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Chapter 61: Not even a fly could leave

Chapter 61: Not even a fly could leave

The man was carrying a knife in both his left and right hand. The knife’s tip shined with a cold glow, so sharp that a sound could almost be heard.

“It’s these two girls!” The waiter pointed at Chen Ning and Xiao Ru.

“You dare to not pay for your meal?” The big man aggressively stepped forward. He grinded the two knives together which sounded like teeth grinding.

Xiao Ru couldn’t help giving out a tiny scream of terror and her body began to tremble. She closed her eyes because she didn’t dare look at him.

“Stop trying to scare this young lady, stand further away from me. You smell just like poop, have you been in the backyard digging for manure?”

Chen Ning had a frown of her face as she covered her nose.

The large man’s face couldn’t help turning red. He was asking in his heart how did this girl know that he had been digging for manure?

“Who cares who this father is! If you don’t pay your bills today, don’t even think about leaving our Tai He Floor!” He shouted.

“Who says we’re not paying for our food?” Chen Ning looked over at the waiter. Then she gave a cold smile and said, “It was this waiter that said that as long as I ordered it, there was nothing that your restaurant could not make. The result was that after I ordered my dishes, he rejected to make three out of four of my dishes. The fact that I haven’t spread this to others and ruining your Tai He Floor’s reputation is already being courteous. Now you have the nerve to ask me for money? Who has this kind of logic in this world?”

Once the group of men heard this, they thought that what Chen Ning said was very logical and couldn’t help nodding.

The waiter was very worried and pointed at Chen Ning as he screamed, “Stop listening to her nonsense. I have never even heard of the four dishes she ordered, how could the chef make them? There is no one in this world that could make them! She is clearly trying to get a free meal!”

“There’s no one in the world that could make them?” Chen Ning asked back, “If I said that there was someone that could make these four dishes, then what?”

“It’s impossible!” The waiter did not even think about it before responding.

“He, he, you’re just a little waiter, it doesn’t matter if I just convince you. Call your Tai He Floor boss over, this lady has something she needs to talk to him about!”

“Alright, I’ll go and call the boss over now. You, you just wait! Once our boss comes over, you will not have a good end!”

The waiter ran off.

Once Xiao Ru saw that things were about to become more troublesome, she began to sweat from her anxiety, especially after she saw the vicious men standing by the door. Now that they lost their chance to escape, she wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Young miss, this is simply kicking the hornet’s nest!

How can this have a good ending?

But Chen Ning calmly said, “Xiao Ru, this pear wine is very good, do you want a cup?”

She giggled as she gave Xiao Ru a cup of wine.

Xiao Ru began to tap on her cheeks as she stared at Chen Ning. She could not understand, how could the young miss still smile in this kind of terrible situation?

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t drink. If I become drunk later, you have to remember to bring me home.”

When Chen Ning saw that Xiao Ru was not drinking, she wasn’t angry. She smiled as she drank the cup and then poured herself another cup.

Thinking about it, she had already drank seventeen-eighteen cups of wine already, yet she was not drunk at all. Rather her eyes began to shine brighter.

“Young miss, stop drinking. If you become drunk, how will we run?” Xiao Ru couldn’t help whispering in Chen Ning’s ears.

“Run? Who said I wanted to run?” Chen Ning giggled as she raised another cup of wine and then she drank it all again, “I’m waiting for the boss to come. I have something to discuss with him.”

The large men gave cold laughs in their hearts.

With them guarding the door, they still wanted to run?

Even a fly would not be able to leave!