of the combat armour
Chapter 23 Three sword forms
Chapter 24 what is the ultimate skill?
Chapter 25 Evacuate The Whole City
Chapter 26 Thugs again
Chapter 27 who else can it be
chapter 28 the killings begin
Chapter 29 saved a wrong person
Chapter 30 Yu xiao hai awakens
Chapter 31 exchange
chapter 32 i'll take back what's mine
Chapter 33 dark energy
Chapter 34 three arrows
Chapter 35 Five maps
chapter 36 carry on fighting
Chapter 37 who was that girl
Chapter 38 you are an actress (end of volume 1)
Chapter 39 Leaving the City
chapter 40 The awakening warriors
Chapter 41 a tempting bus no.1
Chapter 42 Test
Chapter 43 join the fight
Chapter 44 the benifit of the combat
chapter 45 the power of a Sausage
Chapter 46 drastic change
Chapter 47 green shell insect
Chapter 48 problems with the bus seats
Chapter 49 fight with tentacle monster again
Chapter 50 The Regiment Commander's Plan
Chapter 51 conflict
Chapter 52 killing People
chapter 53 I'll be the spy
Chapter 54 a group of three
Chapter 55 a forest inside the city
Chapter 56 the fog city
Chapter 57 choose
Chapter 58 where is the way out?
chapter 59 Fog walls
Chapter 60 dignity
chapter 61 Meat worms
chapter 62 The assassination begins
Chapter 63 model construction
chapter 64 fog cores' sequence
chapter 65 a sense of realisation
Chapter 66 Plan
Chapter 67 The mission begins
Chapter 68 capability
Chapter 69 I believe him
Chapter 70 Rumours
chapter 71 the peak of yuan tian stage one
Chapter 72 Ron yuan ti
Chapter 73 power of the sword fighting technique
Chapter 74 not enough time
Chapter 75 save the old officials?
chapter 76 fight the flame monster
chapter 77 who is the cannon fodder
Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls
Chapter 79 hostile
Chapter 80 struggle
Chapter 81 kill the flame monster
chapter 82 play dead
chapter 83 Ghost rider?
Chapter 84 caught up
Chapter 85 surrounded
Chapter 86 Sahā World
Chapter 87 humans are still resisting
Chapter 88 nuclear explosion
Chapter 89 the channel is expanding
Chapter 90 seven warriors
chapter 91 is the porridge tasty?
Chapter 92 hijack
Chapter 93 witch
Chapter 94 unknown monsters
Chapter 95 Green Fluorescent Monster
Chapter 96 Melee
chapter 97 Death and Newborn
Chapter 98 casualties
Chapter 99 finally, we are almost there
Chapter 100 bandit
Chapter 101 outside Jin ling city
Chapter 102 golden shell insect
Chapter 103 dark warriors
chapter 104 checking in
Chapter 105 parting
Chapter 106 Three major headquarters
Chapter 107 taken over
Chapter 108 back off
Chapter 109 general research - special rank
chapter 110 new food experiments
Chapter 111 junior researcher
Chapter 112 Jing Yi
Chapter 113 west district
Chapter 114 a visitor
chapter 115 yuan tian stage three
Chapter 116 fu of cure poison
Chapter 117 ordinary people's happiness
Chapter 118 steal yuan qi
chapter 119 wind and fire master
chapter 120 awakened twice
Chapter 121 Type Ⅰ dark energy gun
Chapter 122 the grain depot was surrounded
Chapter 123 i want five shares!
Chapter 124 the 13th master
chapter 125 insect's queen
Chapter 126 Rage
Chapter 127 the man in a cloak
chapter 128 team up Once again
Chapter 129 The insect’s world
chapter 130 gather loyalty
chapter 131 Dangerous breakthrough
Chapter 132 red shell insect’s natural enemy
Chapter 133 the way of deciphering the symbol?
Chapter 134 Jin Ling City Is Surrounded
Chapter 135 New Military Order
chapter 136 Interrogation?
Chapter 137 Illegal siege
Chapter 138 Yangtze River Bridge
chapter 139 conscription
chapter 140 Who said a gun without a bullet won't kill people
Chapter 141 The push begins
Chapter 142, you want me to cross the river?
Chapter 143 the soul of the dark warrior
Chapter 144 seal the golden shell
Chapter 145 The gun king was injured
Chapter 146 the second map
Chapter 147 Abuse Of Power
Chapter 148 Frozen mansion
Chapter 149 Red Purple flame monster
Chapter 150 a new king
Chapter 151 Black Stone Stele
Chapter 152 Take care of my family
Chapter 153 the tombs
Chapter 154 Detonated the bombs
Chapter 155 Fly Over!
Chapter 156 Flame whip
Chapter 157 Rumours started to spread
Chapter 158 Refused to become a god!
Chapter 159 Gathering the resources
Chapter 160 Sonic Interference Weapons
Chapter 161 it's name is Min
Chapter 162 touch the stone stele
Chapter 163 stone stele flew away
Chapter 164 whoever offended office building, kill!
Chapter 165 the coming storm
Chapter 166 the battle on the roof
Chapter 167 the secret of jin ling
Chapter 168 Choose a path
Chapter 169 making the armour to reinforce the city
Chapter 170 the entrance of the anti-world
Chapter 171 into the giant tomb
Chapter 172 Culture Fluid
Chapter 173 seal the red purple flame monster
Chapter 174 Mental breakdown
Chapter 175 cultivation method
Chapter 176 the disappearance of the Jin ling city
Chapter 177 kill the cloaked man
Chapter 178 set out
Chapter 179 speed
chapter 180 the “monster” is coming to town
Chapter 181 the most difficult night
Chapter 182 human and mice
Chapter 183 the fire in the sky
Chapter 184 be strong and courageous!
Chapter 185 Mr. Lennon.
Chapter 186 I'm leaving tomorrow
Chapter 187 Temple
Chapter 188 "Min" is here
Chapter 189 Fly into the sky
Chapter 190 Location
Chapter 191 Frightened
Chapter 192 Suspicion
Chapter 193 he was too fast!
Chapter 194 the truth
Chapter 195 deadly temptation
Chapter 196 Animals in Wu City
Chapter 197 Unpredictable human nature
Chapter 198 the bigger fish
Chapter 199 The world of spores
Chapter 200 one-shot killed
Chapter 201 Strange thing
Chapter 202 the origin of the strange gun
Chapter 203 The changes that happened during 9 days
Chapter 204 a hidden granary.
Chapter 205 Land of the dead
Chapter 206 a small accident
Chapter 207 Unbelievable
Chapter 208 mistress
Chapter 209 Misunderstanding
Chapter 210 conditions
Chapter 211 the second form of green shelled insect
Chapter 212 fire energy seed
Chapter 213 leaving
Chapter 214 Journey of three people
Chapter 215 Doctor, come and take a smell!
Chapter 216 I don’t want to sleep with him
Chapter 217 The Doctor’s face
Chapter 218 the hormones
Chapter 219 A Familiar Figure
Chapter 220 Sword Form
Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV
Chapter 222 A fight
Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate the kindness
Chapter 224 Milk candy
Chapter 225 Night Change
Chapter 206 the suspicion of human brains
Chapter 227 Floating mountains
Chapter 228 Surrender Or Die
Chapter 229 Air battle
Chapter 230 The ancient divine realm
Chapter 231 Change rules
Chapter 232 Making a talisman in the air
Chapter 233 Fully prepared
Chapter 234 The safest place
Chapter 235 the king of insects!
Chapter 236 Enter the tomb again.
Chapter 237 a strange meatball
Chapter 238 An old man
Chapter 239 Repairing the tomb
Chapter 240 Blue screen of death?