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Chapter 109: Peach blossom cove

Chapter 109: Peach blossom cove

“But this was not fairly obtained!” Chen Ning confidently said, “Who knows what kind of person lots of money is or where he got his gold from? What if he was a bandit and this money was earned from killing people? Would you feel safe spending it?”

Xiao Ru began to tremble as she quickly shook her head.

“Give me the bag of money.” Chen Ning stretched out her hand.

Xiao Ru immediately placed the bag of money in her hand.

The bag was quite heavy and it was filled to the brim with little ingots. It was incredibly valuable. Chen Ning was confident that the amount of money here was enough to last a normal person their entire lifetime.

That lots of money, he was truly generous.

But she did not plan to touch this money and would not spend a single piece of it.

She place the several small ingots on the table and they emitted a golden glow under the light which was very attractive. Xiao Ru’s was completely overwhelmed.

Chen Ning however studied the empty bag, trying to find some clues from it.

She found that people of this era liked to imprint their mark on their belongings, just like how Zhao Er Gou had embroidered the Zhao character on the inside of his clothes.

But after she completely turned the bag inside out, she still did not find a single clue.

She quickly lost interest in the bag and lazily threw it to Xiao Ru, “Put all of this away.”


For several days, Chu Shao Yang did not enter a single step into the Intoxicated Flower Pavillion. Chen Bi Yun could not help being worried.

Thinking about how Chu Shao Yang had left without even looking back that day, her heart began to fill with fear.

In the palace, she was the only one who had his highness’ favour and if she lost that, would she have the right to fight for the position of the rightful princess consort?

“Lan Xiang, where has his highness been staying the past few days?”

The thing that Chen Bi Yun was worried most about was that while she was pregnant, there would be another woman that would swoop in.

There were plenty of beautiful maids in the king’s palace and Chu Shao Yang was a hot blooded young man. How could he resist being in an empty room every night?

“Reporting to the concubine consort, his highness has been living in the small courtyard of the Peach Blossom Cove.” Lan Xiang carefully replied.

Last time, because she had accidentally farted, she had chased his highness away. The concubine consort had said that because she had farted and chased away his highness, she would have to learn a vicious lesson.

She called for innocence and kept saying that his highness was chased away by the smell of your farts, but she still needed to her head servant position.

The servant did not dare to argue and could only allow Chen Bi Yun to abuse her.

Add in the fact that Chu Shao Yang has not been here for a few days, Chen Bi Yun has been in quite a bad mood. Several antique vases and beautiful tea sets have been smashed already and she sometimes even vented her anger by making Lan Xiang her punching bag, so that was why she was so careful in answering Chen Bi Yun’s question. She was afraid that if she did something wrong, she would be punished once again.

“Peach Blossom Little House?” Chen Bi Yun knit her brows and asked, “What kind of place is that? Why does this concubine not know about it?”

“Reporting to the concubine consort, this servant has inquired about this from others. I’ve heard that the Peach Blossom Cove is his highness’ favourite place. There is a peach blossom forest there and it is very beautiful when it blooms in march. But his highness never allows anyone to come within half a step of the Peach Blossom Cove. It’s said that his highness personally takes care of each peach blossom tree there. This servant has also heard that last year there was a little maid that did not know about this forbidden place and had walked into the Peach Blossom Cove. She saw that the peach blossom blooming were very beautiful and picked a flower from the tree. The results were that his highness had chopped off her hands and feet and threw her out of the palace.”

Saying this, Lan Xiang could not help shivering.