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Chapter 139: More of a man than he was

Chapter 139: More of a man than he was

The more infatuated she was, the more disgusted Ye Ting Xuan was, avoiding her like a poisonous snake. As long as he heard the eldest princess’ name, he would try to get as far away as possible.

The eldest princess did not give up, emboldened with every set back. She had pestered Ye Ting Xuan for a full three years now and now none of the other officials dared to engage their daughters to Ye Ting Xuan.

This was an uproar that everyone knew about. It had already become one the staple things that people gossiped about.

Seeing that Eldest Princess An Le’s carriage was now in sight, Chu Shao Yang revealed a bitter smile on his face.

Speaking of Ye Ting Xuan, he was quick witted, proud, and filled with integrity. He had already sent people three times to convince him to work under him, but he had always been rejected.

Although he was just a lowly official, he did not have any interest to raise his position or use his position to put on appearances.

If he could marry royal aunt, then that would be a great thing.

But the gods have decided not to fulfill this dream.

Thinking of this, Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help thinking it was unfair for the eldest princess.

Before the carriage could stop, Eldest Princess An Le could not wait to step out of the cart.

She was wearing men’s clothing like usual. With a straight back and a fearless manner, she had an azure coloured belt with an imperial treasure sword hanging there.

Her face was sharp and her brows were thick, not having the slightest trace of feminine charm at all. Compared to the handsome Chu Shao Yang, she seemed even more like a man than he did!

Seeing this kind of eldest princess, Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help thinking, if he was Ye Ting Xuan, he would also run away from her.

“Royal Aunt!” Chu Shao Yang gave a laugh and stepped forward to greet her.

He had grown up together with his eldest princess royal aunt, practicing martial arts together. Although they were from different generations, they were around the same age and deeply loved each other.

Eldest Princess An Le was expressionless, without a single smile on her face. He looked at him once and then walked into the palace, her steps even larger than his.

“Where is your princess? Bring me to see her.” She directly said.

Chu Shao Yang was surprised. Although he had already heard that Housekeeper Xu had gone to visit Chen Ning, he had also heard that there were problems.

From what he could remember, his royal aunt had never met Chen Ning before. So why would she go and see that cheap woman for no reason?”

“Royal aunt, princess Chen……She has tuberculosis and the condition is very heavy. The doctor said that it was very easy for her to spread the disease and royal aunt is so noble, you should take care of your body. Your nephew has already sent medical treatment to her. After she recovers, your nephew will bring her to visit royal aunt. That’s right, royal aunt, you haven’t come to your nephew’s palace in quite a bit. Your nephew has learned a new palm technique and wanted to ask royal aunt for some guidance.”

Chu Shao Yang smiled and said, trying to distract the eldest princess.

He knew that the eldest princess loved martial arts and loved to fight with others, but as the princess, who dared to fight against her?

Normally she would pull out guards from the palace to spar with, but how could those guards have the courage to even point a single finger at her? Otherwise, their heads would have long been separated from their bodies.

So she just kept hitting them and those guards stood there like they were made of wood, not making a single move. This was just her hitting thin air which wasn’t fun at all.

In the entire capital, the only person that could dare to fight against her was her royal nephew Chu Shao Yang.