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Empress Running Away with the Ball

Author:Luo Xiao Xi

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Updates:Chapter 458: The deep illusion of the painting

On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed. “Woman, you dare marry another man!” He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left. “So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!” She clenched her teeth as she pushed against the wall to stand out of the bed. She, a king from modern times, was reborn. All those that owed her had to pay blood debts. But this king of evildoers, she had obviously not seen him before. Yet, she had to repay him with her body every night…… 娘娘带球跑了!
《Empress Running Away with the Ball》 Text
Chapter 1: A zombie
Chapter 2: Husband and wife vows
Chapter 3: Stepping on his face
Chapter 4: A good white lotus
Chapter 5: Going against the white lotus
Chapter 6: Evil charming youth
Chapter 7: Hitting his face
Chapter 8: Strange occurrences under the heavens
Chapter 9: Turning cow dung into a flower
Chapter 10: A good show
Chapter 11: The main culprit
Chapter 12: Heart reading technique
Chapter 13: Foolish people have more money
Chapter 14: Don’t be in such a hurry to die
Chapter 15: More money brings more trouble
Chapter 16: Buried three feet deep
Chapter 17: Being caught
Chapter 18: Unable to escape
Chapter 19: A stomach of evil fire
Chapter 20: Retrieving her body
Chapter 21: I am the princess
Chapter 22: The owner determines what the dog becomes
Chapter 23: Breaking the dog’s teeth
Chapter 24: The person behind her
Chapter 25: Wanting him to kneel and worship
Chapter 26: Deceiving everyone
Chapter 27: Are you a person or a ghost
Chapter 28: A broken phoenix can’t compare to a chicken
Chapter 29: Closing the door and beating the dogs
Chapter 30: Stubborn even in the face of death
Chapter 31: Only you won’t
Chapter 32: Calling him a dog
Chapter 33: A ghost in front of the bed
Chapter 34: So it was him
Chapter 35: What do you think about me
Chapter 36: Wherever you want to stay
Chapter 37: Calling her as a white eyed wolf
Chapter 38: Taking back all that is owed
Chapter 39: Being fooled by her
Chapter 40: Even if you do not die, your skin will be peeled
Chapter 41: Are you considered that old?
Chapter 42: Pointing at a monk to call her a donkey’s butt
Chapter 43: Putting someone in their place
Chapter 44: Shutting her mouth with her own words
Chapter 45: Hitting them until they submit
Chapter 46: Cursing people without dirty words
Chapter 47: What kind of medicine are you eating
Chapter 48: Slapping someone and giving them a date
Chapter 49: It’s fine to lack anything but money
Chapter 50: Acting out a good play
Chapter 51: Accurately foretelling the future
Chapter 52: Touching one’s nose to dust
Chapter 53: Hidden killing intent
Chapter 54: Great luck
Chapter 55: Coming to ask for dinner
Chapter 56: We still have to eat even if we have no money
Chapter 57: The walls have ears
Chapter 58: A good opportunity to get closer
Chapter 59: Mischievous fox
Chapter 60: Eating for free
Chapter 61: Not even a fly could leave
Chapter 62: Making black seem like white
Chapter 63: Lot of money coming over
Chapter 64: Are you stupid?
Chapter 65: A dumb man in silence
Chapter 66: The lice on a monk’s head
Chapter 67: The treasure that fell from the sky
Chapter 68: Nothing better to do
Chapter 69: Father has no girls here
Chapter 70: Girls have to have morals
Chapter 71: Tigers wish to hurt humans
Chapter 72: Giving back as good as one gets
Chapter 73: Damn your turtle tail
Chapter 74: Stepping over everything
Chapter 75: Do you believe I won’t kiss you?
Chapter 76: Because I’m not happy
Chapter 77: Call me good big brother
Chapter 78: She’s drunk
Chapter 79: The turtle is missing
Chapter 80: Her revenge
Chapter 81: When beef meets chestnuts
Chapter 82: Ping ping pang pang
Chapter 83: Who released it
Chapter 84: A dream of peach blossoms
Chapter 85: The pie that fell from the sky
Chapter 86: Running on the count of three
Chapter 87: Revealing one’s hand
Chapter 88: Smashing the stage
Chapter 89: A shocker
Chapter 90: Red luan star moving
Chapter 91: Heaven’s mysteries cannot be revealed
Chapter 92: Close your mouth and move your legs
Chapter 93: Gaining things without any effort
Chapter 94: People can’t be judged by their appearances
Chapter 95: Want to help but can’t help
Chapter 96: No possible escape
Chapter 97: Stealing money and stealing one’s body
Chapter 98: Bragging tone
Chapter 99: Handsome, cool, and ruthless
Chapter 100: Hero saving the beauty
Chapter 101: Handsome Xiao Si
Chapter 102: Girls are just this unreasonable
Chapter 103: I do not fancy you
Chapter 104: Only allowed to say I don’t know
Chapter 105: Eyes like crescent moons
Chapter 106: Who says I don’t dare
Chapter 107: Comparing whose eyes are bigger
Chapter 108: Something happening
Chapter 109: Peach blossom cove
Chapter 110: Weasel bringing the chicken a new year’s greeting
Chapter 111: Bad intentions
Chapter 112: False displays of affection
Chapter 113: Acting out a play
Chapter 114: Putting on airs
Chapter 115: A group of foxes
Chapter 116: Everyone scram
Chapter 117: Men are like cats
Chapter 118: Quite skilled
Chapter 119: A plucked chicken
Chapter 120: A dog wouldn’t eat it
Chapter 121: Pretending to be worried about a dog
Chapter 122: Delaying the beans because of rabbits
Chapter 123: Not even wanting face
Chapter 124: Servant’s smelly mouth
Chapter 125: Relying on a man
Chapter 126: Truly a waste
Chapter 127: Killing you with a single bite
Chapter 128: You can eat me
Chapter 129: Immortal coming down to earth
Chapter 130: You were thinking of me
Chapter 131: What treasure is it
Chapter 132: Fragrant Ice
Chapter 133: I won’t admit anything even if beaten to death
Chapter 134: The best method
Chapter 135: Sit back and wait
Chapter 136: Letting a golden phoenix escape
Chapter 137: Crows foretelling bad luck
Chapter 138: Seizing a beautiful man
Chapter 139: More of a man than he was
Chapter 140: Crows are normally black
Chapter 141: A ghost or a person
Chapter 142: Blessing in disguise
Chapter 143: When being forceful does not work
Chapter 144: Two conditions
Chapter 145: Five finger mountain
Chapter 146: Running in the opposite direction
Chapter 147: Gezhi gezhi
Chapter 148: Mouse farts
Chapter 149: He’s not suited
Chapter 150: This servant will scram
Chapter 151: Receiving one’s wish
Chapter 152: Framing someone
Chapter 153: Going for wool and coming back shorn
Chapter 154: Getting what one deserves
Chapter 155: Beauty
Chapter 156: Are you even a man?
Chapter 157: Cordial and warm greetings
Chapter 158: Only an idiot would use brawn
Chapter 159: Heavenly chicken laying eggs
Chapter 160: Disturbing one’s sleep
Chapter 161: Carefully prepared present
Chapter 162: Seeking death
Chapter 163: Cat chasing mouse
Chapter 164: A man that wants face
Chapter 165: Becoming not cute
Chapter 166: Audacious
Chapter 167: A child’s skills
Chapter 168: I will act shameless
Chapter 169: Jealousy
Chapter 170: Do you like me or him
Chapter 171: Stealing a kiss
Chapter 172: A strict tone
Chapter 173: It isn’t her
Chapter 174: Bastard highness
Chapter 175: Wishing for a person’s heart
Chapter 176: Full of support
Chapter 177: Head being squeezed by the door
Chapter 178: Not wishing for any repayment
Chapter 179: Going crazy with jealousy
Chapter 180: Comparing horses
Chapter 181: Catering to one’s wishes
Chapter 182: Very suitable
Chapter 183: Not caring about him
Chapter 184: The young miss is gone
Chapter 185: Runaway horse
Chapter 186: There really is destiny
Chapter 187: This man’s heart is like the needle at the bottom of the sea
Chapter 188: My treat
Chapter 189: This miss has money
Chapter 190: Fresh water lotus
Chapter 191: You can do it yourself
Chapter 192: Phoenix’s egg
Chapter 193: Good looking, tasty, and nice to listen to
Chapter 194: Surname and given name
Chapter 195: Killing someone in ten steps
Chapter 196: A promise worth a thousand gold
Chapter 197: Good horses understand human nature
Chapter 198: Known on the streets
Chapter 199: Xiao Hei
Chapter 200: Causing trouble for his highness
Chapter 201: Royal complaint
Chapter 202: Acting with modesty
Chapter 203: Servants are like their masters
Chapter 204: False face
Chapter 205: No one left at all
Chapter 206: Where did this ghost come from
Chapter 207: Fighting without saying anything
Chapter 208: Treasure hunt
Chapter 209: White and black
Chapter 210: Two man putting on an act
Chapter 211: Breaking one’s legs
Chapter 212: A game and a dream
Chapter 213: The walls have ears
Chapter 214: Are you even a girl
Chapter 215: A broken rag
Chapter 216: Where is that man
Chapter 217: Eagle catching a chick
Chapter 218: Turning flowers into dust
Chapter 219: You must lose this bet
Chapter 220: Slapping the animal to death
Chapter 221: Divorcing a wife and divorcing a husband
Chapter 222: Too lazy to watch the play
Chapter 223: He’s no good
Chapter 224: Touching his soft spot
Chapter 225: The chosen rotten carrot
Chapter 226: A beautiful painting
Chapter 227: A sudden change
Chapter 228: The cold and proud man
Chapter 229: Solemn oath
Chapter 230: No one is allowed to interfere
Chapter 231: Well matched enemy
Chapter 232: Men’s reactions are all the same
Chapter 233: You think you are the emperor?
Chapter 234: She does not have to carry this pot
Chapter 235: Dog that can’t stop eating shit
Chapter 236: Her bottom line
Chapter 237: If she was even half of you
Chapter 238: You can watch it, but you can’t obtain it
Chapter 239: Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain
Chapter 240: Psychological warfare
Chapter 241: The first gift
Chapter 242: Golden sea of flowers
Chapter 243: Little pork buns
Chapter 244: I’m willing because of you
Chapter 245: Red ears
Chapter 246: It’s a blessing if I get it
Chapter 247: Act as a matchmaker
Chapter 248: You undress well
Chapter 249: Slapping one’s face
Chapter 250: Reap the fruits of one’s actions
Chapter 251: They are all nothing but beasts
Chapter 252: A great calamity
Chapter 253: Don’t make a move
Chapter 254: Too beautiful and too charming
Chapter 255: Personally seeing it
Chapter 256: The truth being revealed
Chapter 257: Words will always have an effect
Chapter 258: Good wine is unappreciated
Chapter 259: If you want to see it, I’ll let you see it
Chapter 260: Me and him, who looks better?
Chapter 261: The wine doesn’t get drunk, the person gets drunk
Chapter 262: The large grey wolf and the little white rabbit
Chapter 263: Confused emperor
Chapter 264: Taking advantage of someone
Chapter 265: Splitting them apart
Chapter 266: What hurts isn’t my heart, but rather my arm
Chapter 267: Immortal fighting a mortal
Chapter 268: All dead
Chapter 269: Your nose is crooked
Chapter 270: Punish me with following you forever
Chapter 271: If this happiness could last a lifetime
Chapter 272: The first hug
Chapter 273: Ill intent
Chapter 274: Hate filling his bones
Chapter 275: Proving one’s innocence
Chapter 276: Producing rain with a flip of one’s hand
Chapter 277: Slandering someone
Chapter 278: You’re the cheap person
Chapter 279: Want you to personally prove it
Chapter 280: Who wants to go to bed with you
Chapter 281: Running faster than a rabbit
Chapter 282: Chen Family’s daughter
Chapter 283: Stealing a chicken to end up with nothing
Chapter 284: That cheap woman is hypocritical
Chapter 285: You’re not allowed to like him
Chapter 286: The emperor teasing him
Chapter 287: What’s yours will be yours
Chapter 288: A kiss
Chapter 289: Who’s took advantage of who
Chapter 290: That one just now didn’t count
Chapter 291: You’re too tall, I can’t kiss you
Chapter 292: Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 293: When you’re older, I will marry you
Chapter 294: Thrown into the lake to feed the turtles
Chapter 295: Can he be that kind
Chapter 296: Giving you a final chance
Chapter 297: Because he cares about you
Chapter 298: Willing to give him a chance
Chapter 299: I won’t repay you for what I owe you
Chapter 300: Bet on me winning
Chapter 301: What do you take me for
Chapter 302: Changing person
Chapter 303: Victory, she must depend on herself
Chapter 304: Good chance to kill a witness
Chapter 305: We’ll see who tortures who to death
Chapter 306: I’ll feed it to you
Chapter 307: Only being able to stare
Chapter 308: You’re heavier than a pig
Chapter 309: He is not that heartless
Chapter 310: Slighting the royal face
Chapter 311: Beyond dispute
Chapter 312: Ten times earnings
Chapter 313: This king is filled with regret now
Chapter 314: Endlessly
Chapter 315: He only cares about her
Chapter 316: The secret one does not dare pry into
Chapter 317: Deserves to be his woman
Chapter 318: You’ll only get her if you kill me
Chapter 319: Swear
Chapter 320: You beast, scram
Chapter 321: Men aren’t reliable
Chapter 322: He was a man, not a piece of wood
Chapter 323: Who wants you to take responsibility
Chapter 324: You owe me a kiss
Chapter 325: I just want to hug you
Chapter 326: Catching a glimpse and clear memories
Chapter 327: The little girl grew up
Chapter 328: As beautiful as a flower
Chapter 329: Aren’t you thinking too much
Chapter 330: Bad to the core, no good intentions
Chapter 331: Put on a fake appearance
Chapter 332: Having bad luck and meeting misfortune
Chapter 333: Even if she is sneaky
Chapter 334: Two pronged approach
Chapter 335: Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Chapter 336: Going all in
Chapter 337: Underhanded means
Chapter 338: Falling for a trap
Chapter 339: A perfect reason
Chapter 340: Not letting go even if I die
Chapter 341: Don’t go
Chapter 342: In this age, only the face matters
Chapter 343: As gentle as always
Chapter 344: We have plenty of time ahead of us
Chapter 345: This king was angered to the point of confusion
Chapter 346: Definitely not a dream
Chapter 347: What kind of thing is this
Chapter 348: You are my woman
Chapter 349: His head is filled with water
Chapter 350: How could she not care
Chapter 351: It’s a pity, but you’re not the one
Chapter 352: She deserved it
Chapter 353: She was willing to die for him
Chapter 354: Making his intestines turn green with regret
Chapter 355: Just like a fairy consort
Chapter 356: Blind date assembly
Chapter 357: This joke isn’t funny
Chapter 358: Putting on airs
Chapter 359: What do you want
Chapter 360: She was his taboo
Chapter 361: Do you like me
Chapter 362: Him above and her below
Chapter 363: Ning’er, don’t cause trouble
Chapter 364: She would not be the emperor’s woman
Chapter 365: Release that girl
Chapter 366: The most important thing was that it was her
Chapter 367: Unable to see through
Chapter 368: He only had her in his eyes
Chapter 369: Shameless audacity
Chapter 370: Interesting, truly interesting
Chapter 371: Exposing him and slapping his face
Chapter 372: My feelings towards you has never changed
Chapter 373: As good as gold
Chapter 374: In the end, I loved the wrong person
Chapter 375: The man you want is me
Chapter 376: I’ve never touched her before
Chapter 377: Has he gone crazy?
Chapter 378: Kneeling down and admitting one’s wrongs
Chapter 379: Why wouldn’t it be true just because you said so
Chapter 380: Lost in confidence
Chapter 381: Waiting for the day you are willing
Chapter 382: The dream should end
Chapter 383: This servant said too much
Chapter 384: Picking who to be the wife
Chapter 385: The listener making his own meaning from what he heard
Chapter 386: This king is not a fool
Chapter 387: Picking the most fragrant and beautiful flower
Chapter 388: Old ginger is spicy
Chapter 389: No good was coming
Chapter 390: Not tired of acting, just tired of watching
Chapter 391: Slowly eating her
Chapter 392: Going crazy for you
Chapter 393: Ten becomes one
Chapter 394: She would be his eventually
Chapter 395: Helping her son steal his woman
Chapter 396: One will suffer indignities from losing their position
Chapter 397: This man is too terrifying
Chapter 398: Such a beautiful face
Chapter 399: Hard to tell whether it is a curse or a blessing
Chapter 400: Mo Chuan, don’t go
Chapter 401: I was afraid of losing you
Chapter 402: Regaining what was lost
Chapter 403: This one is not a eunuch
Chapter 404: How could he not want it
Chapter 405: Only this one can touch your hair
Chapter 406: If he did it, he would take responsibility
Chapter 407: Want her to warm your bed
Chapter 408: Doting parent
Chapter 409: Couldn’t help feeling pity
Chapter 410: Only an excuse
Chapter 411: The one in her dreams was him
Chapter 412: Sweet or bitter
Chapter 413: Whose woman is she
Chapter 414: Sheep, wolf, and tiger
Chapter 415: At night, I’ll be with you
Chapter 416: Caught in the act
Chapter 417: Blown up to the point where his skin had no hair
Chapter 418: What a lie
Chapter 419: Being in large trouble
Chapter 420: Poisoning the Empress Dowager
Chapter 421: This was a fake emperor
Chapter 422: Putting on a charade
Chapter 423: Empress Dowager expelling the poison
Chapter 424: Tool for murder
Chapter 425: Letting her die
Chapter 426: Stones will also blossom
Chapter 427: Hard to deal with old woman
Chapter 428: This emperor is not happy
Chapter 429: Blowing him up so even his butt bleeds
Chapter 430: Why is it you again
Chapter 431: Men also like gossip
Chapter 432: Forget about killing
Chapter 433: The emperor’s flattering
Chapter 434: Seeing what one shouldn’t see
Chapter 435: So bold
Chapter 436: It was unfair for this pot carrier
Chapter 437: Evil and stingy
Chapter 438: Three earthworms
Chapter 439: Blocking his eyes
Chapter 440: Soul confusing soup
Chapter 441: Grand banquet
Chapter 442: Three logs
Chapter 443: Secretly competing in wits
Chapter 444: Competition
Chapter 445: None of my business
Chapter 446: Doing everything to please
Chapter 447: Making them surprised
Chapter 448: Marry whoever you want me to marry
Chapter 449: The first chance to show off
Chapter 450: A large pleasant surprise
Chapter 451: Composing a prose in seven steps
Chapter 452: Putting pen to paper
Chapter 453: Making a fool of herself
Chapter 454: Who is the winner
Chapter 455: A fool that can’t afford to lose
Chapter 456: Smashing one’s foot
Chapter 457: The Empress Dowager framing someone
Chapter 458: The deep illusion of the painting