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Chapter 404: How could he not want it

Chapter 404: How could he not want it

Mo Chuan’s heart almost jumped out and he thought with gritted teeth, “Is this girl a fox demon? He was a man, how could he not want it!”

“Yes, of course I want it.” He said in a hoarse voice. His eyes looked down, falling onto her moist, red lips.

“Here is clean, I wasn’t touched by him.” She suddenly stuck out a finger and tapped her own lips.

“……” Mo Chuan’s face couldn’t help heating up. Did she know just how charming these kinds of words were to him.

“Close your eyes.”

She came close to him and a sweet smell entered his nose. This was her fragrance.

There had never been anyone that had spoken to him in such a commanding tone, but he obediently closed his eyes. His heart wildly beat in his chest and his hands holding her turned stiff.

A clear and cool thing touched his chin.

Un? It was a different sensation from what he expected!

Mo Chuan opened his eyes curiously and saw her face covered in a mischievous smile.

“Ha, ha! I tricked you! An eye for an eye, who told you to keep applying medicine to my face!”

Her eyes curled as she laughed, turning into a pair of bright crescent moons. She was proudly shaking her finger at him that had ointment on the tip.

Mo Chuan was embarrassed and angry. He instantly grabbed her and his eyes burned like torches.

“Darn girl! You dare tease this one!”

She giggled as she spat out her tongue, “I don’t dare, I was wrong. Please forgive me great emperor.”

What great emperor?

What was with this disorderly address!

Mo Chuan couldn’t stop his lips from curling as his eyes filled with a smile.

He had never smiled, always keeping that calm expressionless face, but in front of her, he could not control his emotions at all.

He had always asked himself why he didn’t like any other girls and why only she had moved his heart!

Perhaps, it was because only she could make him smile……

“This one will punish you!” He deliberately put on a serious expression, “Right now, this one wants you to repay me ten times what you owe me!”

He grabbed onto her waist with a tight, but not too tight grip. He did not dare to use strength, but he also couldn’t let her escape.

“Emperor, do you want to bully a poor peasant girl?” She gave a gentle laugh. Looking at his slowly approaching face, she couldn’t help becoming nervous.

Her heart continued to beat fast. She could guess what he wanted to do, but she did move back or evade it.

It wasn’t because he was the emperor, but because he was Mo Chuan!

“This one is not bullying a poor peasant girl, this one is bullying you.” His voice was as low as a whisper as his thin lips touched the tip of her nose.

Her body slightly trembled in his arms. Her black eyes were like waves on the water that made his heart stir.

“Close your eyes.” He said in a commanding voice.

Although her eyes were beautiful and pretty, with her staring right at him, how could he kiss her!

“Alright.” She obediently closed her eyes.

He took a deep breath, trying to control his heartbeat. He also closed his eyes and his lips slowly moved forward.

It was soft, warm, and sweet, giving off a sweet and refreshing fragrance.

This feeling was very beautiful and good!

“Hee, hee!” When his mind was full of ecstasy, he heard her silver bell like giggles.

Mo Chuan was stunned and when he opened his eyes, he found that his lips were on the back of her hand.

As for her? She was trembling while enduring her laughter, bent over to the point that she couldn’t get up.

His handsome face suddenly turned completely red.

Ah! He had never been this humiliated in his entire life!