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Chapter 507: So sweet

Chapter 507: So sweet


His words came to an abrupt end.

In the next moment, her head fell down and her soft, petal like lips stopped the words he wanted to say.

His body turned stiff once again.

This kiss came so sudden that it completely surprised him. He didn’t even have time to close his eyes.

He saw her long, curled lashes softly move, covering her drunk misted eyes. The silk like hair fell down, covering his and her faces.

With their breaths intertwined, a sweet wine taste appeared in between them.

It was unknown whether she was drunk or he was drunk.

Perhaps, they were both drunk.

With their lips touching, that lingering light fragrance made a sweet feeling run through their hearts. Their hearts couldn’t help beating faster as a faint dazed feeling and helpless feeling came over them.

Chen Ning was not clear on what she had done.

She just felt a bit thirsty and had saw a few drops of dew on his lips before suddenly reaching out her tongue to gently lick it.

Then she heard a short breath come from his throat before he tightly hugged hugged her, almost cutting off her breath.


As she made a noise in protest, she suddenly felt the world turn around as her entire person was suddenly below him.

She was lying on the cool deck with misted over eyes as she looked up at him.

Because of this turn, their lips separated. Their faces were both red and they were both short of breath.

He did not put any weight on her body. There was one hand holding him up while the other hand gently moved the hair from her face, revealing her beautiful flower like face and those sparkling, clear eyes.

He attentively looked at her. A long, slender finger fell down on her forehead and moved down, passing her nose and slowly falling onto her red lips.

This was what he had been touching.

He stroked her lips. It was light, soft, and gentle, just like ripe fruit. A gentle bite would cause the sweet juices to flow out. Although it had only been for a short instance, that sweet juice had entered into his heart and would never be forgotten by him.

“Mo Chuan, I…..I’m really thirsty. I want to drink some water.” She suddenly slightly opened her mouth. Those thin lips touched his fingers, like they were kissing it.

“There’s no water, there is only wine. Do you want to drink that?” He forcefully controlled his distracted mind and poured a bowl of wine for her.

She shook her head, looking like a helpless little animal, “My head is dizzy, feed it to me.”

Feed it? How?

He was stunned as he looked at the red wine in the cup and suddenly realized something. He pursed his lips and said in a hoarse voice, “Alright.”

Without any hesitation, he took a drip and held it in his mouth. Then he lowered his head towards her lips.

The sweet wine entered her mouth and her thirsty throat swallowed it. However, in the next moment, she was shocked. Those clear, black eyes suddenly became wide, staring at the man in front of her like a frightened little deer.

Because in her mouth, there wasn’t just the sweet wine, but also his……

A “weng” sound rang in her head and it turned blank. Her head had been dizzy, but now it seemed like it was floating, like she was floating above the clouds, gently drifting there.

The wave hit the boat and the little boat gently swayed, again and again.

She unknowingly raised her hand and hooked his neck, sentimentally responding to him.