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Chapter 57: The walls have ears

Chapter 57: The walls have ears

“Silly girl.” Chen Ning gently flicked Xiao Ru’s forehead, “Is it because you can’t remember, or is it because you didn’t look properly? As long as you had a proper look, you would have realized that there were red eggs in the basket. Tell me, why would an old man run through the streets with red eggs?”

“This I know. It’s because there’s a new addition to his family!” Xiao Ru clapped her hand and shouted out.

After she finished, she suddenly realized, “Yi, I understand now. Young miss, you figured out he was having a child from the red eggs in the basket! It was that simple. I had thought that the young miss could truly divine the future!”

Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile and said, “Many of those fortune tellers and diviners use the same methods as I do, so there is nothing to be surprised about. Xiao Ru, if you learn to observe more carefully, you can also do it.”

“Then young miss, were the things you said about ‘bloody disasters’ and ‘eating dirt to stop crying’ all true as well?” Xiao Ru scratched her head again.

She was confused when she heard them at the time.

“If you believe in them, they will be true. If you don’t believe in them, then they won’t be true.” Chen Ning smiled and blinked her eyes. Then she raised her chopsticks and said, “Come, let’s eat, let’s eat!”

While the two of them were talking, the dishes had all been sent over. The table was completely covered and the fragrant smell flowed forth.

Xiao Ru’s drool almost dripped out of her mouth. She ate a piece of shrimp and then a piece of pork rib. She felt that everything she ate was the most delicious thing she had ever eaten.

When Chen Ning saw this, she felt it was very strange.

She was still the country protecting palace’s young miss before getting married and Xiao Ru was her main maidservant, why did it seem like she had never eaten this kind of dishes before?

She searched through the original owner’s memories and found that she actually hadn’t eaten them before!

Not just Xiao Ru, even a young miss like her had only eaten crude dishes sent over by the kitchen. She had never eaten a fine meal like this.

Of course, this was all thanks of her Stepmother Lin.

She no longer wanted to recall the bitter memories from her past. She picked up a piece of jellied meat for Xiao Ru, then she smiled and said, “This jellied meat is very tasty, it’s fragrant and not too greasy, it melts once it enters your mouth. You’ll definitely love it.”

Chen Ning and Xiao Ru enjoyed a very happy meal. They didn’t know that in the room next to them, there were people secretly listening to everything they said.

The black clothed man was sitting at the table and slowly drinking his wine. There were only four dishes on the table, but each one looked expensive and elegant. The pear wine he enjoyed gave off a sweet and intoxicating aroma. He leaned back in his chair and enjoyed cup after cup, he seemed quite careless and lazy.

Behind him, there was a blue clothed youth standing there.

While Chen Ning and Xiao Ru were replying to the waiter, the blue clothed youth Xiao Si had heard her voice. He said with a surprised and happy voice, “Master, it’s the girl from yesterday!”

He remembered how he had searched through the small alley yesterday, but could not find a single shadow of the master and servant.

This time, when he heard Chen Ning’s voice, he was surprised like he had just been trampled upon.

The black clothed man acted like he had not heard her at all and there were no emotions on his face. He continued to drink cup after cup, as if he was much more interested in the wine.

But Xiao Si was listening to the room next door with his ears piqued. He had a very interested expression on his face.

Hearing that Xiao Ru’s little voice saying that they had no money to pay for their meal, Xiao Si couldn’t hold himself back and blurted out, “Master, they don’t have any money to pay for their meal, do you want to……”

Although the black clothed man did not show any interest, Xiao Si could still understand him. He had grown up side by side with the black clothed man since they were young. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call him a worm inside the black clothed man’s stomach.