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Chapter 513: Quickly fleeing

Chapter 513: Quickly fleeing


With a cold breeze, Chen Ning suddenly gave a sneeze.

Mo Chuan realized that she was still wearing wet clothes while standing by the river, being assaulted by the cold breeze. His heart instantly filled with pain.

He picked her up and quickly used his qinggong to fly in the air.

“Mo Chuan, where are you taking me? Aren’t we going back to the Eldest Princess’ palace?”

Chen Ning found that he had taken her out of the city, passing over the mountains. She was feeling curious when she saw this.

“I can’t let her see your current appearance.” Mo Chuan replied. His face turned slightly red and he almost didn’t dare look at her.

It was currently dawn and the sky was lighting up.

Her wet clothes tightly clinged to her body, accentuating her curves. It was truly thought provoking.

Chen Ning was surprised, but then understood. Her lips slightly curled into a ghost of a smile.

“Where is this?” She found that there was a large house built in the mountain.

Mo Chuan held her as he jumped over the wall. He was familiar with this place like he was returning home.

“This is the imperial palace’s other courtyard, there is a hot spring inside. You are cold and need a good soak to drive away the cold.”

He entered the backyard and passed a wall of trees that were as tall as two people. Chen Ning could already smell the smell of sulfur in the air.

“Ya, there really is a hot spring!” Her eyes lit up.

He placed her into the hot springs, still not looking at her. He immediately turned around and said, “I’ll go get some clean clothes. You….can wash up first.”

After saying this, he leaped over the wall of trees and quickly disappeared.

It looked like he was quickly fleeing the scene.

Chen Ning’s lips curled as she watched him disappear with a smile.

Hee, hee, he really was too much of a gentleman!

They had already hugged and kissed, did he still need to act this courteously! Ya, the men of this era are really too…..pedantic!

But, she liked this kind of him. If it was Chu Shao Yang, he would not be this gentle to her.

She suddenly bit her lips. Damn, how could she suddenly think of that man.

Thinking of him, her chest was suddenly filled with pain.

The surface of the water had a layer of white mist over it. She bent down and lifted up some water. The water was very warm that exuded a charm that made all the pores in her body open up.

The entire hot springs was surrounded by a layer of trees that created a natural barrier.

She threw off her wet clothes and walked into the hot springs. The warm water covered her entire body, dissipating the cold chill she felt. She comfortably closed her eyes and laid her head back using a stone as a pillow.

She relaxed her body and floated in the water. Her head of hair drifted in the water, revealing that jade white face that had a trace of pink to it, looking like a fairy in a deep sleep.

A black silhouette appeared who knows when outside the tree wall with a black scarf on their face, only revealing a pair of black glowing eyes.

His eyes fell onto the white, steamy water and their eyes revealed a look of joy. Jumping over the trees, they fell into the pool and created a splash with a “putong” sound.

Chen Ning had fallen asleep from her comfort, but she was suddenly awakened by the sound of water splashing. Opening her eyes, she found that there was an extra black clothed man in the hot spring and let out a scream.

That black clothed man began to strip, but as the mist began to clear, a young girl as beautiful as a fairy appeared in front of him.

Her eyes were wide open and they were filled with shock. However, her eyes were clear and gentle, with an indescribable beauty that hit him in the chest.