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Chapter 131: What treasure is it

Chapter 131: What treasure is it

“What third sister in law! Everyone knows that you and him have not finishing your ceremonies. You have worshiped the heaven and earth together, you haven’t exchanged wine cups, and you haven’t been in the same room with him!” He angrily said.

“But I am engaged to him by the emperor. I am his princess and we can’t deny that fact.” Chen Ning blinked and said.

“If you are willing, I can bring you away from here and go to a pace where no one will be able to find you. There, you won’t be a princess or live in a dog kennel like wooden hut and I, I will……will…..” His face suddenly turned red. There was something that had been in his heart for a while and he wanted to say it now, but he couldn’t help feeling shy.

Chen Ning did not give him a chance to say it. She just shook her head and said, “I’ve said it before, I like living here. I won’t go anywhere else.”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned white and the fiery blood in his veins froze.

“You still like my third brother, no matter what he does to you, even if he hits you, insults you, or abuses you. He even threw you into this wooden hut while he’s affectionately playing around with your sister, yet your heart still only has him, right!” He gritted his teeth and said.

Chen Ning smiled.

“Of course not!” Was she really as cheap as he said she was?

“Then why don’t you leave him! Why don’t you leave this place?” Chu Shao Bai stared deeply into her eyes.

“When did I say that I’m not willing to leave him?” Chen Ning smiled and retorted.

“You just said it!” He suppressed his anger and said.

“Oh.” Chen Ning smiled once again. It was as if the angrier he was, the more she would smile.

“Once I’ve finished what I want to do, naturally I’ll leave, only right now……The time isn’t right yet.” She looked down, “Xiao Bai, let go of me and let’s have a proper conversation.”

She was being held in his arms, breathing the pure aura being scattered from his body. Although in her heart he was just a little brother, she still had to admit that he was already grown up. In the ancient era men came of age at twenty years old, so he could be considered a man already.

“I won’t let go until you tell me when the right time is.” He stubbornly said.

He really was a stubborn little brat.。

Chen Ning was a little angry, but she knew that she couldn’t deal with him by being angry.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly let out an “aiyo” sound.

“What’s wrong?” He finally relaxed his grip a little.

“What treasure are you hiding in your chest, it’s so hard. It’s so painful.” Chen Ning complained while changing the topic.

“You mean this?” Chu Shao Bai was fooled and was suddenly distracted.

He let go of her wrist and pulled out a palm sized little box from his chest. He treated it like a treasure as he carefully placed it in front of her.

“This is for you.” He smiled while a trace of pride appeared in his eyes.

“What is it?” Chen Ning was curious.

“Won’t you know once you open it?” He deliberately kept her guessing.

Chen Ning couldn’t help rolling her eyes. She did not plan to accept this gift, but seeing his expression, she changed her mind.

Just looking at it did not mean she would accept it.

She gently opened the lid and she saw a smaller box inside of the box, it was covered in cotton bag. She didn’t know why he was being so mysterious about it.

She suddenly remembered how she used to play pranks on her friends when she was younger. She would place something strange in a box and then get her friends to open it.

For example, a caterpillar, a tadpole, or even some bees. Once the box was opened, it would scare her friends.