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Chapter 180: Comparing horses

Chapter 180: Comparing horses

Chen Bi Yun’s heart finally calmed down as she revealed a faint smile, “Your highness, Yun’er understands, but Yun’er is still afraid…..afraid that…..”

“You’re afraid that this king will like that cheap woman Chen Ning? You can relax, this king is just enduring it and definitely will not have any feelings for that cheap woman at all. This king will not even look at her once!” Chu Shao Yang stroked Chen Bi Yun’s hair and his heart filled with satisfaction.

His beloved woman was being jealous over him clearly showed what kind of position he had in her heart.

Not like that cheap woman Chen Ning! She kept looking at him with that defiant look.


If Chu Shao Yang wasn’t involved, Chen Ning actually had a strong interest in horse riding.

It wasn’t even the hour of the Monkey yet, but she had already brought Xiao Ru to the eastern racetrack.

The so called eastern racetrack was actually to the east of the King Ding Yuan’s palace and was a very vast area.

The horses in the stables neighed with raised heads, each one looking like divine steeds.

Chen Ning was wearing a set of blue hunting clothes that had been sent over by the eldest princess. The blue colour of the sky made her look very valiant and handsome.

She was wearing a veil over her face and beneath the veil was the usual red spots painted on her face. Only a pair of clear black eyes could be seen.

Chu Shao Yang had not appeared yet.

Chen Ning did not want to see him, she even wished he never came.

She was being led around by the horse groomer, looking at all the horse in the stable.

She did not know how to compare horse, but in her memory palace, there was a section on how to compare horses.

“This spring flower horse has a flat back and strong limbs, it can run as fast as the wind. What does the princess consort think about it?” The groom revealed a proud look as he introduced this horse to Chen Ning.

Chen Ning shook her head and rejected it before continuing forward.

“This jade flower horse is intelligent, strong, and beautiful. It has a gentle temper and jumps very high. What does the princess think about this one?” The groom said.

Chen Ning looked at it and then shook her head again.

“What about this red mountain horse? It is strong and has good hooves, it is very suited for climbing mountains.” The groom did not give up and recommended another horse.

Chen Ning still shook her head, “No, no.”

The horse groom was stunned.

He had picked three of the best horses in the King Ding Yuan palace, but he never would have thought that Chen Ning would reject them all.

Of course, he did not have any good intentions recommending these three horses.

The entire king’s palace knew that his highness loved horses and would come to have a ride every day. These three horses were his most favourite horses and he had spent a lot of money and effort to buy these three horses.

For these three horses, other than his highness, no one else was allowed to ride them.

There had been a new small groom that had taken the jade flower horse for a sneaky ride in the middle of the night, but he never would have thought that his highness would discover this the next day.

He still remembered the little groom’s fate to this day and would have nightmares whenever he thought about it.

Early this morning, he had already received the one hundred silver that the concubine consort and had received a simple order, “Act with discretion.”

He pondered for a while after receiving the silver and had finally realized the concubine consort’s meaning.

The entire king’s palace knew that the person with the most favour was the concubine consort Chen and not the legal princess consort Chen. Although the two of them were sisters, the relation between them was not good.

His highness had already sent princess Chen into the wooden hut, but after the princess obtained the eldest princess’ favour, her status in the palace soared. Now there was no one in the palace that dared to offend the princess.

Offending the princess was equal to offending the eldest princess, who had this kind of courage!

But one could not offend the concubine consort either. Offending the concubine was equivalent to offending his highness. If the concubine consort was not in a good mood and she complained about it to his highness, then it would be hard for him to keep his head.

After the horse groom thought about it, he finally found a way to make the best of both worlds.