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Chapter 382: The dream should end

Chapter 382: The dream should end

“Emperor, this minister’s concubine still has another request.” Chen Ning came forward and kneeled to Mo Chuan.

“Speak.” Mo Chuan looked at the red figure in the center of the hall. His eyes revealed a complicated look and his heart was filled with mix emotions.

She was only a few steps away from him, but he knew that she was already out of his reach.

Once it was confirmed that the child in Chen Bi Yun’s stomach did not belong to Chu Shao Yang, she would return to Chu Shao Yang and once again become his princess!

She did not have another reason to separate from him!

He closed his eyes. Everything had been a beautiful dream, but now…..he should wake up.

“Emperor, before Chen Bi Yun gives birth, this minister’s concubine wishes to leave the king’s palace and return to the Hu Guo Manor. Please give me your permission.”

Chen Ning had this idea a long time ago. She would not remain in the Ding Yuan Palace, otherwise Chu Shao Yang would continue to trap her.

“No, you can’t do that!”

Before Mo Chuan spoke, Chu Shao Yang’s face fell and he cut in, “Ning’er, you are this king’s princess, you can’t return to the Hu Guo Manor. Wherever this king is, that is your home! If your afraid that this king cannot keep his word, this king can make a vow that without your permission, this king will not place a single finger on you.”

Chen Ning did not even look at him. She slightly looked up with a resolute expression, “I ask the emperor’s permission.”

“Alright, this one will allow it.” Mo Chuan said without any hesitation.

“Emperor!” The breath in Chu Shao Yang’s chest was stopped and he looked up at Mo Chuan, “This is the family matters of this minister, the emperor should not interfere.”

He slightly knit his brows.

The emperor was very strange today. He seemed to be favouring his princess, even though he was the emperor’s blood related nephew.

Mo Chuan’s expression did not change, as he still had a serious look on his face, “That’s right, this is your family matters, but this is also this one’s family matters. This one is doing this for you.”

These words made Chu Shao Yang speechless.

“Come, take Chen Bi Yun to the Cold Palace and take care of her. She will receive food on time and a doctor will take her pulse three times a day. You have to make sure her child stays healthy and safe.”

Mo Chuan gave the order in a gentle voice.

Several guards came up to take Chen Bi Yun and she did not resist. She looked over at Chu Shao Yang, but he did not even look over at her.

“Emperor, are you afraid this minister will secretly make a move?” Chu Shao Yang asked through gritted teeth.

This was clearly not trusting him.

“King Ding Yuan, you’re thinking too much. Chen Bi Yun will stay in the palace until the day she gives birth, so she can do the blood test, this will make it convincing. Otherwise, people will say that King Ding Yuan secretly changed the child, hiding the truth. What, are you not satisfied with this one’s arrangements?” Mo Chuan calmly said.

“Many thanks for the emperor’s consideration towards this minister. This minister is very satisfied.”

This arrangement seemed very reasonable, but Chu Shao Yang felt that it was still a little strange in his heart.

The emperor had always favoured him, but now it seemed like he was cold and indifferent. Did he do something to displease the emperor?

“Very good, since it’s like this, please take your seats King Ding Yuan and Ding Yuan Princess. The flower banquet will officially begin now.” Mo Chuan waved his sleeve.

The ceremonial eunuch on the side began to recite the ceremonial words.

“The emperor has given the command and now the spring banquet will begin!”

The eunuchs and palace girls came in, bringing in food and wine. The food was fragrant and the wine was strong.

With scene after scene creating many ups and downs, everyone was entranced by this and had completely forgotten the reason why they came here today.

Seeing the beautiful dishes and fragrant wine in front of them, they immediately became high spirited.

After everyone gave a ceremonial bow to the emperor, they lifted their bowls and began to eat and drink.

The crowd was filled with laughter.