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Chapter 225: The chosen rotten carrot

Chapter 225: The chosen rotten carrot

“Lan Xiang, you blind slave, can’t you see that it is windy here? Why have you not helped Yun’er find a seat on the side yet?”

Chu Shao Yang’s one command helped solve Chen Bi Yun’s dilemma.

Chen Ning looked at him with curled lips as her eyes filled with a vague disdain.

Chu Shao Yang’s handsome face turned red. He could understand what she was saying. She was clearly saying, “What is with your taste? Falling for this kind of idiot?”

He felt that this was actually very strange. In the past, whether it was looks or talents, she had always surpassed this idiot Chen Ning.

But with the two of them standing in front of him today, he felt that this ugly monster Chen Ning in terms of either intelligence or clear thinking, she was easily ten times better than Chen Bi Yun!

Compared to her, other than her face, Chen Bi Yun could not compare at all!

Chu Shao Yang could not understand why he did not find that Chen Bi Yun stupid. How did he even fall for her?

Forget it, forget it, a girl’s talents lies in her morals. Even if Bi Yun was a little stupid, she was still gentle, graceful, logical, and kind hearted, as well as being very caring towards him. She had also saved him as a child, otherwise, would he even still be here today?

Being a person meant knowing how to pay one’s debts. Even if she was a rotten carrot, he would still bite down on it. Who told him to pick her!

Chu Shao Yang’s feelings were very complicated, but he did not show it on his face at all. When faced with a cold and evil person like Chen Ning, once he looked at Chen Bi Yun, he immediately felt gentle and warm.

He personally escorted Chen Bi Yun over to a seat in the shade. Carefully protecting her the entire way, Chen Bi Yun’s heart was intoxicated in his love.

“A trash man is truly a perfect pairing for this cheap woman!” Chen Ning looked at their figures and disdainfully curled her lips.

Her voice was soft, but Chu Shao Yang still heard her.

His footsteps stopped for a second, but he did not turn back. He continued helping Chen Bi Yun forward as he pretended like he heard nothing.

When he returned to Chen Ning’s side, his face had already turned sinister like it was about to rain.

“This king is warning you, do not provoke Yun’er in the future! She is simple and pure, as well as bearing this king’s child. If anything happens to her, then this king will definitely not let you off!” He spoke slowly as he stared at her with a cold and cruel gaze.

Chen Ning gave a laugh. Like the sun’s light was shining in her eyes, she narrowed them as she smiled and said, “Your highness’ words are quite right. My little sister is like a simple white lotus and you must protect her properly. You can’t let the wind blow on her or the rain fall on her. If she were to catch a cold because of this, would your highness also blame it on me? But then again, this princess should have never provoked my little sister before, right? From the moment my little sister entered the king’s palace, this princess has never visited her Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, right? Every time, it’s been my little sister taking the initiative to find this princess. Even earlier, wasn’t it my little sister taking the initiative to take to this princess? Your highness, you should try your best to persuade my sister. Since she has a child, then she should stay in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion and take care of herself. She should move less, then she will be able to have the child without any problems. That’s right, like a day like this, the sun’s rays are so strong and the wind is so big, my little sister ran to this horse track to be battered by the sun’s rays and wind instead of safely staying in her room. If anything does happen, then remember that it was her own fault and has nothing to do with this princess!”

Her words were like clouds moving or water flowing, very crisp and clear. With what she said, Chu Shao Yang could not find a rebuttal at all.