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Chapter 233: You think you are the emperor?

Chapter 233: You think you are the emperor?

“Exterminating my family, do you really have that ability?” Mo Chuan revealed a smile filled with contempt. Then he walked over to Chu Shao Yang, releasing an aggressive aura.

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help taking two steps back. His face turned white and his heart filled with a kind of inexplicable fear.

Who was this man?

The killing intent around him was truly terrifying!

“I won’t kill you because you aren’t worthy of me killing you!” Mo Chuan arrogantly lifted his chin as he contemptuously looked down on Chu Shao Yang, “The prestigious King Ding Yuan would actually say this kind of uneducated and rough words, truly losing face for the royal family! I have really overestimated you. These two slaps are to remind you that a man will receive the respect he deserves! You better watch yourself from now on!”

Chu Shao Yang went mad with anger as he shouted with red eyes, “A man like you who appeared out of nowhere, what qualifications do you have to teach this king a lesson! Who do you think you are? The emperor?”

He casually lifted his Spirit Snake Sword and focused even more on Mo Chuan. The hate in his heart became stronger as he wished he could stab right through Mo Chuan.

Although his anger had exploded, his sword art was still very refined. This move was very smooth, creating countless glowing sword tips, that looked just like the blooming white flower of a pear tree.

Mo Chuan gave a cold laugh and then flew into the sky, dodging over the sword attack. When he fell down, he had an extra tree branch in his hand which had a few bright, yellow flowers blooming on them.

“Foolish one who does not know how to repent. I will use this branch to properly teach you a lesson today.” Mo Chuan waved the branch in his hand.

When Chu Shao Yang saw this, his chest almost exploded with rage.

This man did not put him in his eyes at all. He was actually using a branch to deal with his own iron Spirit Snake Sword!

“Alright, this is you yourself seeking death. When you meet the king of hell, don’t blame this king for not reminding you.”

Chu Shao Yang’s face became as calm as water. He flicked his wrist and the Spirit Snake Sword turned into a long snake once again, slithering forth towards Mo Chuan.

His attack seemed very normal, but there were nine powerful moves following behind it. If the enemies did not have a weapon to block it, they would not be able to stop his endless stream of attacks.

If Mo Chuan had a sword in his hand, dealing with this move was not hard at all. It would only require a single slash for him to break it. However, Mo Chuan currently had a branch in his hand which would be sliced as soon as it touched the blade.

Mo Chuan knew this attack was powerful, but he just gave a cold laugh. He flicked the branch in his hand and it moved towards the Spirit Snake Sword.

Chu Shao Yang’s sword moved forward and chopped the branch in half, but he hit thin air. The sword in his hand then sunk down, as if something had wrapped around it.

His heart turned cold when he saw the enemy’s branch being stuck on his own sword. Using several moves, he still could not shake it off. Instead, the sword just got heavier, to the point that he could not move it any more.

What kind of strange move was this!

Chu Shao Yang’s heart sank as he tried to release the sword in his hand, but Mo Chuan did not give him the chance to do so. He flicked the branch in his hand and the Spirit Snake Sword in Chu Shao Yang’s hand flew out. It flew into the sky, just like a silver snake flying into the sky.

After Mo Chuan had disarmed Chu Shao Yang, the branch fell down a few times, hitting several points on Chu Shao Yang’s body. Then he threw the branch to the side and it fell to the ground. Crossing his arms across his chest, he gave a cold snort while looking at Chu Shao Yang.