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Chapter 209: White and black

Chapter 209: White and black

He, he, this is really quite interesting.

Chen Ning’s brow raised as she saw that Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai both looked to the side. Neither of them looked at the other as they filled with anger.

Just like two kids that could not get along.

She was thinking that if she didn’t suddenly wake up, would the two of them have fought on endlessly?

Did they have some grudge between them!

“Ai, ai, ai, can you speak one at a time? Xiao Bai, tell me, what did you come here to do? Also why did you start a fight with Xiao Hei?”

Chen Ning turned to look at Chu Shao Bai.

Chu Shao Bai angrily turned his head and stared at Mo Chuan.

“This fellow is called Xiao Hei? Where did he even come from? He was sneaking around in your room in the middle of the night, that means he must be up to no good!”

“He, he, you’re the real villain here, yet you dare blame others. You’re the one sneaking into a girl’s room, wanting to act in an unrestrained frivolous manner!”

Mo Chuan crossed his arms and gave a cold laugh.

“You…..you’re speaking nonsense! What villain! I, when did I try to kiss her?” Chu Shao Bai’s face turned red as his timid eyes looked away, not daring to look at Chen Ning.

“Do you think that I’m blind? If I didn’t stop him, miss Chen, you would have taken advantage of by this little brat!” Mo Chuan gave a cold laugh.

“What nonsense! I wasn’t trying to kiss her, I was…..I saw a mosquito and was getting it for her!” Chu Shao Bai argued back as his heart beat faster.

Over, it’s over. If Chen Ning knew that he had tried to kiss her while she was sleeping, she would definitely be angry and would ignore him from now on.

So he could not admit it. Even if beaten to death, he could not admit it!

Hearing this, Mo Chuan looked up to laugh as his eyes filled with ridicule.

“Ha, ha, how funny, this is truly funny. It’s only march, so would there be mosquitoes yet? Or are you the one turning into a mosquito and sucking blood from miss Chen’s face?”

“You…..You…..What nonsense”! Chu Shao Bai was speechless as he could only try to deny this.

While the two of them were arguing, Chen Ning had understood everything. She couldn’t help revealing a smile.

So it was like this. She looked over at Chu Shao Bai and his shy appearance told her everything. She looked around the room and found a basket beside the bed that was filled with eggs which made it even more clear for her.

It was probably because Chu Shao Yang was delivering eggs to her in the middle of the night and Mo Chuan though he was trying to assault her, so that’s why they began to fight.

It was a good thing no blood was spilled.

Ze, ze. Mo Chuan usually kept quiet and treated his words like gold, but his mouth was quite powerful. Chu Shao Bai was arguing with him, but he was not losing at all.

Chen Ning rolled her eyes.

She was not angry at Chu Shao Bai because he would never do anything to her. If he wanted to kiss her, he already had his chance, so why would he wait until now?

It had to be Mo Chuan’s mistake.

“Actually this is all a misunderstanding. You two are both my friends and have gotten closer by fighting. How about we reintroduce everything and turn from enemies into friends?”

Chen Ning giggled as she prepared to resolve their conflict. In fact, this was not even that big of a deal.

“First tell me, who is he? Why is he here? You say he’s called Xiao Hei? What kind of person is this Xiao Hei! If you don’t explain it clearly, then I won’t be friends with this Xiao Hei!”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned ugly.

He was extremely angry after Mo Chaun exposed him in front of Chen Ning. Adding in the fact that he had appeared in the middle of the night in Chen Ning’s room, but she didn’t become angry and introduced him as a friend, his heart did not feel good. He was slowly hating Mo Chuan more and more.