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Chapter 7: Hitting his face

Chapter 7: Hitting his face

Chen Bi Yun instinctively caught it. As she looked down from the red veil to look at what she was holding in her hand, she found it was the princess’ golden crown. She was immediately overjoyed.

That originally frustrated feeling that she had suddenly disappeared. She couldn’t even hear Chen Ning ironic words at all.

Her hands were trembling in excitement.

The meaning behind this golden crown, she was very clear on.

Why she got married, it was all for this thing!

“Elder sister, this is too priceless. Little sister can’t receive this, I must return this to elder sister.” Chen Bi Yun mouth said these words, but her arms were reluctant to stretch forward.

She clinged onto the golden crown and her heart filled with joy. She completely forgot all about the embarrassment that she had suffered.

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on the golden crown grasped in her hand and she revealed an interested smile.

“This isn’t anything good. Since little sister likes it, you can just keep it.”

She had regarded it so casually. It was as if what she thrown out wasn’t the princess’ golden crown and rather it was a piece of garbage.

Chu Shao Yang clenched his fist and the blue veins on his forehead popped out.

Chen Ning didn’t even spare a glance at him, she just took the teacup from the table and poured herself a cup of tea. Then she slowly took a sip.

At this moment, Chu Shao Yang truly felt the urge to rush out and strangle her!

This cursed ugly woman, she actually threw away the golden crown of the princess like it was garbage.

Although she didn’t say a word, but it was very clear what her meaning was.

This princess position to her, she couldn’t care less. Whoever wanted it could have it.

This kind of move in front of all these guests, it was equivalent to firmly slapping him in the face!

Chu Shao Yang’s chin was tightly pulled in, as his eyes almost began to water. He had a murderous gaze as he firmly stared at Chen Ning.

What kind of person is King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang!

In this world, Chu Shao Yang had only rejected people. There had never been anyone that regarded Chu Shao Yang as garbage and just threw him away!

He could not want her, but how could she not want him!

This girl, if she wasn’t crazy, then she just didn’t want to live!

Chu Yang Shao had ground his teeth to the point they were creaking and his chest continued to violently heave up and down. He suddenly stretched an arm to Chen Bi Yun and shouted, “Yun’er, give it to me!”

Chen Bi Yun was happy with her success, but she fell into a daze when she heard him, “Your highness, what do you want?” Her voice was still very gentle, but it did not have the slightest bit of joy.

“Golden crown!” Chu Shao Yang said word by word.

“Your highness…….”Chen Bi Yun was surprised.

She had just received the princess’ golden crown. She hadn’t even warmed it up and now she had to give it up. How could she be satisfied with this?

“Give it!”

Chu Shao Yang said the same thing.

Chen Bi Yun firmly bit her lips as she finally reluctantly handed over the golden crown.

Chu Shao Yang also felt very hopeless. If he could make the decision, he would not have hesitated to put the golden crown on his favourite girl Chen Bi Yun a long time ago.

But, Chen Ning had already received the princess status and had already been added into the royal family’s records. Were they still able to change it? Although he was King Ding Yuan, he also couldn’t remove her princess status at will. If he wanted to give the golden crown to another person, he had to have the emperor’s approval first. Otherwise, why would he have pulled this elaborate trick?

But he knew that the royal family placed many military responsibilities with the Chen Family. There was no way for him to get rid of Chen Ning.

If he wanted Chen Bi Yun to ascend, he had to kill Chen Ning first!

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes flashed with a brutal glow.

Even if she doesn’t die today, she would still eventually have to die!

She had fiercely slapped his face in front of all his guests. This grudge, he would remember!