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Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however Ruo Chen didn’t just leech off his status as emperor’s son. He proved himself to be a dragon amongst men, possessing a heaven defying body, and managing to cultivate to Greater Perfection within the Yellow Horizon Realm, at just the young age of 16. But even though he stood at the summit of the younger generation and had a boundless future, he sadly died at the treacherous hands of his own fiancee at a young age. Reincarnated 800 years later in the body of a young boy who shares his name, he found out his former fiancee already unified Kunlun’s Field and built the First Central Empire, and was now known as Empress Chi Yao… Empress Chi Yao—Her Majesty governed the mortal world and enjoyed prestige in all directions as well as an eternal life. Zhang Ruochen stood outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, and the flames of hatred burned in his heart. “After I practice for 13 years, I shall send the empress to her doom!” 万古神帝
《God Emperor》 Text
Chapter 1: Eight Hundred Years Later
Chapter 2: The Sacred Mark
Chapter 3: The Yellow Realm
Chapter 4: The Mystery of Time and Space
Chapter 5: Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm
Chapter 6: Lin Ningshan
Chapter 7: Sacred Sword Skill
Chapter 8: Martial Market
Chapter 9: The Truth of Three Years Ago
Chapter 10: The Graph of 36 Meridians
Chapter 11: Breaking Through the Realm Once More
Chapter 12: Qing Xuan Pavilion
Chapter 13: Qin Ya
Chapter 14: Peerless Enchanting
Chapter 15: Strength of Four Bulls
Chapter 16: The Dawn State
Chapter 17: Yunwu Commandery Prince
Chapter 18: Year-end Assessment
Chapter 19: The Shock
Chapter 20: The Second Round of the Assessment
Chapter 21: Iron Bull
Chapter 22: Superior Class Level One
Chapter 23: Hunting Green-Fire Deer
Chapter 24: The First
Chapter 25: The Final Eight
Chapter 26: The Outcome
Chapter 27: Flame Snake Spear Technique
Chapter 28: Who is the Genius?
Chapter 29: Multitasking
Chapter 30: Savage God's Pool
Chapter 31: The King of Slaughter
Chapter 32: Yin-Yang Wooden Graph
Chapter 33: The Federation of Inscription
Chapter 34: Spiritual Power
Chapter 35: The 20th Level
Chapter 36: City Lockdown
Chapter 37: Seclusion for Refining
Chapter 38: Chakras
Chapter 39: The Spatial Ring
Chapter 40: Chief of Moon Worship Demonic Sect
Chapter 41: The Martial Market Bank
Chapter 42: The Big Four Ranking
Chapter 43: The Yellow Fighting Palace
Chapter 44: Invincibility
Chapter 45: An Eight-game Winning Streak, A Ceaseless Battle
Chapter 46: Han Fu
Chapter 47: Warrior of the Yellow Board
Chapter 48: Royal Martial Arts Assessment
Chapter 49: Strength of Fifty-Eight Bulls
Chapter 50: The Completion of the Yellow Realm
Chapter 51: Soul of Space
Chapter 52: The Deadly Swordsman
Chapter 53: The Top Three on the Yellow Board, Shui Wenxin
Chapter 54: Crushed by Power
Chapter 55: Fickleness of Human Nature
Chapter 56: Four Disciples
Chapter 57: Yuntai Suzerain and School of the Martial Market
Chapter 58: Power of Rainbow-like Animal Spirits
Chapter 59: One Month Appointment
Chapter 60: Tianhe Scripture
Chapter 61: Awakening
Chapter 62: Spiritual Brawn
Chapter 63: Ultimate Realm — The Chord of Gods
Chapter 64: The Choice
Chapter 65: The Battle between Women
Chapter 66: The Outcome Has Already Been Decided
Chapter 67: Refining the Spatial Ring
Chapter 68: Space Areas
Chapter 69: Two Assassins
Chapter 70: The Inferior Commandery
Chapter 71: The School of the Martial Market
Chapter 72: Provocation
Chapter 73: The Consequences of One's Own Deeds
Chapter 74: The Exam Begins
Chapter 75: Posterity of Saints
Chapter 76: The More Illumination, The More Temptation
Chapter 77: The Archery Master
Chapter 78: Green Devil Hand
Chapter 79: The Shadow of Death
Chapter 80: Breaking Through a Realm
Chapter 81: Poisoning
Chapter 82: Detoxication
Chapter 83: End of First-round Examination
Chapter 84: The Warrior of Division Profound
Chapter 85: The Wu Tower
Chapter 86: Ghost Prodigy Luo Xu
Chapter 87: Nine Fists
Chapter 88: Great Genius
Chapter 89: The Suppressing of the Freshmen
Chapter 90: The Fourth One?
Chapter 91: Yellow No.1
Chapter 92: Dangerous Dragon Martial Temple
Chapter 93: Who is the Devil?
Chapter 94: The Fourth Prince
Chapter 95: Hand Chopped
Chapter 96: The Life and Death Platform
Chapter 97: The Truth Is out There
Chapter 98: Dragon Shape and Elephant Shadow
Chapter 99: Vast Universe Gong
Chapter 100: The Palm Technique's Success
Chapter 101: Flying Leaves and Flowers
Chapter 102: Bully to the Extreme
Chapter 103: An Advance Battle
Chapter 104: The Life And Death Platform
Chapter 105: Half-Saint
Chapter 106: Headmaster of Western Campus
Chapter 107: Sacred Liquid