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Chapter 377: Has he gone crazy?

Chapter 377: Has he gone crazy?

“You still want to incriminate this king in the end! Chen Bi Yun, there is actually such a shameless woman in the world. In order to marry this king, you even used this kind of method. You…..you really are shameless!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid as he angrily glared at Chen Bi Yun.

“Your highness, Yun’er really has not said a single lie. Yun’er is completely devoted to your highness, how could I have affairs with other men? That night, Yun’er clearly remembers that it was you! If your highness wants to blame Yun’er, Yun’er is willing to die to prove my innocence.”

Chen Bi Yun stood up while crying, smashing her head on the pillar to the side.

“Very good, then go and die!” Chu Shao Yang’s lips curled back into an indifferent smile, not even sparing a single glance to Chen Bi Yun.

“Nonsense! This is all nonsense!”

Mo Chuan that had been silent the whole time finally spoke up. Flicking his hand, a chopstick flew out and hit Chen Bi Yun’s knees. She fell down onto the ground and continued to cry.

“King Ding Yuan, Chen Bi Yun continues to insist that the child is yours and you continue to deny that fact. Since you already knew that the child in her stomach was not yours, why did you marry a woman who had lost her virginity and carries another man’s child!” Mo Chuan slowly asked in a deep voice.

Good question!

Everyone praised him in their hearts before looking over at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang was silent for a bit, before slowly looking up and revealing an ironic smile.

“Because I didn’t care! Whether she was a virgin or not, whether the child was someone else’s, I did not care at all. I only cared that it was her. As long as I married her, did it matter if she had someone else’s child? I would love her, treat her well, and pamper her just the same, but I never thought that it would all be a big joke like this! He, he, I never thought that I, Chu Shao Yang would be blinded by someone else like this. I was a blind fool, treating my enemy with love and treating my beloved woman as an enemy! He, he, how funny, this truly is laughable!”

He was clearly laughing, but his eyes unknowingly became wet.

He stubbornly and proudly lifted his head, looking into the sky, not letting the tears at the sides of his eyes flow down.

Everyone in the hall was silent, with no one saying a word.

Chu Shao Yang’s words had completely shocked them.

Had King Ding Yuan gone crazy? He actually loved a woman to this degree! Ze, ze, if he wasn’t crazy, then he was a fool.

There were many people shaking their heads in disagreement.

There were also many people that couldn’t help raising their thumbs in their hearts.

Many young girls looked loving gazes to stare at Chu Shao Yang. This kind of man was someone they were willing to give their lives to.

Ya! Why couldn’t they be lucky enough to be the girl he loved!

Eldest Princess An Le had been filled with disappointment towards Chu Shao Yang, but now she had been moved to tears and her heart had softened.

“Shao Yang, it is all royal aunt’s fault, misunderstanding you. Don’t be angry with royal aunt because of that one heavy slap. Does it still hurt?”

She was filled with guilt and regret as she stroked her swollen fingers.

Chu Shao Yang took a deep breath and calmed the swirl of emotions inside of him. He revealed a faint smile to the eldest princess and shook his head, “That was a good hit from royal aunt. If was this nephew’s mistake for loving the wrong person, causing royal aunt to teach me a lesson. This nephew’s face does not hurt, but it hurts deep down. If Ning’er still does not forgive me and still wants to separate, then this nephew’s heart will die from the pain.”

He pressed his chest as he looked at Chen Ning with a calm as water gentleness.