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Chapter 538: Dispute!

Chapter 538: Dispute!
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Kyoko, Kaori and the remaining kids were all shocked when they witnessed this. This sort of technique exceeded what was possible, and they were truly shaken.

Kyoko's eyes were filled with veneration: "Too terrifying! His technique had exceeded human limitations. Even a sword saint would not be able to block that blow. He's as terrifying as a demon!"

"AH!" Kuwata Yutaro was afraid, but he was known around these parts as a fierce thug after all. He forcefully suppressed his fear by shouting out loudly, charging at Yue Zhong with a fearsome killing intent.

"What a fast blade!" Kyoko was the chairman of the kendo club back in school, and knew about kendo. She could see that the move of Kuwata Yutaro was not simple, and if it was her facing him, she would definitely not be able to defend against this strike, furthermore, it was backed by his strength of a Level 23 Enhancer.

Kuwata Yutaro had just run forwards a few steps and reached Yue Zhong, when suddenly, a blade flashed. Kuwata Yutaro's head was sent flying into the sky with a shower of warm blood. His headless corpse continued to stumble a few steps forwards before crashing to the ground.

Yue Zhong stepped forward and picked up the katana from the corpse of Kuwata Yutaro, and a flurry of information appeared in his mind: "Level 2 Treasure: Odachi. An incredibly sharp blade."

Yue Zhong threw the odachi over to Kyoko: "Take it! I can't be protecting you all the time. Only you can protect yourself!"

"Yes! I understand!" Kyoko picked up the odachi and bowed to Yue Zhong, before taking a few swings. Each and every move of hers was precise and purposeful.

"This girl definitely has some background."

Yue Zhong eyed Kyoko before turning around and walked out: "Come with me!"

Kaori and Kyoko followed behind Yue Zhong. They were joined by the remaining Japanese kids.

Outside, the remaining subordinates of Kuwata Yutaro were currently raping their captives indiscriminately. When they saw Yue Zhong and his group step out, they rushed over with looks of savagery.

Yue Zhong watched the incoming bandits indifferently and slashed out, slicing them all in two.

As the scene of carnage unfolded, Yue Zhong strolled through like a bloodthirsty devil, any bandit that got too close would be immediately sliced.

"Terrifying! He's like a demon! He's too strong!" Kaori stood behind Yue Zhong and watched as he dealt with the bandits, her heart filled with shock and reverence.

When the bandits had almost been wiped out, leaving a dozen behind, those remaining ones tried to make a break for it.

"Get the hell on the floor. Otherwise you'll die!"

Yue Zhong barked out coldly when he saw them running. He then shot forwards with a speed that exceeded a Type 2 Lightning, rushing towards the bandits.

In the dark of the night, a few of the escaping bandits were separated in two, as blood splattered everywhere, their innards spilling out of their corpses. It was a horrifying scene, and the screams rang out through the night.

"Don't kill me!! I surrender!"

"Don't kill me!!"

There were many cowards who feared death among the bandits as well. When they saw their comrades being slaughtered like pigs, they immediately got on the floor and begged Yue Zhong tearfully.

In that short carnage, all that was left of the bandit group was 9 people. The rest had become corpses.

The 9 of them kneeled on the floor, their bodies trembling uncontrollably as they awaited Yue Zhong's judgement.

Along Kaori's path, she had seen the dead bodies of her fellow survivors. With every passing body, the fury in her heart intensified.

The housewives were naked, their bodies covered with spots of semen everywhere. Their eyes were opened wide, and their bodies were covered in bruises. They had no life left in them. There were also 4 other lolis of about 10 to 11, while they were not dead yet, they had been tortured till the point where they're on the brink of death. Their bodies were bruised, and there was blood everywhere. 6 of the boys were also covered in semen, their necks already snapped, and their faces full of fear even in death.

In the apocalypse, ration was precious. Girls and women would be used to satisfy desires, that was why they were likelier to survive. To the rotten bandits under Kuwata Yutaro, anyone else were just dispensable. They were cruel and vicious, and naturally would not allow the other boys to survive.

When Kaori saw the bandits lined up in front of Yue Zhong, she lost her cool and screamed: "Bastards!! Yue-kun!! Kill them!! KILL THESE FUCKING BEASTS!!"

Hearing her shrill screams, those men began to tremble even more. They looked fearfully at Yue Zhong and his long Black Tooth Blade.

"Shut up." Yue Zhong shot Kaori a cold look.

She felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over her, and she immediately clammed up.

Yue Zhong ordered: "Kyoko, go tie them up!"

"Yes! Master!" She replied and found a few ropes before tying the captives seriously. She then escorted them to a small storehouse and locked them in.

Yue Zhong gazed at the remaining survivors, as he spoke indifferently: "My deal with Kyoko is completed, the rest is up to you."

After that, he went back to his room and rested.

If it were in China, Yue Zhong would definitely have slaughtered these thugs and used his resources to save the children. He would then train them and teach them how to survive in this cruel world.

However, this was Japan, to a deeply nationalistic person like Yue Zhong, it was a mercy that he didn't slaughter them all. He would naturally not lend a hand to the xenophobic Japanese survivors.

"Kako-chan!! Hang in there!! Hang in there!!"

"Nishi-chan, hang in there!!"

Inside a room, Kaori was currently applying all the precious medicine that they had on the 4 pitiful girls. The girls laid there, their bodies still defiled and covered with bruises and blood, and Kaori's tears would not stop flowing.

Those thugs who had followed Kuwata Yutaro were inhumane beasts, and scum among scum. They had lost all sense of rationality, and had vented their desires without care for the frail bodies of the girls, causing them to be broken.

Kaori looked at those pale and shivering children, who were teetering between life and death, and asked Kyoko frantically: "What do we do, Kyoko? What should we do?"

In this small village, the housewives had been the ones to call the shots. Kaori was just a pretty high school student. She was part of the gymnastics club in school, and had also learnt some karate. After the apocalypse happened, she had become an Enhancer by chance. However, her circumstances were vastly different from Yue Zhong, and she wasn't as strong. She did not dare take risks as well, hence her low level. Other than her status as an Enhancer and a beauty, she could not compare to Kyoko in terms of her intelligence and adaptability.

Kyoko looked at Kaori and the remaining children and frowned. She was extremely clear that once she was brought along with Yue Zhong tomorrow, the rest would not stand a chance out here. In fact, one of the reasons she decided to follow Yue Zhong was to rely on this expert in the future.

Kyoko pondered for a long while, before speaking softly: "Kaori, go plead with Master. Only he has the means to save Kako-chan and the rest."

When Kaori heard that, her eyes lit up, before turning crestfallen again: "Kyoko, he would not help us easily."

After this matter, Kaori had a good feel of Yue Zhong's character. The first meeting the villagers had with him turned antagonistic. Expecting him to help out without asking for anything was basically impossible.

Kyoko suggested: "Simple. Submit to him, accept him as your master. Then he would not abandon us without a care."

One of the boys of about 12 or 13, Kuramoto Kira, immediately opposed vehemently: "No way!! I oppose!! He's cruel and he's a Chinese, our hated enemy! I will definitely not accept him as our master. This is Japan, not China. We are the pride and glorious people of Japan, how can we submit to him? No, no way! He didn't even say he wanted us. We could handle our own problems in the past, we should continue doing so in the future!!"

The village had been fortunate, having found a huge source of rations right at the start of the apocalypse. Also, there had been a moral Enhancer who helped to clear the town, allowing them to stay here hidden. They had gone through much lesser hardships compared to survivors outside, and due to that, they had been blinded by the cruelty of the world.

"Kira-kun!" Kaori heard his words and faltered. This wasn't like ancient times, she too wasn't willing to become a maid.

As long as a modern person did not go through any sort of hardships, no one would be willing to recognize someone else as master. Especially with a Chinese man like Yue Zhong.

Kira held up a small kodachi and declared with confidence: "Kaori onee-chan! I, Kuramoto Kira, swear to work hard to become a hero to protect you guys! With this kodachi in my hands!"

The kodachi was a first class weapon. It had been picked up by Kira from one of the dead thugs. With it, he was suddenly filled with confidence. Although he acknowledged that he was not a match for Yue Zhong, he had the confidence to protect Kaori.