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Chapter 47: What kind of medicine are you eating

Chapter 47: What kind of medicine are you eating

At first, Mother Lin was filled with disdain for Chen Ning, but now that she had been in Chen Ning’s hands for a while, she couldn’t help but feeling fear.

Who said that young miss Chen of the country protecting palace was just a weak little girl? She had lived for this long and this was the first time she had seen such a powerful person. Especially considering how young she was, she was truly a youth that should be respected!

“Alright, you can stop now. Since Mother Lin and you guys have learned the rules and this princess is feeling good today, I will not investigate the crimes of you offending me.”

Chen Ning laughed as she raised her hand.

She had already accomplished her goal so she wouldn’t continue to embarrass these maids. Moreover they still had their uses.

All the maids gave a sigh of relief as they stopped kowtowing and Maidservant Feng also stopped slapping herself. In order to quell Chen Ning’s anger, she had slapped herself with all her strength. Her original rat like face had completely turned red and was much plumper.

When the maids saw Maidservant Feng’s face, they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to do so.

“Aiyo. Mother Lin, you’re such an old person, how could you kneel in front of me? Please stand up. This is your crutch, you have to hold it properly. Don’t let it fall into the hands of another person.”

Chen Ning smiled as she walked forward and raised a hand out to help Mother Lin stand up. She put the crutch in her hand and helped her pat off the dirt from her dress.

The way she had gone from dominating to respectful shocked Mother Lin and the maids. They stared at her in a daze, unable to guess what kind of medicine Chen Ning had just swallowed.

“Princess, this one is just a simple old servant. This old servant wouldn’t dare to do anything.” Mother Lin leaned against her crutch, her face was filled with fear.

Her originally arrogant expression had completely disappeared as she became more and more humble.

Now, whenever she saw Chen Ning smile, her heart would start to beat fast. She was afraid that if the other party made a move, she wouldn’t be able to endure it.

“Mother Lin, you are the steward of this king’s palace and I am just a newcomer. For an old servant like you to personally come to my courtyard, what can I help you with?”

Chen Ning was smiling as she helped Mother Lin sit down on a stone bench at the side.

How could Mother Lin dare sit down? She jumped up the minute her butt touched the stone bench and quickly bowed forward. Hearing Chen Ning’s words, she could not help being surprised.

In her heart, she knew that the princess was just asking a rhetorical question!

But she did not dare to not answer. She respectfully said, “Reporting to the princess, because the princess left the palace by herself yesterday, his highness ordered this old servant to come and pay a visit to the princess.”

Even if her courage was at 120%, she still did not dare mention the words learning the rules.

Once Xiao Ru and the other two maids heard Mother Lin’s answer, they couldn’t hold back their laughter.

But Chen Ning just solemnly nodded and said, “Mother Lin truly is a steward loyal to the king’s palace, no wonder his highness has so much trust in you. You’re not the least bit careless with the tasks his highness assigns to you. Just to come and greet me, you bring this many people, very good. Seeing you pay this much attention to this princess and you give such an enthusiastic greeting to this princess, this princess is very pleased.

Her words made Mother Lin and the maids’ face turn red in embarrassment. They really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Mother Lin, now that you’ve given your greeting, isn’t it time for you to report back to his highness? I wonder, how will you report this matter back to his highness?”

Mother Lin was surprised. She couldn’t help wonder what Chen Ning meant by this.

Seeing Chen Ning’s smiling face, her heart suddenly skipped a beat.