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Chapter 375: The man you want is me

Chapter 375: The man you want is me

After Chu Shao Yang finished, he pursed his lips and stared at Chen Ning, looking at her with an attentive gaze.

No one in the hall said a single thing, even the eldest princess angry with Chu Shao Yang did not say a thing.

After listening to Chu Shao Yang’s long explanation, all the anger she felt towards Chu Shao Yang unknowingly disappeared. She slightly opened her lips and just stared at them.

Mo Chuan revealed no expressions, but Xiao Si that understood him the most could see that the sleeve resting on the armrest was slightly trembling.

“I……I……” Chen Ning bit her lips, being stunned into silence.

She could see from the micro expressions Chu Shao Yang revealed that he was not lying at all. Every single word he said had been true.

She never would have thought that the truth would be like this!

The young Chen Ning had saved Chu Shao Yang’s life and Chu Shao Yang had sworn to protect Chen Ning for the rest of her life!

If it wasn’t for Chen Bi Yun’s deceit, the former Chen Ning would not have died filled with hate and lived a happy life with Chu Shao Yang.

“Ning’er, I was wrong in the past, loving the wrong person. Now I understand that I was completely blinded by that cheap person’s tricks. I will no longer be fooled by her. I will divorce her, I will kick her out of the palace, and I will make her kowtow to you to beg for forgiveness. From now on, I will only be devoted to you! You told me before, you wanted a man completely devoted to you, never taking another woman as a wife. I only have have you in my heart, that person is I, Chu Shao Yang!”

He stared right at her with sparkling eyes and being in high spirits.

He wanted to tell her this that night and now he had finally said it. He believed that he was that person to her, other than him, there was no one else!

“Chu Shao Yang……”

Faced with his passionate confession, Chen Ning’s heart fell into chaos. She could no longer see what kind of feelings he had anymore.

It was like matters had suddenly changed and now that she knew the truth, she could no longer hate him, feel disgusted by him, or despise him.

He did not make a mistake. It was like he said, the only mistake he made was loving the wrong person……

But a single wrong step would create more wrongs. The real Chen Ning had already died because of his mistake and could no longer hear his passionate words anymore.

“Chu Shao Yang, I can forgive the things you have done before.”

After pondering for a while, she finally spoke in a slow voice.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes flashed with a trace of happiness as they sparkled. The deep, dark eyes completely dissipated.

“But, I still want to separate from you.”

Chen Ning forcefully pulled back her hand and raised her chin, revealing a determined expression.

“Why?” Chu Shao Yang’s smile froze and his eyes filled with disbelief.

“Because Chen Bi Yun has your flesh and blood! Although she deserves to die, the child in her stomach is innocent, so you can’t divorce her or chase out a woman with your child from your palace. If you did this, I would feel that you’re completely ruthless! As well, I, Chen Ning will never share a husband with another woman!”

Chen Bi Yun’s face had already turned pale, but hearing Chen Ning’s words, her eyes lit up.

Her hand was placed on her slightly bulging stomach. That’s right, there was this child. No matter what wrongs she had committed, his highness would never leave her because of this child!

“He, he, child!”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly began to laugh. He looked over at Chen Bi Yun while his laugh turned evil and wild.

“Ning’er, if I told you that Chen Bi Yun’s child was not mine at all, would you still want to separate from me?”