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God and Devil World

Author:Zi Chan Bao Zeng

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In less than an instant the world as we knew it was at its end. That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a single blink Zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage all throughout the world. Now it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance! On the same day that the world descends into chaos we meet Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to get to his friends and escape to a refugee camp our protagonist sets out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After a series of fortuitous events and a few serious hunches our hero decides it’s time to do more than just survive! Yue Zhong begins to form the foundations of an enormous survival plan… before he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the first hurdle…. Unbeknownst to Yue Zhong and company, the world outside of China is mostly a wasteland! Country sized swathes of nuclear radiation and an extreme shortage of supplies in the world after the nuclear explosions was quickly becoming the “norm”. Mutants, Evolved animals and what’s worse, intelligent out of control dinosaurs had quickly appeared and claimed their own sections of the planet. There were several innately powerful Evolved races which appeared that were more than 10 times stronger than humans, nearly all of them possessing bodies impenetrable by normal bullets. The fabled orcs’ were another of these Evolved races, the leader of which had in fact enslaved many of the remaining human beings. Unceremoniously exposed to such a cold and heartless new world, Yue Zhong is faced with a choice: Find a deep dark hole and hope it goes back to “normal”? Or overcome all obstacles and struggle towards Evolution!!!
《God and Devil World》 Text
Chapter 1: Special Summon Skeleton
Chapter 2: Evolution Begins
Chapter 3: Zombie Rampage
Chapter 4: Hard Battle in the Dormitory
Chapter 5: Apple of Vitality
Chapter 6: Level 1 Protective Garment
Chapter 7: Small Supermarket
Chapter 8: Ji Qing Wu
Chapter 9: Small Fireball
Chapter 10: The Girl’s Dormitory
Chapter 11: Chen Yao
Chapter 12: Imitation Tang Sword
Chapter 13: Searching For The Keys
Chapter 14: Fleeing The Campus
Chapter 15: Escape
Chapter 16: Dispute
Chapter 17: Stand Strong
Chapter 18: White Leather Gloves
Chapter 19: Wang Shuang Joins
Chapter 20: Searching For Chi Yang
Chapter 21: 2nd Degree Protective Garment
Chapter 22: Shadow Steps Skill
Chapter 23: Chi Yang
Chapter 24: Infected
Chapter 25: News of Gathering
Chapter 26: Thugs
Chapter 27: Slaughter
Chapter 28: Firearms
Chapter 29: Mission
Chapter 30: Rescue
Chapter 31: Dead Person
Chapter 32: Differences
Chapter 33: Teams
Chapter 34: Power Leveling
Chapter 35: A Sense of Crisis
Chapter 36: Night Hunting
Chapter 37: School Bus Stolen
Chapter 38: More Death
Chapter 39: Hunters
Chapter 40: Serious Injuries
Chapter 41: Choosing
Chapter 42: Lu Wen Confession
Chapter 43: Big Loots
Chapter 44: Clearing Xing Ning Road
Chapter 45: Stinger Pistol Power
Chapter 46: Touching Moment
Chapter 47: Incineration
Chapter 48: Fierce Battle With the Hunters
Chapter 49: 6th Degree Treasure
Chapter 50: Gathering Information
Chapter 51: Job Change
Chapter 52: Stinger Model 2
Chapter 53: Accepting the Missions
Chapter 54: Fleeing Lei Jiang City
Chapter 55: Hijack
Chapter 56: Tiger Wang
Chapter 57: Spar
Chapter 58: Den of Thieves
Chapter 59: Tiger Wang’s Ambition
Chapter 60: The Youthful Girl, Guo Yu
Chapter 61: Bath
Chapter 62: Conversation in the Night
Chapter 63: Whipping
Chapter 64: Steamed Bun
Chapter 65: Da Gouzi
Chapter 66: Survivor Instinct
Chapter 67: Entangled
Chapter 68: Granting Gruel
Chapter 69: Xiao Ming
Chapter 70: Variant Beast
Chapter 72: Firearms Control
Chapter 73: Everyone Has Ideas
Chapter 74: Lu Wen
Chapter 75: Mutated Cat
Chapter 76: Mutated Dog
Chapter 77
Chapter 78: Chaos
Chapter 79: Rushing to Fight
Chapter 80: Zhang Xiang’s death
Chapter 81: Overwhelming Destruction
Chapter 82: Celebrity
Chapter 83: Establishment
Chapter 84: Agility Solidification
Chapter 85: Powerful S2
Chapter 86: Arsenal
Chapter 87: Recruiting Survivors
Chapter 88: Mutated River Snake
Chapter 89: Red Bead
Chapter 90: Lin Jun
Chapter 91: Choice
Chapter 92: Wang Hai
Chapter 93 Longhai City Survivor Base
Chapter 94: Art of Fear’s Mighty Ability
Chapter 95 Joining the Base
Chapter 96: Shopping
Chapter 97: Ice King Association
Chapter 98: Ice King Zhang Yun
Chapter 99: Plan
Chapter 100: Series of Traps
Chapter 101: Breaking Through the Base
Chapter 102: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Chapter 103: Wu Guang’s Heartfelt Words.
Chapter 104: Yue Zhong’s Transformation
Chapter 105: Exploring Stone Horse Village
Chapter 106: Domestic Animal
Chapter 107: Mutated Monkey
Chapter 108: Slaughtering Monkey Group
Chapter 109: Explosive Killing Mutated Fierce Ape
Chapter 110: Attack Stone Horse Village
Chapter 111: Fierce Battle
Chapter 112: Close Combat Unit
Chapter 113: Fierce L2
Chapter 114: Life-Saving Plant
Chapter 115: Fishing for Snakes
Chapter 116 Green Feather Eagle
Chapter 117: Taming Greenie
Chapter 118: Small village
Chapter 119: Old Family Village
Chapter 120: Probe
Chapter 121: Attendant
Chapter 122: Man Eating Monster
Chapter 123: Respect and Fear
Chapter 124
Chapter 125: Behead
Chapter 126: Military Camp Information
Chapter 127: Long Hai City Base Guests
Chapter 128: H1
Chapter 129: Crash Job
Chapter 130: Capturing the Military Base
Chapter 131: Long Hai City Reaction
Chapter 132: Chen Jianfeng
Chapter 133: Yao Yao
Chapter 134: Military Training
Chapter 135: Poplar Tree Village
Chapter 136: Xue Kaishan
Chapter 137: Mob
Chapter 138: Beheading Xue Kaishan
Chapter 139: Scum Battalion
Chapter 140: Rebel Girl Zhang Jingqiao
Chapter 141: Meet Again
Chapter 142: Lobbyist
Chapter 143: Entering the Base Again
Chapter 144: Japanese
Chapter 145: Gui Tianshou
Chapter 146: Delivered to Police
Chapter 147: Debauchery
Chapter 148: Kong’s Heavenly Reputation
Chapter 149: Switching from Arrogance to Deference
Chapter 150: Lei Sheng
Chapter 151: Collapse
Chapter 152: Assassin
Chapter 153: Cheng Yu
Chapter 154: Assault on Ice King Group
Chapter 155: Goodbye Zhang Yun
Chapter 156: Rat Tide
Chapter 157: Follow me!
Chapter 158: Mutant Rat King
Chapter 159: Chasing the Rat King
Chapter 160: The Battle against Mutant King Rat
Chapter 161: Flowers among the camp
Chapter 162: A fierce battle
Chapter 163: Tragic Victory
Chapter 164: Saving Lives
Chapter 165: Mass recruitment!
Chapter 166: Little Greenie Evolved!
Chapter 167: Big Cliff Village
Chapter 168: Little Greenie Show His Might!
Chapter 169: [Title Withheld]
Chapter 170: First battle for the Prisoners of War
Chapter 171: Attack on Big Cliff Village
Chapter 172: Spiritual Attack
Chapter 173: Spiritual Solidification
Chapter 174: Strongman Gao
Chapter 175: Attack of the Zombies
Chapter 176: [Title Withheld]
Chapter 177: Entering the City
Chapter 178: Investigation
Chapter 179: Banquet
Chapter 180: Fierce
Chapter 181: Law after Apocalypse
Chapter 182: Conference of the Three Big Powers
Chapter 183: Arrival of the Zombies
Chapter 184: Siege tactics of the Zombie
Chapter 185: Zombie Surprise Attack caught Lei Sheng with his pants down!
Chapter 186: Reinforcements!
Chapter 187: Chaos!
Chapter 188: The Stage Turns
Chapter 189: The Sea of Zombies Temporary Retreats!
Chapter 190: Lei Cheng fled!
Chapter 191: A very difficult battle!
Chapter 192: The mighty IFV
Chapter 193 : Grind up the zombie hordes!(Part 1)
Chapter 193 : Grind up the zombie hordes!(Part 2)
Chapter 194: Seize Power!
Chapter 195: Wipe out the zombies!
Chapter 196: Deal with the foreign friends!
Chapter 197: Reorganize the troops!
Chapter 198 Xia Yue’s Trade!
Chapter 199: L3!
Chapter 200: Mutant Wolves!
Chapter 201: Fearsome Beast!
Chapter 202: Fierce battle with the beast!
Chapter 203: A Huge Harvest!
Chapter 204: Tracking!
Chapter 205: Crazy kitchen knife!
Chapter 206: Mother and Daughter!
Chapter 207: Zhuo Yatong!
Chapter 208: Push down Zhuo Yatong!
Chapter 209: Zhuo Yatong evolves!
Chapter 210: Sea of zombies- Dead End!
Chapter 211: Survivor Fleet!
Chapter 212: The Charm of Roasted Meat!
Chapter 213: Huang Weian’s plot!
Chapter 214: A Violent Disturbance!
Chapter 215: Night Raid!
Chapter 216: Tong Xiaoyun!
Chapter 217: Reversal of the Battle!
Chapter 218: Total Surrender!
Chapter 219: Choosing sides!
Chapter 220: Surprise Attack on Clear Wind Camp!
Chapter 221: Insta-killing Scarface!
Chapter 222: Assault on the Villa!
Chapter 223: Defeating Lie Tianyang!
Chapter 224: Alluring Services!
Chapter 225: Speech!
Chapter 226: Fury!
Chapter 227: Attack of the Mutant Pig Herd!
Chapter 228: Success of the Pits!
Chapter 229: Breach of Gates, Town on Fire!
Chapter 230: Great Victory!!
Chapter 231: Jealousy and Courage!
Chapter 232: Devil Vines!
Chapter 233: Advancement to Level 40!
Chapter 234: Explosive Slaughter of the Type 2 Mutant Water Snake!
Chapter 235 : Title at End!
Chapter 236: Venomous Blood Essence, Dispelled by Gu Manzi!
Chapter 237: Ning Guang County Invades!
Chapter 238: Guo Quan!
Chapter 239: Reinforcements!
Chapter 240: Seizing Ning Guang County!
Chapter 241: Tong Xiaoyun evolves, the Military attacks!
Chapter 242: Overbearing Army Soldiers!
Chapter 243: Yue Zhong takes on the Military!
Chapter 244: Revolt and Chaos!
Chapter 245: Suppress the Insurgency!
Chapter 246: Tao Zhengyi’s Fate!
Chapter 247: Joint Forces!
Chapter 248: Devil Flame Sword!
Chapter 249: Successive Attacks!
Chapter 250: SY County Survivor Base!
Chapter 251: Fight
Chapter 252: [The Elite Battalion’s Prowess!]
Chapter 253: Discussion
Chapter 254: I am Yue Zhong!
Chapter 255: Ambush by the Dark Crows!
Chapter 256: Zhou Yanxue’s Confession!
Chapter 257: Intel
Chapter 258: Peng Mengde
Chapter 259: Zhang He
Chapter 260: The Truest Scum!
Chapter 261: Go Die! Scum!
Chapter 262: Exceptional Trades
Chapter 263: Kneel or Die!
Chapter 264: Basement!
Chapter 265: Cleaning Up The Gangs
Chapter 266: Queen Bee!
Chapter 267: Assasination Attempt!
Chapter 268: Tragic Victory
Chapter 269: Restraint
Chapter 270: Revenge!
Chapter 271: Assault Helicopters Incoming!
Chapter 272: Devil Flame Destruction
Chapter 273: Master of Negotiations!
Chapter 274: Transaction
Chapter 275: Mutant Black Fishes
Chapter 276: Fishes on Land
Chapter 277: Type Two Green Eagle! Greenie Evolved!
Chapter 278: Mutant Crab Horde
Chapter 279: Crabbing Team
Chapter 280: Teenagers! Mutants! Ninjas! Turtles!
Chapter 281: Huge Victory
Chapter 282: Intel on the Horde of 1,000,000 Zombies!
Chapter 283: Conditions for Deployment
Chapter 284: Deployment
Chapter 285: Beginning of The Battle!
Chapter 286: Uphill Struggle!
Chapter 287: Collapse
Chapter 288: Capturing the Bridge!
Chapter 289: Breakout!
Chapter 290: Tough Breakthrough!
Chapter 291: Ambush! Confusion!
Chapter 292: Onslaught!
Chapter 293: The Supremely Tyrannical Yue Zhong!
Chapter 294: Conquering SY County
Chapter 295: The Urgent 12 Hours
Chapter 296: Cruel,Cruel Rain
Chapter 297: Tough Crossing
Chapter 298: Hot Blooded Heroes!
Chapter 299: Retreat, Riot, Despair
Chapter 300 – Turtle to the Rescue! Tong Xiaoyun’s Passion!
Chapter 301: Introducing currency!
Chapter 302: Assault on Long Hai City
Chapter 303: At Bottom…
Chapter 304: Capturing Long Hai City! Yue Zhong’s gains!
Chapter 305: Type 3 Nether Beast!
Chapter 306: Remote Jungle!
Chapter 307: Type 2 Mutant Forest Venomous Snake!
Chapter 308: Mutant Leeches Rain, Myriad Mutant Mosquitos Swarm!
Chapter 309: This is Vietnam!
Chapter 310: Fan Tongxuan!
Chapter 311: Nabu Town!
Chapter 312: Ambush!
Chapter 313: The Army of the Great Empire of Vietnam!
Chapter 314: A Sneak Attack
Chapter 315: Sneaking Into Town
Chapter 316: Survival!
Chapter 317: Moving Forward
Chapter 318: Fighting for ones Life!
Chapter 319: Rain of Bullets
Chapter 320: Unexpected
Chapter 321: Seeking Instructions
Chapter 322: Suspicion!
Chapter 323: Shocked
Chapter 324: Type 2 Mutant Leopard Cat!
Chapter 325: Gratitude
Chapter 326: Evolver!
Chapter 327: Making Necessary Arrangements!
Chapter 328: Genuine Ability!
Chapter 329: Eliminate the Remaining Troops!
Chapter 330: The Chinese Association
Chapter 331: Thief!
Chapter 332: Ready For War!
Chapter 333: Break Through!
Chapter 334: Countdown!
Chapter 335: Warning the Troops!
Chapter 336: Killing The Prisoners!
Chapter 337: Pearl Fruit
Chapter 338: Slaughter!
Chapter 339: Eradicating Li Xiaoli’s Troops!
Chapter 340: Wuyan Hong’s Fury!
Chapter 341: Chinese Association’s Conclave Meeting!
Chapter 342: The Only Chance!
Chapter 343: Risky Infiltration!
Chapter 344: Hunting the New Type 2 Hunters!
Chapter 345: Using Enemy Monsters To Slay Them!
Chapter 346: Crossing The River!
Chapter 347: Spoiler- Title at Bottom
Chapter 348: Slaughtering The Type 2 Mutant Crocodile!
Chapter 349: Quelling The Insurgency
Chapter 350: Homecoming!
Chapter 351: Long Teng Town
Chapter 352: Entering the Town!
Chapter 353: Shadow Wolf!
Chapter 354: Grinding!
Chapter 355: Battling Chen Liang!
Chapter 356: xcx
Chapter 357: Type 3 Mutant Beast Hide
Chapter 358: Individual Ideals! Zhang Zhi’s Decision!
Chapter 359: Assault on Jingxi Province
Chapter 360: Conquering Jingxi Province
Chapter 361: 12 Tanks!
Chapter 362: Raid!
Chapter 363: Bei Mingyang
Chapter 364: Collapse
Chapter 365: Forced Surrender
Chapter 366: Discussion of Plans
Chapter 367: Stunning Counterattack
Chapter 368: Break!
Chapter 369: Cold Snow!
Chapter 370: Beauty
Chapter 371: Dong Ling
Chapter 372: Ning Ruozi!
Chapter 373: Move Out!
Chapter 374: Heaven Sect!
Chapter 375: Grain Tree???
Chapter 376: Arrival Of The Grand Elder
Chapter 377: Song Miaoyi
Chapter 378: Rescue
Chapter 379: Burning Niu Xinghe Alive!
Chapter 380: Pressure
Chapter 381: Chen Shenggang
Chapter 382: Long An County
Chapter 383: Internal Strife
Chapter 384: Heaven Sect’s Sect Leader
Chapter 385: Yue Zhong Makes His Move!
Chapter 386: Annexing the Heaven Sect!
Chapter 387: Ying Kaishan!
Chapter 388: Ou Ming
Chapter 389: Evolve, Type 2 Skill
Chapter 390: Guilin City
Chapter 391: Family Reunion
Chapter 392: Kin!
Chapter 393: Market
Chapter 394: Conflict Arises
Chapter 395: Blackmail! Mu Xiangling!
Chapter 396: It’s A Deal!
Chapter 397: A Reunion of Brothers
Chapter 398: Gao Minghao
Chapter 399: Level 5 Skill Divine Speed!
Chapter 400: Conflict at the Market!
Chapter 401: Yangtze Gang
Chapter 402: Counter Attack
Chapter 403: Bringing Down The House!
Chapter 404: The Clutches of Foreign Forces!
Chapter 405: The Judgement Corps!
Chapter 406: [Raven] Nano Combat Uniform Design!
Chapter 407: Kingdom of God
Chapter 408:
Chapter 409: Mutant Sparrow Flock!
Chapter 410: Mountain Range
Chapter 411: The Ravenous Beast Horde Attacks!
Chapter 412: Chen Hongye! Assasination Attempt!
Chapter 413: Killing Chen Hongye
Chapter 414: The Situation Gradually Collapses!
Chapter 415: Yue Zhong’s Combat Strength!
Chapter 416: Continuous Level Up!
Chapter 417: Absorbing the Scattered Troops!
Chapter 418: The Warriors come to Submit!
Chapter 419: Type 3 Mutant Green Jiao-Python!
Chapter 420: Fighting the Green Jiao-Python!
Chapter 421: Promotion!Level 60!
Chapter 422: Di Ya’s Resolve
Chapter 423: Chaos Begins!
Chapter 424: Mobilization!
Chapter 425: Snatching the Granary!
Chapter 426: Threats
Chapter 427: Negotiations Begin!
Chapter 428: Assassination! The Situation Spirals Out of Control!
Chapter 429: Chai Zi Cang submits
Chapter 430: Fractured Military!
Chapter 431: Forced Mobilization!
Chapter 432: Defeat of Zhu Lei’s Troops!
Chapter 433: Continuous Submissions
Chapter 434: Gaining Guillin City
Chapter 435: Chapter 435: Yu Xin’s First Night!
Chapter 436: Strange Movements in Europe!
Chapter 437: Falcon Type I 14.5mm Sniper Rifle!
Chapter 438: Conflict At The Restaurant!
Chapter 439: Cleaning Up the Gangs!
Chapter 440: The Zombie Horde Moves!
Chapter 441: Devourer
Chapter 442: Collapsing the enemy With a Single shot!
Chapter 443: Type 3 Lightning!
Chapter 444: Chaos Strikes!
Chapter 445: The Powerful War Phoenix Squad!
Chapter 446: Fearsome Weapons of War!
Chapter 447: The Zombie Horde Attacks!
Chapter 448: Executing the Devourer!
Chapter 449: Terrifying Level 70 Devourer!
Chapter 450: Tank Destroyed!
Chapter 451: Defeating the Zombie Horde!
Chapter 452: Chen Yao Seeks Help!
Chapter 453: Li Shi Min!
Chapter 454: Fury!
Chapter 455: Kill Them All!
Chapter 456: Infuriated Vietnamese!
Chapter 457: Seeing Chen Yao Again!
Chapter 458: salt
Chapter 459: The Cruel Vietnamese Army!
Chapter 460: The 4 Pillars of the Vietnamese Army!
Chapter 461: Killing The Four Pillars
Chapter 462: Human Firepower
Chapter 463: Killing Wu Chen Yi!
Chapter 464: Revenge!
Chapter 465: Pen!!
Chapter 466: Destined To Cooperate!
Chapter 467: Mutant Flower-Poison Spider!
Chapter 468: Huge Battle of Type 3 Mutant Beasts!
Chapter 469: Continuous Harvest!
Chapter 470: Type 3 Ferocious Ape
Chapter 471: Triple Attribute Evolver!
Chapter 472: Snipe! Sky Wolf Battalion
Chapter 473: Wu Tong Xiong!
Chapter 474: Pouncing on Thin Air!
Chapter 475: Battle at Lang Son!
Chapter 476: The Oriole Behind
Chapter 477 – Co-operation!
Chapter 478: Might of The Forces of Kingdom Of God
Chapter 479: Tragic Battle!
Chapter 480: Lang Son City Falls!
Chapter 481: The Fruits Of Victory Change Hands
Chapter 482: In-fighting!
Chapter 483: Cleaning Up
Chapter 484: Cang Ya!
Chapter 485: Surrounded
Chapter 486: Intense Battle!
Chapter 487: Harvest
Chapter 488: Immigration!
Chapter 489: Nangong Bing Yun
Chapter 490: Green Town!
Chapter 491: Night Raid
Chapter 492: Total Suppression!
Chapter 493: Envoy Appears!
Chapter 494: A Falling Out
Chapter 495: Viscous Undercurrents!
Chapter 496: The VPDC Attacks!
Chapter 497: Probing Attack!
Chapter 498: Crushing Defeat of the VPDC!
Chapter 499: Turmoil!
Chapter 500: Negotiating Survival
Chapter 501: Vietnamese Princess
Chapter 502: Roadblock!
Chapter 503: Terrifying Hailstorm!
Chapter 504: Fracture!
Chapter 505: The Glory of Humanity!
Chapter 506: Conquering the Town!
Chapter 507: Purple Scorpion Xue Ning!
Chapter 508: Hidden Concern!
Chapter 509: Evil Youth!
Chapter 510: Truth
Chapter 511: Thousand Hero Alliance! Snow Palace!
Chapter 512: Shangguan Bing Xue
Chapter 513: Divine Envoy of Steel!
Chapter 514: Seize The Opportunity
Chapter 515: Underground City!
Chapter 516: Laser Gun Designs
Chapter 517: Burning Halumanda!
Chapter 518: Ruined!
Chapter 519: Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 520: The Situation Is Reversed!
Chapter 521: Fleeing From Might!
Chapter 522: Opportunity!
Chapter 523: L4! Promotion to Level 70!
Chapter 524: Promotion! Second Order Devil Flame!
Chapter 525: Pointing towards Yan Zhou!
Chapter 526: Attacking Yan Zhou!
Chapter 527: Unstoppable!
Chapter 528: Pursuit!
Chapter 529: Gaining Yan Zhou!
Chapter 530: Evolving Liquid!
Chapter 531: Railroad!
Chapter 532: Ji Qing Wu Heavily Injured!
Chapter 533: Biological Armor!
Chapter 534: Type 5 Mutant Beast!
Chapter 535: Japan!
Chapter 536: Xenophobia!
Chapter 537: Blade Beam!
Chapter 538: Dispute!
Chapter 539: Type 3 Liger Beast!
Chapter 540: Killing The Liger Beast!
Chapter 541: Takama-ga-hara!
Chapter 542: Surrender!
Chapter 543: Valley!
Chapter 544: Battle in the Valley!
Chapter 545: Defeating the 3-clan alliance!
Chapter 546: Enjoyment
Chapter 547: Clash!
Chapter 548: Annihilating the Arai Clan!
Chapter 549: Alliance!
Chapter 550: Rascal!
Chapter 551: 5 Evolvers!
Chapter 552: Training!
Chapter 553: The Viciousness of the Thunder Fighter!
Chapter 554: Instant Killing Julius!
Chapter 555: Cluster Bomb!
Chapter 556: Destroy the Thunder Fighters!
Chapter 557: Repelling the Zombie Horde!
Chapter 558: Type 4 Nuclei!
Chapter 559: Chaotic Battle in the Night!
Chapter 560: Takama-ga-hara’s 4 Demons!
Chapter 561: Beheading Gun Demon!
Chapter 562: Battling Tenpyo Saka!
Chapter 563: Capturing Tenpyo Saka!
Chapter 564: Defeating the 2 armies!
Chapter 565: Jasper Green Lotus!
Chapter 566: Concentration Camp!
Chapter 567: Envoy from Takama-ga-hara!
Chapter 568: Attack of the Sea Mutant Beasts!
Chapter 569: Aircraft Mothership!
Chapter 570: Into the Yokosuka Base!
Chapter 571: Zombie Horde’s Odd Movements!
Chapter 572: Army of Sea Mutant Beasts!
Chapter 573: Appearance of the Entire Marine Biology!
Chapter 574: Escape the Base!
Chapter 575: Mer-people!
Chapter 576: Corpse Amaterasu!
Chapter 577: War between Zombie Horde and Sea Clan!
Chapter 578: Tyrannical Corpse Amaterasu!
Chapter 579: Mer-people Royal Family!
Chapter 580: Hitting Corpse Amaterasu Hard!
Chapter 581: Killing the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish!
Chapter 582: Electromagnetic Gun
Chapter 583: Indonesia!
Chapter 584: Indo-Chinese!
Chapter 585: Hell on Earth!
Chapter 586: Massacre!
Chapter 587: Slavery!
Chapter 588: Country A Northern Coalition!
Chapter 589: Defeating the Country A Northern Coalition!
Chapter 590: Swallowing 2 cities!
Chapter 591: Back to Japan!
Chapter 592: Port Fang Cheng!
Chapter 593: Pressure!
Chapter 594: Forceful integration!
Chapter 595: Recruiting Lie Ming Yi!
Chapter 596: Strange Blood Lotus!
Chapter 597: Mutant Infected Womb!
Chapter 598: Clash of 2 Tigers!
Chapter 599: Striking while the iron is hot!
Chapter 600: The ovum of the Mutant Infected Womb!
Chapter 601: Gaining the God and Devil World’s 18th Novice Village!
Chapter 602: Evolving Temple!
Chapter 603: Reaching the Central Plains!
Chapter 604: Yin Shuang’s Terrifying Strength!
Chapter 605: Qi Mu County!
Chapter 606: Tian Mu Town!
Chapter 607: Zhao Jing Lei!
Chapter 608: Gold Wolf Riders!
Chapter 609: Alliance Meeting!
Chapter 610: Attack of the Gold Wolf Riders!
Chapter 611: Fierce Dong-Er Molei!
Chapter 612: Repelling the Gold Wolf Riders!
Chapter 613: Aisin Gioro - Xuan Zhen!
Chapter 614: Miserable Victory of the Manchurian Army!
Chapter 615: Geng Da Zhong!
Chapter 616: Battling the White Armor Army!
Chapter 617: Tough Battle!
Chapter 618: Meat Grinder!
Chapter 619: Assassinating Xuan Zhen!
Chapter 620: Burning Camp!
Chapter 621: Victorious Troops!
Chapter 622: Situ Jin!
Chapter 623: The army of the Mongol King!
Chapter 624: Grey Wolf Rider and Blood Eagle Rider!
Chapter 625: Defeating the Grey Wolf Riders and Blood Eagle Riders!
Chapter 626: Refining the Blood Lotus!
Chapter 627: Mutant Army Ant Colony!
Chapter 628: Rescue!
Chapter 629: Taking in the defeated!
Chapter 630: Ulan Mountain Range!
Chapter 631: Man-Eating Mutant Flower!
Chapter 632: Trap!
Chapter 633: Treants!
Chapter 634: Tree Spirit Bi Lǜ!
Chapter 635: Heart!
Chapter 636: Underground Lab!
Chapter 637: Underground City!
Chapter 638: Freak!
Chapter 639: Terrifying Parasites!
Chapter 640: Raiding the Underground City!
Chapter 641: Research Lab!
Chapter 642: Wiping out the Parasites!
Chapter 643: Killer Lie Ming Yi!
Chapter 644: Mongol-Manchu Alliance!
Chapter 645: Pressure of the Army!
Chapter 646: The Slave Army Attacks!
Chapter 647: Fight on the Hill!
Chapter 648: Night Raid on the Manchu Camp!
Chapter 649: Defeating the Manchu Troops!
Chapter 650: The Mongolian Army Retreats
Chapter 651: Assault throughout the Night!
Chapter 652: Clash!
Chapter 653: Defeating the Mongolian Army!
Chapter 654: Advice to Surrender!
Chapter 655: Hu-er Ran’s conditions!
Chapter 656: Elder Council!
Chapter 657: Undercurrent!
Chapter 658: Dog Hu-er Ran!
Chapter 659: Reorganizing Troops!
Chapter 660: The Strange Movement of 4 Million Zombies!
Chapter 661: Snipe!
Chapter 662: Zombie with Art of War!
Chapter 663: Yue Zhong arrives personally! The might of the Laser Gun!
Chapter 664: Cunning Zombie!
Chapter 665: Obtaining Bao Xi City!
Chapter 666: The Allied Forces Appear!
Chapter 667: The Tyrannical Apostles!
Chapter 668: Intense Battle with the Apostle!
Chapter 669: Hitting the Apostles Hard!
Chapter 670: Erek!
Chapter 671: Yin Shan Mountain Range!
Chapter 672: Tiger Wolf Army!
Chapter 673: 8-Leaf Blue Plant!
Chapter 674: Obtaining the Nuclear Bombs!
Chapter 675: Strategic Granary!
Chapter 676: The 5 Heads of the Greater China Alliance!
Chapter 677: Arrival of the Beast Horde!
Chapter 678: Fierce Battle with the Mutant Beast Horde!
Chapter 679: Strange Change!
Chapter 680: Fierce Battle with the Apostles!
Chapter 681: Collapse!
Chapter 682: Fierce Battle with the Type 3s!
Chapter 683: Su Xing He joins!
Chapter 684: Swallowing the Alliance!
Chapter 685: Negotiations!
Chapter 686: Satellite Base!
Chapter 687: The Woman who controls Zombies!
Chapter 688: Triple-Spirit Evolver!
Chapter 689: Sneak!
Chapter 690: Artificial Intelligence!
Chapter 691: Mars No.1!
Chapter 692: Liu Yue Mei’s Tyrannical Ability!
Chapter 693: Horde of Zombies in the Capital!
Chapter 694: Evolved Zombie with Intelligence!
Chapter 695: Terrifying Feng Bo!
Chapter 696: Yue Zhong Gravely Injured!
Chapter 697: Persistence!
Chapter 698: Threat of Missiles!
Chapter 699: Rebellion!
Chapter 700: Quelling the Rebellion!
Chapter 701: Assistance!
Chapter 702: The Might of the Sky Fortress!
Chapter 703: Cleaning up the Traitors!
Chapter 704: Gates of Hell!
Chapter 705: Enter! The 2nd World!
Chapter 706: Strange Land!
Chapter 707: Brutal Human-like Creatures!
Chapter 708: Soul Enhancement!
Chapter 709: Radiation Detector!
Chapter 710: Precious Water!
Chapter 711: Mutation!
Chapter 712: The Price of Water!
Chapter 713: Mutants!
Chapter 714: Type 3 Mutants!
Chapter 715: Half-Mutants!
Chapter 716: Red Rock City!
Chapter 717: Sacred Clan!
Chapter 718: Lisa!
Chapter 719: Rebel Army!
Chapter 720: Type RH2 Main Battle Robot!
Chapter 721: Fleeing Red Rock City!
Chapter 722: Luo Chen!
Chapter 723: Contact!
Chapter 724: Strike!
Chapter 725: Relentless Assault!
Chapter 726: Jack!
Chapter 727: Victory at a Cost!
Chapter 728: Prophecy!
Chapter 729: Exchange of Authority!
Chapter 730: Vast Difference in Strength!
Chapter 731: The Ancient Ruins!
Chapter 732: Type 4 Divine Warrior!
Chapter 733: Battle between the Saint Clan and Mutants!
Chapter 734: Mysterious Traction Force!
Chapter 735: Underground Hall!