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Dominating Love


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UpdateTime:10/17/2017 9:53:59 AM

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New cover and i am in love! All thanks to JaysArmy Thanks Love, you“re the best. SEQUEL TO DOMINATING DESIRES, READ THAT FIRST! *Sexual Content* With everything out in the open, Chase and Brylee can take their relationship public now but that doesn“t mean things are easy. Between the chaos of her brother“s rehab, her best friends wedding and pregnancy, and her sister-in-law“s pregnancy she needs to find time to plan her own wedding and spend time with Chase, but it“s easier said than done With all the stress things will get heated between them and Chase may just show his true colors more with his fiances defiance. Again, more sexual content, there is a rated r rating and warning, i want no bitching about people ignoring that.