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Chapter 135: Sit back and wait

Chapter 135: Sit back and wait

In her heart, it wasn’t as if she wasn’t feeling sadness and a sense of loss.

After all, after she had passed through into this world, other than Xiao Ru, he was the only person that gave her a warm smile.

She could see that he was genuinely good to her.

Although he didn’t say a single word about it, she still knew that it was hard to get that ice flower.

The capital city was currently in springtime, so only the highest peaks far away would have ice at this time. With his excellent qinggong, for him to actually break a leg meant that it had to be a dangerous journey.

She believed that in this world, there would not be another person like him who would travel thousands of miles and risk his life climbing steep icy peaks just because of single sentence she said while she was drunk.

She also knew why he didn’t appear during these past few days. It was all because he had broken his leg and it was hard for him to walk.

As soon as he could move again, he didn’t even take off the splint on his legs before coming to see her, just to give her this precious gift, but she had completely turned him down!

Chen Ning already hated herself for being so emotionless, so how could Chu Shao Bai not hate her?

But only by hating her……would he forget about her faster.

They might as well treat it as if they had never met.

It was better to forget about each other than to help each other.


Chen Ning did not know that during the few days she did not leave the king’s palace, there was someone turning the entire capital city upside down while searching for her.

The bustling business street was busy everyday with people coming and going. The little stall owners were calling out trying to attract the customers walking past.

Xiao Si could not even remember how many days it had been since he slept.

He didn’t know whose house he was sitting in front of, but he just sat there and waited. From dawn to night, from night to dawn in a continuous cycle.

The Chen Ning master and servant pair did not appear again.

Xiao Si felt that if he kept waiting like this, he would turn into a piece of stone soon.

But he did not dare to go back.

His master had given him a strict order. Even if he had to turn the entire capital city upside down, he had to find the master and servant, but he could not disturb others.

This was simply making it difficult for him.

Xiao Si thought about it, but the only method he could think of was to sit on this street and wait!

The first day, they didn’t appear!

The second day, they still hadn’t appeared!

The third day, they did not appear still!

On the fourth day, Xiao Si continued to pray, but the master and servant pair still did not appear.

Xiao Si did not find Chen Ning, but there were several people that showed up that were also anxiously waiting for her.

There was a man named Zhao Er Gou carrying two gifts while standing at the corner of the street waiting for Chen Ning to appear.

Several days ago, the divine fortune telling girl had read his palm for him and said that his red luan star was moving in the next three days and there would be a girl from a large family that would take the initiative to propose marriage. The result was that on the second day, someone had actually come to propose marriage. Zhao Er Gou and his blind mother was so happy that their faces were covered in giant smiles. They quickly prepared two gifts for Chen Ning, but after waiting for so long, they still hadn’t seen her yet. He just anxiously scratched his ears. He asked everyone that came and told everyone that Chen Ning was an immortal descended to earth who came to tell fortunes.

While Chen Ning had been telling Zhao Er Gou’s fortune, Xiao Si had not appeared yet.

At this time, he was in the crowd listening to Zhao Er Gou making Chen Ning’s fortune telling seem even more wonderful. The more he heard, the more he was sucked in, but he could not stop himself.

This girl actually has a divine fortune telling ability?!