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Chapter 51: Accurately foretelling the future

Chapter 51: Accurately foretelling the future

“But, your highness…..” Chen Bi Yu looked up. That delicate and charming face made Chu Shao Yang’s heart beat wildly.

“She caused this prince to lose face at the wedding yesterday, now I can’t even raise my head when meeting my colleagues. At the same time, she even harmed you and the child in your stomach. The fact that this king sent Mother Lin to only teach her a lesson and not take her life is already letting her off easy. You do not need to plead for her, this king has already decided to let her feel like death is better than living!”

Chu Shao Yang coldly ordered, “Someone come, receive this king’s orders. No doctors of the palace will be allowed to treat the princess. Anyone that disobeys will be punished by the family laws!”

“Your highness…..” Chen Bi Yun had an anxious face, but she felt pride in her heart.

My good elder sister, Mother Lin is not someone easy to deal with. Without a doctor treating you, I really want to see just how long you’ll live!

[TL Note: I broke out in laughter reading this one sentence.]

What Chen Bi Yun did not know was that Chen Ning, who she thought had been beaten until she couldn’t move, had already left the king’s palace.

The current Chen Ning was happily wandering around the streets of the capital with Xiao Ru.

The last time she had escaped from the palace, but this time she had openly left with the command token. The mood was definitely different compared to last time.

This time, she was dressed much more simply. Xiao Ru had helped her tie her hair in a bun, with a sandalwood hairpin sticking through it. She was wearing a common gray short jacket and skirt. She had even put a ginger yellow powder on her face, covering her beautiful face. Only her eyes were still shining bright.

All in all, no one would take a second look at her if they passed her on the street.

Low key, she had to be low key.

Although Chen Ning had come out to make money, she didn’t want to do it in a way that attracted everyone’s attention. She wanted to silently make her fortune.

Xiao Ru was already used to Chen Ning’s variety of strange activities. She knew that she would never be able to understand what kind of things ran through the young miss’ mind, but she knew that as long as she stayed by the young miss, she would never suffer a loss.

There were many business opportunities in areas with a lot of people.

Chen Ning naturally understood this logic.

She brought Xiao Ru to a place where there was a lot of people. Before long, they had arrived at a lively downtown market.

On either side of the street, there was a variety of stalls set up. There were stalls selling jewelry, makeup, writing utensils, and children’s toys. There was even a monkey juggling knives……Just looking at it all made the two of them tired.

There were clerks shouting out promoting their wares and pedestrians walking by endlessly.

Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly lit up.

That’s it, she’ll do that!

She went over to a furniture stall and spent ten copper coins to buy a wooden table. Then she borrowed the pen inside the store and with big strokes, she wrote a few large letters, “Accurate fortune telling, 100% accuracy!”

As a body reading expert of the modern era, she would definitely use her best techniques to make some money.

Once Xiao Ru saw the words written, her chin couldn’t help falling as she revealed a shocked expression.

She remembered that the young miss had never learned how to tell the future. She whispered in her heart: The young miss wouldn’t be thinking of becoming a swindler of Jianghu to earn some money, right?

Chen Ning placed her stall at the end of the market street, but there were still quite a few people walking through here.

But after sitting there for half a day, there was no one that came up to Chen Ning’s stall.

Xiao Ru anxiously scratched her ears. Her butt kept coming up like she was sitting on nails. After sitting down for awhile, she would then stand up and look around.

She was puzzled. The other stalls all have quite a few people visiting them, why was there no one that came up to the young miss’ stall?

Was everyone here that sharp eyed? Had they all seen through the young miss’ scam with a single glance?