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Chapter 154: Getting what one deserves

Chapter 154: Getting what one deserves

Xiao Ru’s felt very satisfied when she heard this. She patted her head as she smiled and said, “I understand, I understand now. No wonder young miss told Housekeeper Xu that the sweet potatoes had cured her illness yesterday, you were setting up a trap for the second miss!”

Chen Ning said with a stern face, “If she didn’t have a heart wanting to hurt others, then she naturally wouldn’t go to the wooden hut and wouldn’t have fallen in the manure pit. She received what she deserves, what does it have to do with me?”

The three maids all smiled as they nodded in agreement.

“The weather today isn’t that bad. Xiao Ru, come and take a walk with me.”

When Chen Ning heard the sparrows chirping outside her window, she couldn’t help thinking that this beautiful spring did not disappoint her.

The King Ding Yuan palace occupied a large area and many courtyards and buildings could be seen.

Chen Ning looked over at the false rock mountain by the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and saw a large lake not far away. There was a row of willow trees planted on the shore, currently covered in soft green leaves.

The surface of the lake was as calm as a mirror. When the wind blew, it created a ripple in the water.

She couldn’t help being interested as she brought Xiao Ru to the mirror like lake.

The spring wind was blowing and the flowers were blooming, the entire area was covered in the aura of spring.

The feelings in Chen Ning’s heart also soared. Standing under the willow trees at the edge of the lake, she looked down at the sparkling lake and revealed a bright smile.

The sunlight passed through the willow leaves and gently shined down on her face. Her beautiful face seemed like it was covered in a layer of golden light.

Xiao Ru suddenly picked up the a stone and with a “putong” sound, she threw it across the lake, disrupting the calm water surface.

“Xiao Ru, what are you doing?” Chen Ning smiled and asked.

“When this servant thinks of how the second miss bullies you, my heart is filled with anger. So I pretended like she was trapped in the stone and threw her into the lake.” Xiao Ru let out a sigh and then picked up a few more stones. She vented her anger as she threw them into the lake.

Chen Ning pursed her lips into a faint smile. Seeing her childish behaviour, she smiled and said, “Do you want to make this entire lake smelly?”

Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue and giggled as she said, “That’s right, this servant has completely forgotten that fact. The second miss has already fallen into a manure pit and currently stinks!”

Chen Ning innocently bent down and picked up a stone full of wrinkles, making it very ugly. She asked Xiao Ru, “Is this stone ugly?”

“It is very ugly!” Xiao Ru honestly nodded.

“Good!” Chen Ning raised her hand and threw the stone into the lake. With a “dong” sound, it sunk to the bottom.

“This is Chu Shao Yang!” She smiled and shouted.

“Oh, young miss!” Xiao Ru’s eyes were so wide open that they almost popped out.

“Chu Shao Yang, others might treat you like a treasure, but in my, Chen Ning’s eyes, you are a piece of stone at the bottom of the manure pit. Stinky and hard!” Chen Ning laughed as she picked up another piece of ugly stone and just threw it into the water without saying anything.

“This miss does not want a piece of stone like you!” Another piece was thrown in!

“Screw you! Chu Shao Yang!”


Chen Ning was very happy throwing the stones away, not caring about anything.

Not far away from where she was, there was a person’s figure hiding in the trees. Their face was very dark and their chin was tightly pulled in.

This Little Mirror Lake was right beside the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and was very beautiful with the lush green willow tree leaves. This was a place Chu Shao Yang loved to frequently visit.

But after Chen Ning had moved into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, he did not dare to visit it again out of fear of seeing Chen Ning again. If he did meet her, he might not be able to hold it in and strangle her to death.

It was a coincidence today because he had wanted to go visit Chen Bi Yun at the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.

After walking through the door, Chen Bi Yun greeted him while in tears. She should have just taken a bath as water dripped down her jet black hair, wetting her thin clothes.