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Chapter 679: Strange Change!

Chapter 679: Strange Change!

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The Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent opened its jaws and activated its innate ability. A large green cloud of poison spread out all over the soldiers of the alliance, enveloping the defense post.

Many soldiers instantly started to rot, their flesh dripping off their bones. They struggled for a while, before helplessly turning into a puddle of liquid.

The soldiers of the Alliance watched as their comrades were dissolved into liquid and their faces were filled with shock. Many were stricken by fear and immediately turned to flee.

With that single attack of the Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent, the defense post of the Alliance immediately crumbled, and the suppressing fire on the Mutant Beast also stopped.

However, there were still elites within the Alliance, and Zhang Jian Xing quickly assigned a platoon of soldiers to charge forward and defend against the attacks of the Mutant Beasts.

After spitting out the poison fog, the Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent swiftly headed towards Yue Zhong’s direction to spew out another round.

Yue Zhong’s eyes turned cold and he flicked his right hand, congealing a ball of Devil Flame. He then threw a punch towards the skies, and a beam of flame that seemed to be able to burn through everything fired at the poison fog, incinerating the green fog into smoke.

The Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent wanted to continue spewing its poison, but it was unfortunately met with a volley of artillery fire, enveloping it.

Hong! Hong!

Following the sound of an explosion, the Type 3 Green Jiao Serpent was injured heavily by the blasts and was sent tumbling to one side.

"Chance!" A small cat hidden at a high vantage point watched quietly, and its eyes flashed with a human-like intelligence.

As the Alliance and Yue Zhong’s forces were entangled with the Type 3 Mutant Beasts, a number of large trucks came from the distance. From within them, numerous Kingdom of God soldiers, Adjudicators and Judges came charging out wearing high-level Defense Vests.

These Kingdom of God troops began to launch an assault on Yue Zhong’s troops.

One soldier came up to Zhang Jian Xing in panic and reported, "Commander!! Commander, it’s bad! The Kingdom of God has just attacked Yue Zhong’s forces!"

"What? Without my order, how can they choose this time to attack? If the Yue Zhong’s troops are done, we will be killed by the beasts as well! Mr. Erek! This wasn’t our agreement!!" Zhang Jian Xing’s face turned steely as he questioned the European beside him.

According to the agreement between the Alliance and the Kingdom of God, both sides would launch an attack on Yue Zhong’s forces after they had repelled the wave of Mutant Beasts. The Kingdom of God would then support the Alliance to swallow up Yue Zhong’s forces. Zhang Jian Xing had not expected for Erek to suddenly choose this time to attack.

Erek revealed a carefree smile, "Mr. Zhang Jian Xing, this is the best chance to kill Yue Zhong. We will not let go of this chance. Thank you for your foolishness, you are of no use now. Go and die."

As he smiled at Zhang Jian Xing, another European beside him who wore a black leather suit grabbed at Zhang Jian Xing with a stern expression. 5 air blades shot out from his fingertips and instantly sliced Zhang Jian Xing’s head off.

"Go to hell, yellow-skinned monkeys!" Another male in a jacket and cowboy pants laughed savagely and pointed.

A number of transparent lines shot out from all directions, and twirled among the people present, slicing the numerous soldiers of the Alliance into pieces.

As things had progressed too fast, the experts and commanders of the Alliance had not the time to react. They didn’t expect their ally to act against them, and they died with a look of loss and shock on their faces.

Erek looked at the corpses with an expression of distaste, speaking to Wade and Wilson, "Wade! Wilson! Yue Zhong is yours to handle. Once you’ve accomplished your mission, let’s head to Heaven’s Playground to enjoy ourselves properly!"

Wilson, who wore the cowboy pants laughed, "Your treat!"

Erek replied, "OK!"

"Alright! Then you can wait here for our good news!" Wilson chuckled and in a flash, both he and Wade disappeared from their location, making their way towards the distance.

"Fuck! Those bastards truly had something up their sleeves, they actually chose this time to attack! Damn it!!"

Yue Zhong had always been on guard against the Alliance and had likewise stationed a few soldiers of the 3rd Brigade to keep an eye on them. The moment the Kingdom of God made a move, Hu-er Ran cursed and led his elites to defend their positions, engaging the Kingdom of God in combat.

These Kingdom of God elites had the advanced rifles and they even had infrared vision, as well as other advanced equipment. As for the Judges and Adjudicators, they were all from Germany and had undergone strict military training, as well as life-and-death situations. Coupled with the job change of the system, their combat prowess had been pushed to another tier. Although there were only 800 of them, the moment they attacked, they completely suppressed the 3rd Brigade.

"Commander! We’re being pummeled here! Please send help!"

"Commander, please send help! A platoon! At the very least! We’re going to lose at this rate!"


The Judges and Adjudicators were led by 12 Divine Envoys and 36 Envoys-in-waiting, and they launched a terrifying assault on the 3rd Brigade.

Modern warfare took lives extremely fast due to the firearms against firearms, unlike in the past, where melee combat was more drawn out. However, due to the apocalypse, there were Evolvers and Enhancers and all sorts of new battle techniques. Many Evolvers could make use of their powerful skills to attack enemies, causing the speed of the battle to become even faster.

The Divine Envoys were all peak Evolvers, and their battle ability would not lose to Hu-er Ran. With 12 of them attacking, the tide of the battle was with the Kingdom of God, and every second, there was a 3rd Brigade soldier being slaughtered.

Hu-er Ran heard the pleas for help and his head hurt, "Those bastards, how are those foreigners so strong?!"

Suddenly, his mind became clear, "The Kingdom of God! That’s right, they’re the soldiers from the Kingdom of God! No wonder they’re so strong! Zha Ci, go inform the leader, request support from him!!"

"Understood!" Zha Ci replied and quickly went over to Yue Zhong’s side.

Hu-er Ran then ordered solemnly, "Hua Bu La Tuo, go lead the special forces of the 3rd Brigade!"

Hua Bu La Tuo’s Special Forces within the 3rd Brigade was formed of a number of Mongolian elites after they had joined Yue Zhong. There were 22 natural Evolvers and had been part of the Qie Xue Forces in the past.

"Yes!" Hua Bu La Tuo acknowledged and rushed off.

Hua Bu La Tuo led the forces of the 3rd Brigade and clashed with the Kingdom of God forces. Although they had suffered casualties under the assault of the Kingdom of God, they were extremely strong-willed and had no intentions of retreating.

The entire 3rd Brigade knew there was no way back for them, the moment they fled, Yue Zhong would exterminate them on legit grounds. By then, they would no longer have their own troops nor pride. To them, honor was the only thing keeping them banded together. Without it or resolution, it was hard to become a top-notch force.

"Trash! On what grounds do you yellow-skinned monkeys think you can impede us?! Go to hell!" One Divine Envoy became a huge werewolf, and his eyes flashed with a vicious glint. He laughed savagely, and charged forwards, tearing out the heart of one soldier from the 3rd Brigade.

Countless bullets fell upon the werewolf, and he managed to dodge most of them, while those that hit just bounced off.

"Animal!!" One soldier roared out in fury, his eyes bloodshot as he charged for the werewolf.

"Trash! Since you want to die, I’ll grant it to you!" The werewolf laughed cruelly, his body flashing and his claws entered the chest of the soldier.

The soldier revealed an ugly smile as the grenade in his hands landed on the ground, and with a huge boom, the explosion enveloped both of them together.

As the dust settled, the werewolf’s right arm and leg were blasted apart, his body riddled with wounds, but even then, he still had not died.

"How could….this...be?" The werewolf’s eyes were filled with shock, at this time, 2 rocket launchers blasted out on his body, blasting his body apart.

A Divine Envoy of the Kingdom of God had died in combat!

This was the cruel battlefield, even peak Evolvers would be killed by ordinary people they underestimate. After all, these were ordinary soldiers with extraordinary fighting spirit and powerful weapons!

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