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Chapter 32: Calling him a dog

Chapter 32: Calling him a dog

“I’ll only ask you a single question. From now on, will you be loyal to me or will you be loyal to Chu Shao Yang?” Chen Ning slowly said word by word.

Chun Tao and Xia He could not help looking at each other. They couldn’t understand what Chen Ning meant.

Being loyal to his highness or being loyal to the princess, was there a difference?

“If you are loyal to Chu Shao Yang, then you are his dogs. One of you has disrespected me and the other has secretly poisoned me. This account, I will properly get back from you. But if you are willing to be loyal to me, then we can just forget about everything. I will remember it, but will not take my revenge. Think carefully about it and then make your decision.” Chen Ning lightly said.

Chun Tao and Xia He had an apprehensive look before, but once they heard Chen Ning finish, the two of them let out a sigh of relief. They didn’t even think before kneeling down in front of Chen Ning and honestly said in unison, “Servant is willing to be forever loyal to the princess.”

The princess’ question was just like asking them if they liked to eat braised pork or if they liked to eat poop. This wasn’t a question that needed to be considered!

“Very good.” Chen Ning had a serious face as she looked at the two maidservants’ faces with cold eyes. She nodded and said, “Since you’ve decided to pledge your allegiance to me, from now on you are my, Chen Ning’s people. In this king’s palace, you only have to listen to me. As for the next door cats and dogs, you can just ignore them, do you remember this?”

Cats and dogs!

Xiao Ru almost laughed out loud. The young miss’ hidden insult was definitely aimed at King Ding Yuan.

“Servant will remember.” Chun Tao and Xia He agreed in unison.

Chen Ning looked at them with a strict face, “As for being my people, I only have one requirement and that is ‘loyalty’! If you show my one face and act another way behind my back and do things like selling out your master for glory, then tell me, how should this princess punish you?”

This was the first time she used the princess status as she sternly said with a fierce face.

Chun Tao and Xia He’s heart turned cold as the replied in unison, “Servant definitely won’t betray the princess, please rest assured princess!”

“You can stand up then.” Chen Ning waved her hand.

The two maidservants finally stood up, they both had faces of fear and awe. They no longer dared to display their original arrogant expression.

In Xiao Ru’s eyes, her admiration for Chen Ning was at the point where she wanted to bow down in worship.

The young miss was simply too strong. A few kung fu moves was enough to make these maidservants that didn’t put anyone in their eyes obedient. It was hard for a person not to be satisfied.

“It’s getting late so this princess will go to rest now. You can go now.” Chen Ning waved her hand.

“Yes, princess.” The two maidservants bowed before Chen Ning before they respectfully backed away.

“Wait!” Chen Ning suddenly said.

“Does the princess still have orders? Servant will immediately fulfill your wishes.” The two of them stopped together.

“Haven’t you forgotten to leave behind something?” Chen Ning smiled as she stared at their wrists.

Chun Tao and Xia He seemed to suddenly think of something as they quickly removed the bracelets and placed them in front of Chen Ning.

“Servant was being too greedy, please forgive us princess.”

Their hearts skipped a beat. Stealing the princess’ things, this was a huge crime. If the princess decided to punish them, the two of them wouldn’t be able to handle the punishment.

“You’re dismissed. As long as you remain loyal to this princess, you won’t be lacking in benefits. You can go now.” Chen Ning put away the bracelets as she generously forgot about it.

After waiting for Chun Tao and Xia He to leave, Xiao Ru closed the door and turned around to look at Chen Ning with an anxious look, “Young miss, do you think that they’ll go and report to his highness? This servant doesn’t think they are trustworthy. Young miss, do you really believe what Xia He said?”