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Chapter 60: Eating for free

Chapter 60: Eating for free

“Miss, the four dishes you ordered, they are impossible to make! The phoenix is a heavenly bird, this one has never seen one before. How could we make a dish from it? The phoenix’s egg is even more impossible. As for this squirrel mandarin fish, this one knows what the mandarin fish is, our chef does have a recipe called ‘Filling Mandarin Fish’. It’s very fresh and fragrant, everyone that’s had it says it’s very good. As for using squirrel mandarin fish, this doesn’t seem right. Also for the soup that you ordered, how could there be a soup that tasty, nice to look at, and good to listen to? This one has lived for twenty years and I’ve never heard of a soup that’s nice to listen to. Hei, hei, miss, you aren’t playing trying to play a joke on this little one, right?”

The waiter had a smile on his face as he spoke.

Chen Ning’s pretty face changed and the smile disappeared. She forcefully slapped the table and shouted, “Who’s playing a joke on you! You just boasted that as long as it flies in the sky, walks on land, or swims in the ocean, your chef would be able make it and now you’re saying you can’t even make these four ordinary dishes? If this was spread, it would truly destroy your Tai He Floor’s fame!”

The waiter’s face froze and then he revealed a look of embarrassment.

He had boasted like this, but who would have thought that the dishes Chen Ning would order would be this complicated? This was simply causing trouble for others.

“Miss, do you want to order four other dishes? The four dishes you ordered are, they are……”

“So can you make it or not? Stop speaking being so long winded and just tell me!” Chen Ning impatiently knit her brows.

“This, this……”

The waiter didn’t know what to say. He didn’t need to go to the kitchen to know that the chef would now be able to make these dishes.

“If you can’t make it, then don’t blame this lady for not paying! Xiao Ru, we’re leaving!” Chen Ning pulled Xiao Ru up.

“Well! It seems like you were trying to get a free meal! You’re not allowed to leave!”

The waiter instantly reacted and blocked the door with stretched arms.

Chen Ning gave a cold laugh, “The dignified best restaurant in the capital seems to be all talk! You can’t even make a dish the guest orders and you still dare to ask for money? You truly are shameless!”

The tone she spoke with was righteous and her demeanour was awe inspiring. Even the waiter was completely speechless.

Xiao Ru’s eyes filled with stars as she looked at Chen Ning. Her heart was filled with worship.

There shouldn’t be anyone in this world with a thicker face than the young miss, right? She was so righteous even when trying to get a free meal!

[TL Note: Thick face = shameless]

Xiao Si who was eavesdropping in the next room couldn’t hold it in and let out a laugh.

The black clothed man still had an indifferent face, but there was a trace of a smile in his black eyes.

Interesting, this girl is truly interesting.

The man rubbed the side of his cup with his fingers and there was a trace of interest that shined in his eyes.

“You…..you’re clearly making it hard for us!” The waiter put his hands on his hips and angrily shouted, “What phoenix’s nest and phoenix’s egg! What tasty, nice to look at, and good to listen to soup? There’s no such thing under the heavens! If you do not pay your bill today, you will not be able to take a single step out this door!”

He turned around and then shouted downstairs, “Someone come! There’s someone trying to skip out on the bill!”

After a while, there was the sounds of people rushing over coming from the stairs and several bulky men came into the room. They each had a knife in their hand and their faces were filled with killing intent as they rushed into the room.

“Who’s trying to run out on the bill!”

The leading man looked around with his water buffalo eyes and loudly shouted.