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Chapter 73: Damn your turtle tail

Chapter 73: Damn your turtle tail

The ink was not dry yet and must have been painted on just now by that evil charming youth. He must still be in the room.

Sure enough, after her voice rang out, a candle was lit.

In the shadow of that yellow glow, a tall and slender figure was sitting by the table, with one hand supporting his chin. His black hair flowed like a waterfall, half covering his delicate eyebrows, only exposing half of his perfect face.

His gem like eyes looked over at Chen Ning. He immediately smiled and like a beautiful landscape, it was beauty that was beyond normal humans.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Ning did not want to see him, she would have been a bit surprised by his smile.

“Calling me a little stinky brat as soon as we meet, are you not afraid of hurting other people’s feelings?” The beautiful young man’s eyes contained a trace of bitterness as he looked at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning began to tremble as goosebumps appeared from being disgusted with him.

[TL Note: He talks in a very girly manner]

“Talk properly!” Chen Ning threw her pillow at him and shouted, “If you try to gross me out again, just see if I won’t slap you again!”

The pillow naturally did not hit him.

The beautiful young man flickered and the pillow hit the floor.

But when he remembered the slap last night, his face turned red. Then he wore a serious expression on his face.

Chen Ning turned and got up. She already knew that the evil young man would appear in her room in the middle of the night again, so she had slept in her clothes.

She walked in front of the bronze mirror on the dresser. She looked into the mirror and as expected, there were another two small animals drawn on her face.

Only it wasn’t a wolf and fox this time. It was a sharp toothed little porcupine and a four flippered upside down little turtle on the other cheek.

The two ink drawings were very lifelike, especially that little turtle trying to turn over, but couldn’t. Whoever saw it wouldn’t be able to hold in their laughter.

Chen Ning forced herself to not laugh.

She did not want to show that beautiful young man a happy expression.

“What’s the meaning of drawing these two animals on my face, un?”

She raised her brows and looked at the beautiful young man with a ghost of a smile on her face.

The beautiful young man suddenly came forward and pointed at the little porcupine. Then he smiled and said, “This is you, and that is my third brother. Hee, hee, do you think my drawing is good?”

Chen Ning almost broke down.

This little brat actually drew Chu Shao Yang as a turtle!

“Why am I a hedgehog and he is a turtle?” Chen Ning stared at him as she spoke in a displeased voice.

“Because in my heart, you guys are just like this. You are covered in spikes and no matter who comes near you, you will pierce them and cause them to bleed. Isn’t this just like a hedgehog? As for my third brother, he will soon be like this turtle, being trapped on his back by you. He, he.” The beautiful young man smiled and blinked. His dark eyes began to glitter.

He smiled as he raised his pen, “This turtle is missing a tail because I didn’t have enough time to paint it before you woke up. Let me finish painting the tail, ok?”

“Damn your turtle tail!” Chen Ning scolded. She stepped back, avoiding the young man’s brush tip.

Although she agreed with how the beautiful young man saw Chu Shao Yang as a turtle that couldn’t flip itself over, she was not willing to appear in front of everyone with this turtle drawn on her face.

“Is it because you think I haven’t drawn it well enough? Or is it because you don’t like turtles? Then what do you like? I’ll draw whatever you like. I promise the drawing will look great!”

The beautiful young man began to twist her words as he spoke in a delighted tone.

He seemed to have a great interest in painting on Chen Ning’s face.