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Chapter 509: Biting his ear

Chapter 509: Biting his ear

After drinking the wine, her body was drunk and every word she said had a slight slur to it.

It was also because of the wine that she had the courage to speak her heart.

She looked at him in a drunken trance. Under the weak light, his exquisite appearance was like a newly bloomed pear blossom. Her fingers were cool as it touched his brows, eyes, and lips. Gently tapping it and stroking it.

He did not move at all as he allowed her finger to touch every part of his face. His lips slightly curled as his eyes revealed a deep gaze.

“I like you, Mo Chuan.” She suddenly muttered these words out like she was sleep talking.

His breathing stopped again and he didn’t dare believe his ears. Those ever calm eyes could not longer remain calm.

“Say it again.” He stuttered out.

He heard wrong, he had to have heard wrong.

“I like you.”

Her lips dyed red by her intoxication touched his brows and she muttered, “I like your eyebrows.”

“Your eyes.” Her lips slowly moved down.

“Your nose.”

“Also, this place.”

She kissed his lips.

Her breath was like orchids and his breathing became flustered. With eyes partly opened, he stared at her face as beautiful as a peach blossom. He did not move and allowed her lips to gently touch his lips, but he did not do anything else.

Because he knew that his beloved girl was drunk.

He did not want to do this while she was drunk. If he did do this, he would do it when she was sober and willing.

Even if he was sensible, he was still a hot blooded man.

While her kiss was light, it was also a little flame that burned inside his heart, quickly turning it into a roaring blaze.

“Ning’er, you’re drunk. I’ll send you back.”

Her lips fell onto his adam’s apple and then slowly moved down. He could not take it as he held her and also stopped her from continuing.

“I’m not drunk.” She suddenly looked up. Her eyes were dark and clear, reflecting his image.

“Then do you know what you are doing?” He whispered while looking at her.

“Of course I do.” She gave a careless laugh in his arms. Curling her lips, she said in a soft voice ,”I’m seducing you, my emperor.”


Mo Chuan almost threw her into the river.

He was sure once again she was drunk.

He couldn’t!

If he allowed her to continue like this, who knows what kind of ridiculous things she would do and ridiculous words she would say.

He was just a man, there were times he couldn’t hold on!

“You’re drunk, I’m sending you back!” He lifted her up and walked out of the cabin.

With the wind from the river, she became even more tipsy and she began to struggle.

“I’m not leaving, I’m not going back! I still want to drink…..Let me go, let me go!” She suddenly lowered her head and bit his ear.

Mo Chuan felt a warm feeling from his ear and a sense of numbness spread from his ear to his entire body. His arms holding her suddenly became weak and he dropped her.


She fell from his embrace and fell into the deep, dark lake. With a splash of water, she was instantly swallowed by the depths.


In that moment, his breathing stopped. His heart felt like it was being squeezed by a large hand and it was so painful he couldn’t breathe.

Without even thinking about it, he jumped in water that she disappeared in.

When the icy lake water surrounded him, he suddenly realized that this was bad!

He actually forgot that he did not know how to swim!