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Chapter 178: Not wishing for any repayment

Chapter 178: Not wishing for any repayment

“Ke, ke, ke.” She could not say anything as her neck filled with pain and she fell into a violent coughing fit.

This damn cheap man, such a heavy move!

Chu Shao Yang let go and Chen Ning fell out of his grasp. Her hand rubbed her neck and she took in a deep breath, letting fresh air fill her lungs.

“Chen Ning, this king is telling you, no matter what plans you have and what you do, this king’s heart will belong to Yun’er alone. You have already died in my heart! You think that with the eldest princess giving you her support, this king wouldn’t dare make a move against you? This king has over a hundred ways to make you silently disappear! If you want to live, then you better behave yourself for this king!”

He suddenly pushed out and Chen Ning’s back slammed into the wall. She gritted her teeth because of the pain.

Chu Shao Yang did not even look back as he sped off.

Damn! That cheap man! That piece of trash!

Chen Ning stared in the direction Chu Shao Yang left in. She first felt it was strange, then she gritted her teeth.

Why is that bastard so crazy? When did he even see that she wanted him at all!

“Young miss, did that bastard highness beat you?”

When Chu Shao Yang left, Xiao Ru immediately rushed over. Seeing the red mark on Chen Ning’s neck, her eyes turned red as tears began to fall down.

“Princess consort, this servant will immediately boil a few eggs for you.” Chun Tao quickly ran off.

“This servant will pump some water for you to wash your face with.” Xia He’s face was also filled with concern.

“Ke, ke, Xia He, stay here.” Chen Ning gave two coughs and sat down while being supported by Xiao Ru’s hand.

She clearly understood that Chu Shao Yang hadn’t been too harsh with her, otherwise she would have already been on her way to see King Yama.

What she could not understand is why he was so angry. Was it because the eldest princess had taught him a lesson? Was it just because of that?

“Xia He go ask around and see what the eldest princess did and said to the his highness today.”

She remembered that Chu Shao Yang had told her to go to the eastern suburb race track tomorrow, there had to be a reason behind this.

Knowing one’s self and one’s enemies to never lose a fight. She had to figure out everything, she did not want to know without knowing the reason why.

Xia He promised to go.

Only the news that she found out made Chen Ning unsure whether to laugh or cry.

After the eldest princess had taught Chu Shao Yang a fierce lesson, she had also given him an order that he had to teach Chen Ning how to ride a horse in ten days. Ten days later, she wanted Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning to participate in the spring hunt together and stated the he was not allowed to bring his consort Chen Bi Yun.

After listening to this, Chen Ning did not even know what to say.

The eldest princess was trying to be good to her.

It was a pity that she had used her good intentions on the wrong moves.

Because Chen Ning had helped with the eldest princess’ matchmaking, the eldest princess had thought of this method to pay her back.

She wanted to give Chen Ning and Chu Shao Yang some private time to get to know each other better and work things out, so they could repair their relationship.

In this world, is there anything better at building relationships than teaching someone to ride a horse?

When the eldest princess left, her heart was filled with joy and she was incredibly proud of herself for thinking of such a good idea.

Chen Ning wanted to shout, “Eldest princess, you might want to repay me, but I don’t want this kind of repayment!”

Who wanted that cheap man to teach her how to ride a horse! Who wants to make up with that cheap man! Who wants to be that cheap man’s princess!

She frowned as she lied down in the bed. When she fell onto the bed, it felt like her spine had been severed and she was filled with pain. She couldn’t help offering more greetings to Chu Shao Yang’s ancestors.