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Chapter 110: Weasel bringing the chicken a new year’s greeting

Chapter 110: Weasel bringing the chicken a new year’s greeting

“Well, so it’s like this.” When Chen Bi Yun heard this, she also felt a chill run down her spine, but she also calmed down a bit.

That Peach Blossom Cove was Chu Shao Yang’s forbidden area and no one else was allowed to enter. Naturally there was not a chance that a maid was secretly currying favours with his highness.

“Has his highness been in the Peach Blossom Cove the whole time? Has he gone to morning court these past few days? She asked again.

“That’s right, concubine consort. I’ve heard from Xiao An Zi by his highness’ side that since his highness has come back early from court because he was sick a few days ago, he has not gone to morning court ever since. Moreover, he has not moved a single step from the Peach Blossom Little House. Even his meals have all been sent to the entrance of the Peach Blossom Cove by Xiao An Zi.” Lan Xiang replied.

Chen Bi Yun was even more relaxed as she revealed a faint smile on her face. She looked to the side as she suddenly thought of something.

“Lan Xiang, do you have news on that cheap woman?”

While Chu Shao Yang had not visited her, she had been worried about losing his favour everyday and had completely forgotten about Chen Ning. Thinking about it now, she realized that she still had not heard the news of Chen Ning, the proper princess consort dying yet.

“About this…..This servant has not heard any news yet.” Lan Xiang shook her head.

She had been Chen Bi Yun’s confidant since she was young, of course she knew who her master was talking about.

“No news? Then that means she still hasn’t died yet!” Chen Bi Yun knit her brows together.

She leaned back in her chair and then suddenly stood up. A cold glow flashed in her eyes.

“Lan Xiang, go and prepare some gifts. This concubine is going to visit her good elder sister.”

Her lips formed a cold smile, “I want to see why she isn’t dead yet after suffering such heavy injuries!”


Chen Ning had not left the palace in several days. She was afraid that once she left, she would once again meet the black clothed man and his servant.

The entire palace knew that the princess consort had annoyed his highness and had been taught a fierce lesson by Mother Lin, suffering heavy injuries. His highness had ordered that no one was allowed to help the princess recover and to let nature run its course. It was clear that the princess has lost his highness’ favour.

Losing his highness’ favour was like losing the entire king’s palace’s favour.

So no one would help the dying princess, trying to win her favour.

In the past few days, other than the three maids assigned to Chen Ning’s courtyard, no one else had come to visit.

She was happy for the peace and quiet. She closed off the courtyard, just chatting with the three maids and playing games. They leisurely spent their time everyday.

Today she had slept in and woken up a little late. Without having the time to wash up, Chun Tao rushed in with a panicked face to report in.

“Princess consort, this is bad. Concubine Chen is here to visit!”

She clearly knew that Chen Ning was pretending to be sick. If Chen Bi Yun came in and saw that the princess was not injured at all, then that would be a catastrophe.

“Chen Bi Yun?” Chen Ning’s eyelids did not rise up. She said in a strange tone, “What is she here for?”

After thinking for a bit, she figured it all out. She then revealed a faint smile, “She’s here because she hasn’t received the news of my death yet, so she’s feeling a little impatient.”

Seeing Chen Ning’s face that seemed like nothing was wrong, Chun Tao anxiously said, “Princess, do you want this servant to tell concubine Chen that you are sick and can’t see anyone, then send her off?”

“Why should we send her off?” Chen Ning raised her brows, “She is this princess’ blood related little sister. Since she has married into the king’s palace, us sisters have not met in several days. Since she is kindly coming to visit me, I naturally have to reconnect our sisterly love with her. Chun Tao, stop being so anxious. Go and ask her to come in. Remember, you have to act respectful and not let her catch onto the fact that something is wrong.”