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Chapter 83: Who released it

Chapter 83: Who released it

The golden imperial palace was a very solemn place, the ministers did not even dare breathe too loudly here.

The series of farts he released was loud and clear, creating a long echo.

The ministers were filled with amusement they could not hold in.

Especially those with grudges against Chu Shao Yang. They were simply delighted at Chu Shao Yang making a public fool of himself.

But since they were still in front of the emperor, they had to hold it in. No one dared to make a single sound and they could only force it down. Their faces all turned red from keeping it in and their bodies began to tremble.

Even the stern and grim emperor’s lips couldn’t help twitching a few times.

In that moment, Chu Shao Yang truly wished he could slam his head against a pole.

He had thought that what had happened in the wedding hall would be the most embarrassing moment in his life, but compared with the current situation, it all seemed trivial.

If there was a crack in the floor of the golden imperial palace, he would not have hesitated in drilling into the floor.

It was a good thing that his uncle, the emperor gave him a way out by gently saying, “King Ding Yuan seems to be in discomfort. Why don’t you leave early and rest up at your palace.”

With this pardon, he left the hall with an embarrassed look.

On the way back to the palace, he still continued to let out farts.

Chu Shao Yan’s chest was burning with rage, but he could not find anywhere to vent.

He didn’t even need to think about it to guess that the news of him farting in the royal court will be spread all across the capital very soon. When that time comes, he will become a public laughingstock and will be unable to raise his head wherever he goes.

Dammit! God dammit!

He fiercely grinded his teeth together. When he dismounted to enter the palace, he smashed the horse tying post with a single fist, but the anger in his chest did not subside.

He thought about it and determined that the cause was definitely the meal that Chen Bi Yun had carefully prepared this morning. So, he angrily set off straight for the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.

Chen Bi Yun also had troubles with her stomach all morning. When Chu Shao Yan’s foot entered the door, she began to fart.

And she continued going, without stopping at all. Soon the exquisite room was filled with an incredibly stinky smell.

She almost fainted from smelling her own farts, but she did not dare leave her room.

Because there were many people in the palace, how could she let other people know about such an embarrassing thing. If his highness heard about this, then her perfect image in his heart would be completely shattered.

Her personal maidservant had lit several incenses in the incense burner and had opened all the windows in the house, but that disgusting smell continued to linger.

Chen Bi Yu couldn’t help being nervous. If his highness came to visit her after he came back from the royal court and smelled this unpleasant scent, he would probably be very angry.

“Princess Consort, his highness……has returned.”

It truly is one’s fears will come true. Once she heard Lan Xiang’s report, Chen Bi Yun’s heart filled with a desire to die.

It was already too late for her to try to hide. The sound of Chu Shao Yang’s footsteps came from outside the door.

Chen Bi Yun gathered herself and then went out, bending over to greet him.

“Your highness, you’re back. Concubine was…..”

Before she could finish speaking, all that was heard was a “pu” sound. Both of them were stunned because they both thought it came from themselves.

You look at me, I look at you. Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun both had embarrassed expressions on their faces.

“This, this servant deserves death. This servant did not do it on purpose, I just could not hold it in. I beg your highness and the consort for forgiveness.”

Lan Xiang quickly kneeled down and knocked her head on the ground.

She secretly eaten some of the leftover beef stew and water chestnut cakes and her stomach had been feeling weird the whole time. She had held it in for a long time, but she never would have thought that she would lose control at this moment.